RINO Lindsey Graham Slams Rand Paul's Filibuster As "Ridiculous"


Last night, while watching the “Rand Paul Filibuster Show” on C-SPAN, I discovered the well known Republican Senators were having dinner with Barack Hussein Obama at the White House. I presume it was to go over how he would get some of the RINOs in the Senate to go along with the Continuing Resolution. Then I had a different thought and tweeted (Yes, I’m learning Twitter well now and even began #DiningWithObama last night) the following:

White House Silent on Paul Filibuster… drudge.tw/Zhkjp3” They are simply informing the RINOs what to say tomorrow #StandWithRand

— Tim Brown (@FPPTim) March 7, 2013

Well lo and behold, look what I discovered. H/T GatewayPundit

The Senator and RINO from my State, Lindsey Graham decided that instead of supporting Rand Paul and his stand on the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment, that he would mock it.

Graham stated,

“The drone program he (Obama) has utilized overseas, I think has made us safer. This idea that we’re going to use a drone to attack a citizen in a cafe in America is ridiculous and I think the American people need to understand the threat we face.”

Well apparently I was right. Graham is taking up for Obama in this endeavor instead of demanding a straight answer from Brennan and the White House like Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have done.

However, we shouldn’t be surprised at Graham’s response. This is a man that had no problem steamrolling the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights of American citizens on U.S. soil in backing the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act with its indefinite detention provisions.

This is the same man that stood on the floor of the Senate and said that people taken under those provisions in the NDAA are to “Shut up! You don’t get a lawyer!”

How can he say “we’re going to use a drone to attack a citizen in a cafe in America is ridiculous,” when the administration and the man nominated to head the Central Intelligence Agency won’t say that they won’t?

Brennan has been asked point blank about this many times by Senator Paul and his unwillingness to answer the question is what lead to the 13 hour filibuster yesterday. In fact, those thirteen hours were for educating the American people on just how far we have descended into tyranny and it was thirteen hours of Rand Paul calling upon the White House and Barack Obama to answer the question, which is Constitutional and does potentially impact every person on U.S. soil.

Instead of manning up and answering, Obama was feasting at our expense with turncoat Republicans at the White House.

While Paul tried to be gracious and say that he believed Obama wanted to do the right thing in his heart, I completely disagree. If he wanted to do the right thing, he would do the right thing. Instead, I think Paul’s point about the fact that Brennan and the White House have dodged this issue is because they don’t want the answer to be made public.

I’ve got a little tip for any public officials at the local, State, or Federal level. Take a look at what Senator Paul did last night. If that type of stand on the issues is not in your blood, then if you are up for re-election in 2014, don’t count on staying in your position.

Rand Paul did what his father has done and that is to try and stand for the law of the land. He did something last night that the GOP presidential nominee couldn’t do, and that is defend the Constitution and rally real American patriots to his battle cry. People wouldn’t sit for thirteen hours listening to Mitt Romney like that and Paul was only dealing with one issue! However, Paul was able to communicate in such a way, primarily because he is not a lawyer, that it reverberated from coast to coast.

I was sorely disappointed in his confirmation vote of Kerry and Hagel. However, Rand Paul’s stand yesterday was a breath of fresh air and I believe will be remembered as a historical event in our nation. May God bless his efforts in this matter.

UPDATE: RINO John McCain was also at the dinner with Obama and he too, has attacked Rand Paul.

“Calm down, Senator,” McCain said, in an apostrophe to Paul. “The U.S. government cannot randomly target U.S. citizens.”

Business Insider reports,

“McCain, a staunch foreign policy hawk, said Thursday that Paul’s warnings that the U.S. could target “Jane Fonda” or “people in cafes” bring the debate into the “realm of the ridiculous.”

“If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids,” McCain said, adding: “I don’t think what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people.”

Hey McCain, Paul was taken seriously for 13 hours! You weren’t taken seriously in 2008 and you haven’t been for a long time. With this latest stunt it’s unlikely that you will ever be taken seriously.

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