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OK, we all know that Barack Obama is one that has constantly not taken the blame for his own failures, but here comes his counterpart. Not only did GOP nominee Mitt Romney express his thoughts that the reason he lost was because Barack Obama was giving too many “gifts” to to many different demographics of people, but then one of his advisers, Carlos Gutierrez, went on “State of the Union” with CNN’s Candy Crowley and said, “I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong.”

So Carlos Gutierrez, the man who was the leader of Romney’s outreach to Hispanic voters, is blaming those of us who believe strongly in the Constitution, the rule of law, the right of the unborn to live, the true definition of marriage and a process to keep our country safe and secure via a proper immigration policy. We are somehow the problem, oh along with the alleged 47% that Romney himself named earlier this year, in which I previously demonstrated that the majority of that talk was merely his opinion without any facts to back it up.

Gutierrez said:

“I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong. We are the party of prosperity, of growth, of tolerance. I mean these immigrants who come across and what they do wrong is they risk their lives, they come here and they work because they want to be part of the American Dream.”

Gutierrez’s super PAC extends beyond those in the Latino community. He said, “First they have to be legalized and then you have to find a way to get into a line for the green card, but first some sort of legalization for the workers who are here. There’ll be requirements and we’ll have to negotiate some sort of requirements.”

Of course Mitt Romney didn’t actually know where he was on the DREAM Act. At first he said he would veto it, then he did his usual misstep and said he would support Republicans offering their own version of the DREAM Act.

As Gutierrez admitted that Romney said a lot of things that were perceived as anti-Latino, he also said he didn’t know if Romney “understood that he was saying something that was insulting.”

He continued, “Perhaps it’s just a lack of knowledge, a lack of intimacy with the community, but it bothers me when I hear someone use the term ‘illegal alien.’ I understand it’s a legal term, but when a Latino hears that it is just, they cringe at that.”

I don’t really care what people think. There are a myriad of legal U.S. citizens who are Latino. The term “illegal alien” does not bother them. There is nothing that is a lack of knowledge, a lack of intimacy with the community or anything else when using the term. Gutierrez says it’s a legal term, so now he’s arguing like a liberal, from his emotions. Well again, this is why a moderate liberal should never be running for the GOP and he shouldn’t have a moderate liberal advising him either. The term is correct. Those who are in the U.S., whether Hispanic, from the Middle East, Asia or wherever that have not come here legally are, in fact, illegal aliens. There is no other way to say it. If it’s offensive, then go through the proper channels like all those that came before and gain your citizenship. That’s not mean. It’s not nasty. It’s not arrogant. It’s the law.

This has nothing to do with the “far right” of the Republican party and it has everything to do with a man that seems to not know where he convictions lie. Seriously, I find this entire line of thinking by Gutierrez insulting. There is one reason and one reason only that Mitt Romney lost, people didn’t elect him.

It was a far cry bigger than 47%. Romney did get a few on the “far right” to go along with him, but in the end, there is only one place to lay the blame for his failure in 2012 and it’s the same place that it was laid in 2008 and that’s on Mitt Romney and I’ll even include the RNC as a whole, who had hand picked him long before the primaries and the convention because they thought becoming a bit more “moderate” would seal the deal. Personally, I think many are just wishing that Romney would not go away mad, just go away.

We need immigration reform in this country, but to then go and put the blame for your campaign’s failure on the “far right” of the Republican party.

As I’ve said before, when will the GOP learn that they should have someone that actually believes in really having limited government, the Constitution, fiscal responsibility and personal freedom, along with being truly pro-life, then they will have begun to head in the right direction. From the reports coming out this week with regards to how they are already beginning to strategize for 2016, it appears they haven’t learned a thing.

Listen to Romney’s adviser below:

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