Right Liberty Vs. Wrong Liberty


Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had the liberty to do exactly as they pleased? Well, no, not really.

Liberty feels good until the moment you are in some way wronged. Then, you want protection from wrong, that is, you want Security.

Security is protection of your Life, Liberty, and Property from wrong. Security limits, even prohibits, the Liberty of those who would do such wrong. Security must therefore take sides, protecting one (Right) from another (Wrong). Security must protect Right Liberty from Wrong Liberty.

But how is it determined what is Right Liberty and what is Wrong Liberty? Some might argue that Right Liberty and Wrong Liberty are universal constants. That the Law of God has already decided what one may or may not do. However, which God, which Law of God, and which manifestation?

Others might argue that Right Liberty and Wrong Liberty are constantly evolving. That Right and Wrong are decided through superior force, and are therefore arbitrary. Such force includes Democracy, Oligarchy, Military Dictatorship, and Law of the Jungle.

No matter who distinguishes Right Liberty from Wrong Liberty, it is defined through Law. Law protects Right Liberty with Security, while limiting and punishing Wrong Liberty.

If Law originates with the Law of God, it is said that Right makes Might. If Law originates though superior force, it is said that Might makes Right.

The concept that “Might makes Right” begins with the Law of the Jungle, which is not actual Law. Rather, the Law of the Jungle is decided by the strongest or smartest individual of the moment. But since most people are neither the strongest nor smartest, Law of the Jungle is not popular. Instead, most people would rather band together to defend against the Law of the Jungle. Thereby is created the Community, which installs its own version of Right Liberty. This is the Law of the Community, which also puts an end to Law of the Jungle.

The Law of the Community originates from three elements, in various proportions.

The first element is Democracy, that is, Majority Rule, the Will of the People. Under a true Democracy, every Right Liberty and Wrong Liberty is decided by vote. Under a true Democracy, every citizen votes, the Majority wins, and the Minority must obey. Importantly, under a true Democracy, Law can be changed by a new vote of like kind.

The second element is Minority Rule. This might be a Monarchy, an Oligarchy, or a Military Dictatorship. Under Minority Rule, every Right Liberty and Wrong Liberty is decided by edict.

The third element is Theocracy. Theocracy distinguishes Right Liberty from Wrong Liberty through a preexisting Law of God. This Law of God is trusted for its intrinsic pedigree, longevity, and immutability. The political structure of Theocracy can be by Democracy or by Minority Rule.

Any Law of the Community is only as effective as it is uncorrupted. When Law of the Community is corrupted, Security does not protect Right Liberty. When Law of the Community is corrupted, Wrong Liberty is permitted, even encouraged.

When Theocracy is corrupted, its leaders are hypocrites, saying but not doing. This corruption often goes long unresolved, for the Community is afraid to judge. But the holy book that defines Right Liberty automatically judges hypocrites. Thus, when corruption is finally ousted, the Theocracy is apt to continue. For no Law of God actually permits any such hypocrisy or corruption.

When Minority Rule is corrupted, the Majority has no representation and is oppressed. This corruption leads to bloody revolutions, some ending in Right Liberty, some decidedly not.

Democracy is not corrupted but is instead overthrown. This occurs when Referendum is no longer considered valid. Right Liberty and Wrong Liberty are instead decided by a Minority dictatorship.

The worst overthrow of Democracy is by the Representative Republic. The Representative Republic is an Oligarchy trusted by the Majority. But when such Oligarchy is corrupted, it is against the Majority. Such corrupted Oligarchy is therefore treason.

The Constitution of the United States upholds this truth. The Constitution is a limitation of Oligarchy (Minority Rule) over the Majority. For the Constitution limits the power of the federal government over the people and the States. Furthermore, the Constitution permits the Majority to dissolve such Oligarchy if corrupted. The Constitution is thus actually a warning to the Majority, to be vigilant against treason!

