Sandy Hook, Gun Control & Time Stamped AP Photos – Serious Questions About What Really Happened


Editor’s Note: This article, which has been slightly modified for clarification, was posted to a conservative website. It got so much attention from the Daily Kos and MSN, that pressure came down on a representative in the Ohio House of Representatives, who is affiliated with the site, to pull the article. Fred, has graciously asked us to post this piece because he knows we don’t cave to that kind of pressure and believes it is vitally important. Consider the significance of Sandy Hook in light of the “New Lexington Green” of Connecticut. Feel free to leave a comment.

Sandy Hook happened. It was, and remains, tragic. This article (though slightly modified from its original) had been originally published at another website. Leftists immediately began salivating at the erroneous thought that I was trying to say that Sandy Hook did not occur.

It got to the point where the left began accusing an elected official of actually authoring the article. To avoid further confusion, the article was taken down. Of course, that caused a loud “hurrah!” by the left, which simply proves that it doesn’t take much for them to cheer even when they’re wrong and don’t know it.

It is amazing how no one on the left showed any semblance of real intelligence. Here’s an example:

@CSGV @FredDeRuvo @BrennerBrief @andrewbrenner Truly concerning that so many elected officials are now aligning themselves with extremists.

— Rev.Dr. Chuck Currie (@RevChuckCurrie) March 14, 2014

Again, all this because some on the left believed I (or an elected official) said that Sandy Hook did not happen. I never said it, and never implied it. I simply asked questions about things that have not been adequately answered, but that’s too mundane for the left. They’d prefer to pick a fight about something that was not said. It’s an offshoot of telling a lie so often that it becomes truth.

Rev. Chuck Currie – above – is a solid leftist, believing in marriage “equality” for sodomites and lesbians. He’s also an avid (read: nutcase) anti-gunner, falsely believing that removing guns from law-abiding citizens would reduce gun crime. As is usually the case, confused individuals such as Rev. Currie, while remonstrating against guns has nothing to say on his website (that I could find) against murdering over a million unborn babies each year. That’s all good apparently, but not guns. At least he’s consistent like the rest of the leftists with which he hangs out. I’m sure he thinks Jesus is proud of him.

But getting back to Sandy Hook, who can forget the images the world saw after Adam Lanza allegedly went to the Sandy Hook school location, forced his way into the school, and wound up killing many adults and children? By the way, I use the word “allegedly” only because in a court of law, it was never proven that Lanza was the perpetrator. Certainly, he was found at the scene and died there, according to news and police reports, from a self-inflicted gunshot.

On December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn. became the site of one of America’s worst tragedies in recent times. America mourned. In fact, not only did the world mourn, but numerous countries (including China) called for an end to gun ownership in America. A total of 26 adults and young children died, gunned down with 3 to 11 shots each. We are to believe Adam Lanza did that, a kid who had rarely held or shot a gun prior to that fateful day.

Over time, and as more information came to the forefront, things began to look strange. Certain date stamps on images and posts on the Net referenced dates well before the tragedy occurred. Some said they were due to computer glitches. That’s certainly possible, but for all of them? Other things were weird as well, like the guide on how to talk to young people regarding Sandy Hook was published four days before the event had yet occurred (Editor’s Note: Crisis Management Institute (CMI), the organization that produced the document, has it uploaded in October of 2012, at least a month before the shooting. This can be verified by looking at the URL at this location). Another computer glitch?

By now, most of us have questions about our government – how it does things, why it avoids certain things, and why no one seems to be able to put a stop to President Obama’s illegal and constant overreach. These are all good questions, although the government doesn’t appreciate them. Leftists don’t like them either, but who cares? The constant push for more government-sponsored gun control, the eradication of our 4th Amendment rights as well as others is enough to cause rational people to wonder about these tragedies.

The question then comes down to could/would our government either help create an event like Sandy Hook? Would they know about the potential for such an event and let it happen? Would they add to an event to make it appear even worse than it was? Could our government act despicably enough to be the main perpetrator of such an act like Sandy Hook where 27 people died with Adam Lanza as the official dupe? Does our government want to confiscate guns so badly that they are willing to stoop to that level to make it happen? I hope not, but don’t necessarily rule it out either.

Interestingly enough, when I asked these questions in the original article posted at another website, some accused me of saying/implying that the tragedy of Sandy Hook never occurred. I never said that, nor implied it.

Sandy Hook happened and left a tragedy in its wake, but the government had no problem in stepping all over the victims and displaying them in order to push for more gun control, as if any form of gun control would affect criminals and crazies. That was accepted by the left and leftist media, but when someone bothers to ask a question that may end up disagreeing with the official narrative, they are castigated.

Timothy Hunter managed to gain access to Sipa Press archives via his school computers and what he discovered staggered him. He found “that many of the photos the Associated Press (AP) supposedly had taken on the Sandy Hook massacre had dates-of-creation that predated December 14, 2012.”

Hunter also found a plethora of lies (computer glitches) that tended to bring one to the conclusion that computers glitched coincidentally on the Sandy Hook event, or maybe things were not as they seemed. While it’s possible that some cameras had the wrong date on them when taking photos, this would not account for all the wrongly dated information such as the creation of web pages. At the same time, the fact that AP photographers would take pictures without checking the date in the camera is a bit absurd to believe.

Wrongly dated AP photos include those of children allegedly killed in the event, and wrong date stamps for Google pages and searches. It also included photos of 26 young students at Devers Elementary School in York releasing balloons into the air in memory of the young children allegedly slain at Sandy Hook. Another photo shows a banner tied to a freeway overpass with the actual photo allegedly taken December 15, one day after the tragedy. But the actual photo appears to have been taken December 12th. It’s also interesting to note that the banner – while attached to the fence of a freeway overpass – cannot be seen by traffic because it is not on the outside of the fence facing traffic. It is on the inside of the fence on the opposite/far side of the road. Was it simply placed there for the photo and then taken down? It was also an AP photo.

In some cases, AP photos used to show a prayer service or something related to the Sandy Hook tragedy date back to July of 2008. These anomalies are strange and demand answers. They all can’t simply be coincidence. We’re only talking about photos here too, nothing else.

In Hunter’s video below, he presents what he believes is compelling evidence in support of Sandy Hook being a “hoax” or planned deception/tragedy. People died, but we don’t know, beyond doubt, who was behind it.

It’s also interesting to note that “Hunter had uploaded his video onto YouTube more than a year and two months ago on Jan. 5, 2013. He says that since his discovery, as well as a post on this same AP deception on the blog InsaneMedia, the AP changed the dates and deleted content of the incriminating photos.”

To create an event like Sandy Hook takes tremendous planning. Even so, with the best of minds, things will come to light that at the very least cast a shadow over the truthfulness of said event. My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones. If any part of this was planned or embellished by the government to push for more gun control, that should scare us all.

There are so many things about Sandy Hook that do not add up, except one thing: never letting a good crisis go to waste, the government quickly began using that event to push its gun control agenda nationwide. If they didn’t plan Sandy Hook, they wasted no time in taking advantage of it. Dead adults and children remain in the balance. Lives were changed forever, tragically. Too many people lost their lives that day.

Though President Obama has stated he supports the 2nd Amendment, it is clear from his actions that he does not. The 2nd Amendment he supports is no 2nd Amendment at all.

There are many unanswered questions about Sandy Hook, but one thing is certain: the government used the actual tragedy to advance gun control, albeit unsuccessfully thus far.

To download a zip file full of AP photos that are timestamped well before the Sandy Hook shooting, click here. View them for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

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