Republican Congressman Says Obama's "Kill List" Is Constitutional


Representative Peter King (R-NY) serves as the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Recently he was interviewed by We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski concerning Barack Obama’s presidential “kill list” and he asked if Mitt Romney were to win this election what should he do.

At first the congressman blew Rudkowski off. But when Rudkowski pressed him the “It’s a serious question” the congressman returned to answer.

Here was Rep. King’s answer,

“It’s totally right and totally Constitutional!”

Then as Rudkowski attempted to see if he was actually being real and it was ok for the President to kill people on that list without a trial or due process and the Congressman told those standing by to “get him out of here.”

He then pushed further to find out how the congressman would determine who the “enemy” would be since the congressman said he was all for killing the enemy.

King then becomes tongue tied as he tries to explain that “we do know” who the enemy is and told Rudkowski that he didn’t know.

When Rudkowski confronted him that a sixteen year old American was killed and the congressman callously said, “If the kid was killed when he was with him that’s the breaks.” That’s the “breaks?” The fact is that Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was murdered by a second drone attack than his father. He was a U.S. citizen and has committed no crime nor could he be tied to any terrorist activity. Congressman King seems to be oblivious to this fact!

Rudkowski said it was not just the breaks, but it was horrible and to that this pompous congressman said that Rudkowski was a “horrible moron.”

The reality is that the congressman is the one demonstrating the blind eye they are turning to the murders of innocent people, including America citizens, even teenagers. If a Republican congressman will do this with Obama at the helm, what do you think they will do with a Republican leading?

My fellow Americans, again, this is not Democrat or Republican, right or left. It’s tyranny versus freedom. Representatives need to be removed from office on November 6, along with the current occupant of the White House.

Watch the interview below:


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