Do we require proof that the Representative Republic, by its very nature, practices treason? Note the Congressman voting “conscience” rather than according to constituency Majority. Note the Supreme Court “legislating from the bench” by setting its own legal parameters. Note the President who does not follow the Constitution of Majority ratification. Note the Government Agency making unworkable or unequal regulations or policies. Though such means may be technically “legal” they clearly overthrow Right Liberty.

Note especially the “progressive” income tax, taken by force, and collected unequally. Note those taxes distributed as corporate welfare, pet projects, and goodies to Minority groups. When the Majority cannot vote on such things, it is taxation without representation, a Tyranny!

Note also the Representative Republic which forbids societal discrimination against Minority. Here, Majority preferences which reject Minority interests are refuted as Wrong Liberty. The Majority is thereby commanded by Law to accept, even promote, Minority interests. Such Law may even punish the Majority for acting according to its own preferences! Thus begins Egalitarianism, the equalization of the Majority with Minority.

Now, if such Egalitarianism is legislated through Referendum of Democracy, so be it. But if such Egalitarianism is legislated without Referendum, it is by corrupted Oligarchy. Thus, Democracy is overthrown when the Law denies that Majority Rule is Right Liberty.

Egalitarianism forced by Law creates no unity, but rather division by conclave or sect. When cultures within such a diverse society collide, behavioral differences are visible. Such visible behavioral differences cause moral dilemmas of great magnitude. For all people are taught that their Morality is dependent upon their behavior. Thus, if I think myself moral, but my neighbor does not behave as I do, is my neighbor moral?

This is the fatal weakness of Egalitarianism, that is, of Multiculturalism. For even only two opposing views of moral behavior shall eventually clash. How much more chaos if a society contains 20 or 30 such competing interests? How long before the Muslim concludes his neighbor to be wicked, or vice versa? How long before the black man concludes his white neighbor to be racist, or vice versa? How long before the homosexual concludes his neighbor to be dangerous, or vice versa?

There are no compromises for such moral imperatives. How shall the one voluntarily capitulate to the other? If one is Right Liberty, the other is Wrong Liberty. How can they not be divided, even enemies?

Multiculturalism is therefore no utopia of coexistence. Multicultural coexistence is in fact impossible without superior force. This superior force is the Law which denies Majority Rule and Right Liberty.

When forced, Multiculturalism is also hypocrisy. For the Law which suppresses the Majority does not also suppress Minority. Naturally – for those who say that the Majority have no right to dictate to Minority are Minority.

Thus, under forced Multiculturalism, Minority feels no compunction to assimilate. Without assimilation, Right Liberty and Wrong Liberty are defined relative to Race or Culture. This forced multicultural mess (not melting pot) creates the deepest anger, hatred and frustration. Not surprisingly, forced Multiculturalism can lead to civil war, which must be repressed by Fascism. But if Fascism through a Police State fails to make new order, the nation must fall to barbarism.

The correct Law of the Community thus acknowledges that Right Liberty belongs to the Majority. Under Theocracy, Right Liberty is the holy book of the Majority, not the holy man of Oligarchy. Under Democracy, Right Liberty is the Will of the Majority, not the Will of Minority. Even if the people elect Minority Rule by Referendum, it is the Will of the Majority. Whichever Law of the Community is chosen, Right Liberty is Majority Rule. Anything else eventually ends in corruption, revolution, or destruction.

America is at such a crossroads. Right Liberty of Majority Rule is no longer the norm. The Majority is overruled and caged by a corrupt Oligarchy. Multiculturalism is forced through Law of anti-discrimination. The Constitution is regularly violated, and the Law of God ignored.

Worse, it seems that this corrupted Oligarchy shall never be unseated. The electoral system is filled with fraud and manipulation from both parties. But what does it matter when the voters are dumbed-down and ill-informed? What does it matter when Congress has a 17% approval rating and a 90% reelection rate!

