Rick Perry May Announce Presidential Run within 30 Days


Texas Governor Rick Perry came to the up state Friday for the Restoring American Greatness Townhall/BBQ meeting hosted by Josh Kimbrell. Several hundred turned out for the event for the barbeque and to listen to Governor Perry speak about restoring America. The event was in question and answer style and Perry told the crowd that if he decides to run for the White House, the announcement will come shortly.

The first question was how to deal with the national debt.

“The national debt is the greatest challenge to America,” Perry stated.

Perry went on to explain that from 2007 to 2014 this country went through the worst recession since the Great Depression and during this time America lost 400,000 jobs outside of Texas. At the same time, Texas created 1.5 million jobs by cutting taxes, letting small businesses flourish, and major corporations hire more blue-collar employees.

Perry also addressed the issue of national health care and how it will drive America into more debt without competition.

The audience asked if Governor Perry would run in this election for president. He stated that he hasn’t decided yet, but if he was, he would announce his presidential candidacy within 30 days. If Perry does run there will be only two military veterans in the race (Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham).

Governor Perry in answering a question about immigration reform stated, “The America people do not trust Washington about immigration reform and will not trust until the border is secure.”

He went on to criticize the major deficiencies of the Obama administration on border security and recommended that they actually put border security agents on the border instead of “45 miles away from the border.”

Perry also justly criticized President Obama for his lack of executive experience and how America has suffered as a result.

The former Texas governor also stressed the importance of the next election due to the fact that the next president will have to appoint between two to four Supreme Court judges.

At the conclusion of the event, Josh presented Governor Perry with a gift containing the seal of the US Air Force.

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