Race-Baiter Chris Matthews Apologizes for "All" Whites for Everything We Have Done…Ever


Yesterday, Chris Matthews took the time to apologize to black colleagues “for all white people but especially those who have tried to change in the last 50 or 60 years” because of alleged racism that is supposedly built into the character of all white people. This type of false humility insults my intelligence and offends me deeply.

The problem today is that there are so many perceived slights and because blacks and other minorities are highly sensitive to these slights, they take them personally, even when there is no substance to those slights. They allow anger and resentment to grow within them until they hate anyone who is part of the group where the alleged/perceived slights originated.

This whole faulty belief that Zimmerman first profiled Martin because he was black and was then acquitted by a jury of his peers because he was “white” is wrong. But we have race-baiters who are professionals at playing the race card. Matthews is one of them and at times, he plays that card better than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

The idea behind this assault on our intelligence is to increase tension between the races. It is designed to destabilize society so that people will be afraid of what might happen next.

We’ve got Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson as ringleaders stoking the flames of discontent and racial disharmony. These human pinions – though only two people – have the capability of creating movements encompassing multitudes. If they call for riots, racists will respond. If they call for trashing and burning of cities and towns, their low-information followers will step up to the plate.

Christine Williams states, “Although racism and stereotypes exist in America and need to be opposed, the Zimmerman case is not the battleground for this cause, nor is Zimmerman’s acquittal a civil rights issue. Instead the emotions of the public have been riled up by the politicization of the case.”

She hit the nail on the head. When a person or group portrays themselves as victims, eventually, those said to be the oppressors will cave into the demands of the victims. This is political correctness at its finest. I’ve noted before that political correctness is predicated on the belief that society has essentially two groups: the victims and the oppressors.

All white people (especially white Christian males) are considered to be the chief oppressors of everyone else. The largest victim group are blacks with the black male being the most important victim within all of the victim groups.

In order to make it work and keep it going, lies are told and believed. Once these lies take hold, everything is built with those lies as the foundation. The biggest lie is that all white people are racist. This is the biggest lie that anyone can tell and believe.

Even during the time before the Civil War, not all whites owned slaves. In fact, many whites helped blacks free themselves from slavery with the underground railroad. Once blacks began moving to the north, life became much better for them.

This past week, my wife and I were in Philadelphia. I was a bit leery since it had been years since I had lived there. I knew crime was up and tension existed between races. However, once there, I noted something that was very interesting. I saw blacks with whites and whites with blacks. They worked together, ate lunch and dinner together, went to their favorite coffee place together.

I walked over many portions of downtown Philly. I spent time at Independence Square just sitting on a bench watching tourists, police officers, and park rangers interact. I saw gay people, mixed race couples, white couples, black couples, and other minorities as well. I saw homeless and I also saw people who appeared to either want to be gangsters or actually were gangsters. I also saw small groups of people protesting the Zimmerman verdict.

I saw no violence. I was not on the receiving end of mean or cold stares. No one swore at me. White people and people of color treated me with dignity and respect (including parking lot attendants) and it was very easy to respond in kind. In fact, we are planning on another trip back to Philly to take in the zoo and do some other sightseeing that we were not able to take in with this most recent trip.

There is a world of good out there, but because of racists within and without the Obama administration, America is changing and not for the better. White people are being made to feel terrible about themselves. We should feel guilty about our trespasses especially where slavery is concerned. Reparations are probably coming as the next phase of assuaging white guilt.

The left wants white folks to live under this burden of self-doubt and self-loathing because of the way “all” white people have allegedly treated blacks and other minorities. I REFUSE. I will NOT cower like some flea infested cur sitting under the table waiting for a scrap to fall.

The problem with racists today is that their focus is solely on white people. They intimate that any egregious actions or words by people of color has been caused by whites, therefore, the people of color are not really at fault. I beg to differ. Each person is responsible for their own words and actions.

I never owned a slave of any color. Neither my grandparents (or my parents) ever owned a slave of any color either. They arrived to this country long after the Civil War was over and done in 1920 and 1921.

matthewsRace-baiters like Chris Matthews are doing a tremendous disservice to race relations in this country. People like Matthews are not honest. They are liars and baiters, hoping to do the bidding of the global elite so that race relations become worse and worse over time.

Blacks who fall for race-baiting are hurting themselves. They are becoming pawns of the global elite who wish to dominate all people. Until these blacks refuse to be used any longer, race-baiting will continue.

Racism exists and it’s terrible. The Zimmerman case was not evidence of racism, but then again, why should racists let a good crisis go to waste when they can at least try and use it for their advantage?

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