Many say, to restore the Republic we must restore the Constitution, but the Constitution itself has been compromised. The 17th Amendment alone means devastating corruption. The 16th Amendment is the power to maintain corrupt Oligarchy. The 26th Amendment provides the Left with an uninformed youth vote. The 14th Amendment is used in the most sinister fashion to equalize Majority and Minority. And a Constitutional Convention to fix these Amendments, or to make others, is roundly booed.

But if the restoration of Right Liberty in America will not be through Constitution, what else? Not through Monarchy, though at times we seem ready to crown the first sane voice we hear. Not through pure Democracy, because we are the United States not the United People. So is it time to bring the Law of God to the table?

The first argument of opposition is that Constitution forbids an American Theocracy. This argument is weak, for the Constitution is amendable, and therefore it is possible. However, I think there is a more likely manner by which God’s Law may be invoked. Run godly candidates.

The second argument of opposition is that candidates who run on religion are drawn and quartered. This argument is strong, and therefore candidates should not run on platforms of “religion.” Instead, candidates should offer platforms that do not violate, but promote, the Law of God. If any such candidate knows his stuff and stands his ground, he has a chance.

And the truth is that we have reached a point in American history where we must act decisively. Right Liberty has been overthrown, and we are no longer a true Republic or Democracy. Rather, America is run by Hedonists, Communists, Sharia, Corruption, and Crime.

Our leadership is craven when it comes to truth, but brave when it comes to lies and blame. Our economic system is that we borrow money we can’t pay back for things we don’t even like! Our work ethic is that we pay people to be unemployed, and demand no public work from them. Our law is so weak that we have no actual border, no immigration enforcement, and lots of crime. Our military record no longer reflects the number of lives given or amount of money spent.

The moment surely seems right for Law of God candidates. But which Law of God shall it be?

By an overwhelming Majority, America is a Judeo-Christian nation. Right Liberty (Majority Rule) can therefore be restored through the Judeo-Christian Law of God. This Law of God is Torah, given to Moses, by which both Christians and Jews define lawfulness. If America is in any way to be restored through God, the Law of the Community ought to be Torah.

With Torah, we can successfully combat the five evils of this day. We can combat Crime, especially the cartels, the gangs, and the mafias. We can combat Corruption, making Capitalism and Government a place of equal law. We can combat Hedonism, particularly sexual deviations, abortion, and fatherlessness. We can combat Sharia, refuting Allah for the one true God, and sharia law for Torah law. We can combat Communism, refuting its doctrine of no private property, no family, and no religion. Torah Law confronts each of these head-on, without apology or preaching.

Politically then, there should be a Torah Political Party, and qualified Torah candidates. So how shall we establish such a Party, and how shall we find such qualified candidates?

First, the Law of God platform speaks for itself and publicizes itself by its mere existence. The Torah Political Party automatically exists in the public square through word-of-mouth.

Second, Torah candidates may be found wherever the Law of God is truly heard and understood. However, it will not be enough to find candidates who simply proclaim their love for a savior. It will not be enough for our candidates to say “I will vote for and never against God’s Law.” Torah candidates need to actually understand Torah Law and how it destroys corruption. Our candidates must be able to answer Torah questions with alacrity and precision. Our candidates must also be able to articulate conservatism and constitutionality. And we as the Torah Political Party must also understand these things. If we are ignorant ourselves, we shall surely lose this war.

Third, candidates and Party members do not have to be squeaky clean! It is not hypocrisy to be imperfect and yet still desire godliness! A checkered past is neither good nor bad, it is simply human.

Fourth, we should not reject candidates who actually want to be candidates. That is a dim-witted approach to politics which dissuades the enthusiastic believer.

Fifth, Torah candidates can be Republican, Independent, even Democrat. As long as they desire the Right Liberty of Majority Rule, who cares!

Sixth, the Torah Political Party requires detailed platforms for each important subject. In forthcoming articles, I will unveil ideas which I have crafted over many years. These concern economic policy, foreign policy, social issues, and government.

In conclusion, it is time to restore the Right Liberty of the Majority. It is time to restore the Constitution of Right Liberty. It is time to restore the Law of Right Liberty. It is time to make America a Torah nation.

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