Ramirez Refused To Testify Before Senate Committee Against Kavanaugh – Ford To Testify


In a not so surprising twist, the second accuser of alleged sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Deborah Ramirez, has refused to cooperate in any way with the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Ramirez’s claim, revealed in an article in The New Yorker by Ronan Farrow and Jane Meyer, fell apart as the lines of the entire piece were read.  She has refused to testify before the committee or issue a statement.

Breitbart reported:

The Washington Examiner reports that Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), a sitting member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told staffers Tuesday that Ramirez is refusing to cooperate in any way; she will not testify or even make a statement.

Speaking of Ramirez’s lawyer, Kennedy said, “Our counsel repeatedly tried to reach him. They finally did reach him, and he said, ‘We are not issuing a statement’. He said, ‘If you want our statement, read the New Yorker.’”

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According to others present when Kennedy made these remarks, he added that the “Read the New Yorker” comment was not a direct quote, just the way he interpreted it.

Any testimony given to the Committee, including a statement, would be considered under oath, which carries with it the risk of perjury and imprisonment. So far, everyone appears to agree that Ramirez has not issued a statement, nor has her attorney.

Just like in the Ford accusation, none of the individuals Ramirez named could corroborate her story stating the incident never happened or they could not recall the incident.

Ramirez relayed the alleged sexual misconduct to the writers at The New Yorker with little difficulty, only naming Kavanaugh as the alleged person who committed the act after spending six days with her attorney – a Democrat politician.  Once the stakes were raised, Ramirez has caved.  It’s one thing to tell a story to the lamestream entertainment enemedia where there is no penalty for lying;  it’s another to tell a story when there are penalties.

Kavanaugh’s first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, agreed to testify on Thursday, after delaying for almost a week for various reasons, one being a fear of flying.  However, California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein cannot state for certain if Ford will testify.  Why would Ford not testify?  According to a report by Breitbart, Ford’s attorneys indicated Ford may not testify because the committee hired an “experience sex crimes prosecutor” to ask the questions.

In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, the attorneys for Ford criticized their action.

“In our view, the hiring of an unnamed ‘experienced sex crimes prosecutor’ as Mr. Davis described in his email, is contrary to the Majority’s repeated emphasis on the need for the Senate and this Committee’s members to fulfill their constitutional obligations,” wrote lawyer Michael Bromwich. “It is also inconsistent with your stated wish to avoid a ‘circus,’ as well as Dr. Blasey Ford’s repeated requests through counsel that senators conduct the questioning. This is not a criminal trial for which the involvement of an experienced sex crimes prosecutor would be appropriate.”

From the outset, Ford has wanted to control everything surrounding her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in what could be described as “unprecedented.”  No one who testifies before a Senate or House committee has controlled the circumstances under which testimony would be given – date, time, who does the questioning, testifying after the individual accused, requesting the accused not be present, etc.  In fact, Republicans on the committee have been more than accommodating to the ridiculous Ford requests.

With Ford trying to “control” the circumstances under which she will testify and Ramirez outright refusing to testify under oath about her claims, one could conclude that both these women’s credibility is shaky at best and their motivation is strictly political.

It’s quite ironic that Ford’s attorneys would reference Grassley’s statement to avoid a “circus” when Democrats – particularly Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford herself, Ford’s attorneys, the lamestream entertainment enemedia, and Ramirez have done almost everything possible to turn this into a “three-ring circus” with clowns on the left, jokers on the right and the public and Kavanaugh stuck in the middle.  To add to this Democrat Feinstein created circus, “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Stormy Daniels – accuser of alleged sexual misconduct against President Donald Trump, claimed on Twitter he had a third accuser who would come forward within 48 hours.  However, Avenatti appeared to walk back his claim, locking his Twitter account from public view.

If this wasn’t enough drama, Avenatti then requested the committee ask Kavanaugh about a post in his yearbook.

In an email to Mike Davis, Chief Counsel for Nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Avenatti demanded the committee ask the nominee about the meaning of a caption in his yearbook, “FFFFFFFourth of July” — a code, the lawyer claims, meaning “Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them.”

Moreover, Avenatti demanded the committee investigate Kavanaugh’s use of the term “Devil’s Triangle,” which Avenatti claimed was code for “threesome.”  Avenatti’s stint in representing “porn stars” has him seeing “porn code” in everything.  While “Devil’s Triangle” may be some type of code used in porn for debaucherous, lewd behavior, the term can be used to reference something else that only those who redefined it would know what it means.  But, once one enters the gutter, lives in the gutter, and thinks in the gutter, it’s difficult to realize not everyone is in the gutter.

This “circus” was created by Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein in nothing more than a political stunt to delay the confirmation of Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice, defame Kavanaugh into withdrawing, and destroy a good man and his career only because of the rabid hatred of President Donald Trump, overlaying a total disdain for the citizens of this republic.  Muslim cop killer supporter and woman abuser Keith Ellison has gotten a pass, as has confessed sexual assaulter Corey Booker.  The political party that has professed to care so much about women, becoming part of the feminazi #MeToo movement, ignored Booker’s confession and the substantiated claims against Ellison.  Until the claims against Al Franken reached six, Democrats refused to believe his accusers, ignoring the claims and fiercely supporting Franken.

Ford has reconciled with herself to testify under oath and commit perjury, risking a penalty of imprisonment.  But, Ramirez has demonstrated a reluctance to risk the penalty for lying and getting caught.  Despite prominent members of government who testified under oath, committed perjury, and suffered no penalties, Ramirez, playing along and enjoying Democrat protection, has recognized there is no guarantee, should the tide shift with Democrats, as it does frequently, of impunity.

And, then, there was one.  Ford stands alone to testify in the quest to destroy Kavanaugh.  It’s a travesty against all women who have suffered and survived sexual assault to have these women come forward after 35 years to demand justice for incidents not one witness either named could corroborate.  Moreover, these “traumatic” incidents were so devastating that neither made a report to police or other authorities.  While Ramirez did tell others about what happened, it wasn’t until over 30 years later and six days with a Democrat politician lawyer that she named Kavanaugh.  This is more than suspicious and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Thursday will bring more “circus” entertainment if Ford appears to testify.  One can almost bet that Kavanaugh will be denied his due process rights if Democrats have any say in the matter.  When it comes to accusations made against anyone in the opposing party, Democrats are far too willing to deny that individual due process while denying justice to those making accusations against Democrats.

This has surpassed being a “dog and pony” circus show;  it has evolved into “skunk and donkey” theater.

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