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This story by The Telegraph about a British home holding slaves for over 30 years has a number of flags.

First, the names of the accused are withheld. Makes me think of the “It must be my fault that the wonderful rapist has raped me” syndrome that the “multiculturalist” [1] hear-no, see-no, speak-no evil-of-Islam reporting that so typifies UK reporting.

Next, check out this sentence, “Det Insp Hyland said they were still working to establish if the 30-year-old woman had been born in the house, but he said the indications were that she had spent her entire life there.”

Now why does the author write “They were still working to establish if the 30-year-old woman had been born in the house, BUT he said the indications were that she had spent her entire life there”? Wouldn’t it be more coherent to say “BECAUSE indications were that she had spent her entire life there it appears that she was born in this house”?

And then again, “Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland of the Met’s human trafficking unit said: ‘We’ve established that all three women were held in this situation for at least 30 years.'”

So a 30 year old woman was at the slave-house for at least 30 years. Sounds like the 30 year old is the daughter of her slave-master. But this is at odds with the remark, “Police have also said there have been no allegations made of sexual abuse made by the victims.”

Is this one of those Clintonesque, “It depends on what the definition of ‘sexual abuse’ is” dear Telegraph? Is this another one of those covering for the rapists?

Throw onto these flags the following observations and my suspicions are in full swing:

  • “Their alleged captors are not British, the police confirmed, but provided no further details about their nationality” Must be careful to protect the world’s tormentors, the Mohammedans, right?
  • “The case has led to inevitable comparisons with that of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian who kept his daughter confined to the cellar of his home for 24-years.” This is the obligatory non-Muslim example of slavery to appease the tormented consciences at The Telegraph as they attempt to psychologically cope with a demographic phenomenon which disproportionally incriminates Muslims. For The Telegraph to say that the comparison to the non-Muslim Fritzl is “inevitable” is like a sports reporter—aware that at one time there was a female NCAA punter—saying that because there was a punt at a football game that there was “inevitably” a female on the field.
  • “On Thursday after weeks of careful investigation police moved in and arrested two people, who were described as the ‘heads of the family’, suggesting a criminal network would be involved.” Welcome to Islamic family values, your worst nightmare dear Telegraph.
  • “On Thursday night the reason for the near month delay between recusing the women and making the arrests was unclear.” Could it be because the police chief didn’t wish to jeopardize his year-end bonus by being unnecessarily Islamophobic? Perhaps the Chief wanted to give the dear Muslim slavemaster family a window to get out of Dodge? I mean it doesn’t look good for Islam when the entire family and other people from the Mosque are insouciant about slavery, now does it?
  • “The pair were questioned at a south [sic] London police station on Thursday, but it is not clear whether there will be further arrests in connection with the case.” Well, what is becoming clear, is that the police chief’s career must be so entwined with defending Islam—and therefore this couple’s children from culpability in slave trading–that he is protecting innocents

It appears that The Telegraph “multiculturalists” are wearing their psychosis on their sleeves.

For the record, the US is not much better. Just as the US sanctimoniously claims to have a zero-tolerance policy in trafficking in human persons, the US hypocritically and shamelessly grants moral cover and economic benefits to Islam, the greatest human trafficking institution the world has known. Per Obama’s statement which most defines US foreign policy—”The US is not, and will never be, at war with Islam”—the US would sooner be burnt to ashes than have the audacity to morally evaluate her superior, Islam.

Even though “Great Britain is in the throes of a rape and pedophilia epidemic unlike anything the country has experienced in living memory,” The Telegraph’s denial and psychosis are strong. When with the British men arise and defend their women?

How many more victims of Islamic slavery will be enslaved before The Telegraph loses its blind eye to the evils of Islam?

Finally, the article has a line, “It was incredibly brave for one of the victims to call for help – much more needs to be done to help victims come forward.” How about The Telegraph starts to explain how slavery is organic to Islam? The Telegraph can begin by exegeting the sexual slavery sanction of Koran 4:3, 24 and the religious apartheid command of Koran 9:29.

[1] See my article here to see why “multiculturalism” is not at all about multiculturalism.

Pieder Beeli has a Ph.D. in Physics. His inspiration from Andrew Hodges’ forsenic masterpiece, The Obama Confession, produced this article.

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