Rednecks for Romney


On Wednesday the Obama campaign launched “African Americans for Obama 2012.”

Surprised? No, of course not! Apparently, the POTUS hasn’t taken lessons in class from Morgan Freeman, who sees February as nothing more than the month between January and March.
But Mr. Freeman, we CAN’T stop talking about it. If we stop talking about it, what is the NAACP going to do with all that spare time? What are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and all the other race baiters going to do for a living?

Now, let’s flip the coin over for a minute..

What if those in the Romney camp consider forming “Rednecks for Romney”? If that happened the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson would be on in the next hour of the government media complex, making sure you know that Mitt Romney is a racist, and not even Walker or Texas Ranger could do anything about it.

Could you imagine Mitt’s camp making a public service announcement at an upcoming NASCAR Race asking those in attendance to be “Race Captains” or “Walmart Walkers” to “get out the vote” in the Burbs or the Trailer Parks? No, that would never happen in the 21st century. Yet, Mr. Obama can call on “Congregation Captains” (hallefallujah!) to get involved in his campaign. Do you see any other conflicts?

Nah, just forget about that separation of that “Church-State” thing in that old crumpled up document called the U.S. Constitution. I am sure the IRS will not be notifying any of those participating churches or pastors of the possibility of losing their non-profit status.

If you didn’t watch the almost two-minute video, BHO (Barack Hussein Obama) calls for making sure everyone “plays by the rules” and “get their fair shot.” Remember “Joe The Plumber” after telling the then presidential candidate that under his new tax plan Joe would paying more of his “fair share” in taxes? BHO told ol’ Joe “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”.

Really, is this mantra going to work again this election season? With more of us out of work, more of us in debt, and the country on the brink of economic collapse, surely the African American community won’t buy into this collectivist notion again?

What about Rednecks for Romney? Well, you won’t see any Nascar drivers putting this on the hoods of their cars for the next big race.

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