Racist! – The Stick the Communists Use to Beat Us Down


I often wonder how anybody can take this administration seriously anymore. Don’t get me wrong, they should be taken seriously to the extent that they are truly trying to transform this nation to their own liking. It baffles me, however, to see the American public that is willingly allowing themselves to be beaten down by the same propaganda that tyrants have been using to subdue nations for centuries. This is particularly true when it comes to the issues of race and income inequality.

Communists and socialists have been able to rally the unsuspecting masses to their cause by playing on the emotions of the uninformed and the gullible. One of their most successful tactics they employ is teaching people they are being oppressed by a privileged class. We see this playing out every day in the United States as the fascist left is taking “white privilege” to a dangerous level. While our universities, along with the Obama administration, are attempting to silence the white man with catch phrases like “check your privilege,” or accusing us of being racist simply for opposing Obama’s fundamental transformation, racial violence directed at whites is on the rise.

Colin Flaherty has been doing unprecedented work in exposing the rapid rise of violence against whites by angry black mobs, who have been taught their whole life they are oppressed by the white man. What else could the result be when such efforts are made to teach society that whites are racist simply for being born white? This was the message at a recent “white privilege conference.” The question America should be asking is; what is the point of teaching society that one group of people is “racist” and primarily responsible for all the troubles of another, if not to stir up strife and discontent? The very purpose of community organizing is to rally people around these concepts of oppression and unfairness, we all know Barrack Obama is a community organizer.

“To stir up dissatisfaction and discontent; disrupt existing complacent expectations and break down the individualistic orientations of community residents.”

This is how the college textbook “The Practice of Macro Social Work” defines the profession of community organizing. In other words, calling white people racist is being done deliberately to incite racial tensions. While social scientists love to cling to the term “correlation doesn’t equal causation,” it is blatantly obvious what the results of teaching a minority they are hated by the majority will be.

This obviously isn’t a new tactic, though it’s apparent many millions are unaware that it was employed nearly one hundred years ago to fundamentally transform another nation.  As I wrote in my article “The word racist is communist propaganda,” Leon Trotsky was able to successfully label the European Slavs as being “racist” for simply wanting to preserve their cultural heritage. His goal was to discredit, and dehumanize them entirely as they stood in direct opposition to communist goals. Adolph Hitler was also able to discredit an entire class of people by labeling them, and accusing them of standing in the way of a Utopian promised land.

Today, it is the white American male that is the target of the new left, as we stand in opposition to a system of government that has done nothing but murder over one hundred million people over the last century. We see the same tactics being employed as Michelle Obama encourages high school students to be weary of their parent’s dinner table discussions. She is suggesting that these children monitor their parent’s speech to ensure they don’t say anything, “racist.” It is nothing but an attempt to turn the values of the younger generation against their parents, and in the middle is a population sitting in limbo, being used to accomplish a political objective.

The Obama administration is going to great lengths to prove that white America is racist; however, the plight of the black man hasn’t been this perilous for at least half a century. Black unemployment is the highest in the nation, the majority of aborted babies are black, black kids are murdering black kids in democrat controlled “gun free zones” and teaching blacks that they are victims only enrages them to commit crimes; it does not empower them to live to their fullest potential. This is the true result of leftist thinking; racism today means believing that blacks can make it without government while believing that they need welfare and affirmative action because they aren’t as good as whites is the new compassion. You would have to be a racist in the first place to think like that.

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