Racist Melissa Harris-Perry Claims that Using the Term “Obamacare” means You are a Racist


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Every now and them when I’m bored and need a good laugh, I switch-on MSNBC. But just when you think that things on that network couldn’t go lower than they already have, something like this rears its ugly (and incredibly obtuse) head.

Some of you are familiar with the antics of Melissa Harris-Perry. Yes, she’s the one MSNBC trot out when the Reverend Al Sharpton just can’t quite cut it with his race-baiting antics. They bring Melissa in to put the race-baiting icing on the racist cake. You’ve seen her when she wore tampons on her ears (to make a point). Well, here she is delivering a sermon, in her very absolute best “black dialect” to tell you, that if you use the term “Obamacare” you’re a racist.

As she rails about all of the trials and tribulations that President Obama has had to deal with during his history-making tenure in the White House filled with many hundreds of successful and history making accomplishments, but now this disgusting term created by “rich white men” to demean President Obama in his finest moment, is nothing but racism.

What a crock!

It’s bad enough that I’m supposed to give radical Islam a pass when they rape and murder with impunity. It’s bad enough that I am forced to accept homosexuality as “normal healthy behavior.”  It’s also bad enough that I’m supposed to walk around saddled with “white guilt” for something none of my ancestors did to black people 300, 200 or even 50 years ago, even though my mother’s father was a full-blooded Cherokee, born on a reservation at the turn of the 20th century, and prior to that his people never owned a slave and were, in fact, treated worse than black people. Yet, I’m supposed to feel shame and guilt, because our current President is an idiot, who never should have been elected in the first place, and the only reason he was elected, was because of the color of his skin and not because of the content of his character?  No, I think the race-card has been played-out.

As far as Melissa Harris-Perry goes, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best for real “righteous indignation,” I think I’d give her a minus 5 for her ridiculous little diatribe. Hey Melissa, stick to wearing tampons in your ears!

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