Ron Paul Will Be On The Ballot In Tampa


According to Fox News, it is “inevitable” that Ron Paul will be on the ballot in Tampa.

It seems as always that the media has not covered well those things it should and have over-covered things it shouldn’t, such as the Trayvon Martin case. They do this because news for the most part these days is entertainment. It is not true journalism.

However, the truth is coming out as we knew it would. Remember all that mess that went on in Iowa and how the GOP were scared to death Ron Paul was going to win and said if he did win to pay attention to who came in second? Remember how they moved the counting of the votes to a secret location because they were advised of potential “voter fraud”? Remember how the state was called for Romney, then weeks later it was called for Santorum? All those people have egg on their face now.

Ron Paul and his campaign told us back then they owned the delegates and it appears now the media is finally getting around to telling the truth about it. Paul will take the majority of delegates from Iowa. He has won the state.

In addition to that, Paul will also win Minnesota. It is also very likely he will will Maine and Nevada and possibly Missouri and Colorado.

This will give him at least five states and maybe more that he has won, which would allow him to be placed on the ballot in Tampa.

Still, in all of this the media continues to ignore him in the main. Yes, they made this announcement, but it was only because they had to. It was news, but immediately they go back to Mitt Romney stating how he will be the nominee. Well wait a minute. Romney is being given way more delegates by the numbers than he actually has at this point. Those delegates have not been given just yet.

It is presumptive of the news outlets to state what they have stated. According to their numbers, Paul isn’t even close to what he actually has.

So while the mainstream media, and sadly even those who are not mainstream continue to tell us that Romney is the nominee, for now it appears that there is a contender to that nomination who is debt free, truly conservative, bears a record that goes with that and has run his campaign with truth and integrity. Ron Paul will be ready to rumble in Tampa come August.

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