Rumsfeld’s Willful Ignorance or Propaganda of Islam? – Recommends Failed Policies of Handling Communism


Ignorance is one thing, but willful ignorance is the worst. One can be ignorant because all the facts are not known or because one may not have access to information. When one is willfully ignorant, it is because one refuses to accept presented facts or ignores actions that refute a false narrative. It’s bad enough when members of the American public are willfully ignorant. It’s worse when it is those in government who have access to information that choose to remain willfully ignorant. Enter one Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense.

In an interview with Breitbart, Rumsfeld indicated “the way to win the war on terror is defeating Islamists ‘ideologically,’ similar to the Cold War against communism, and that the litany of attacks that have been occurring clearly come from a ‘violent radical strain of the Muslim faith’.” His full statement to this effect follows.

The only way you can deal with it is to identify it and engage all elements of national power and large collections of countries and purposefully go at it over a period of years just as we did Communism. You have to defeat it ideologically. You have to defeat it physically. You have to find the countries that are supporting it and chase down their bank accounts and stop the financial flow of dollars and resources to terrorists. And you have to combat it ideologically. And to pretend it’s not a violent radical strain of the Muslim faith is utter nonsense. That’s self-defeating. This president and this administration have been abominable in misunderstanding and miscommunication and delayed dealing with it in a way that has been harmful in terms of lives and blood and treasure and time.

Rumsfeld seems to believe this republic defeated the ideology of Communism. He either has not been paying attention or he chooses to be ignorant. One look at the Democrat Party, the latest candidates for president coming from said party, and the caucuses within the same party boasting Socialism and Communism would tell most everyone that Communism is alive and well in the united States. In fact, it is being heavily promoted by the congressional caucuses of Socialists and Communists who are working to undermine this republic – acts that could be considered treason. The ideology of Communism has not been defeated in any manner. Those supporting it in this republic seem to believe they could do better with that ideology than the previous and current communist nations.

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When it comes to Islam, again, Rumsfeld displays a willful ignorance. It is not “a violent radical strain of the Muslim faith” that is attacking western civilization. It is Islam, period. The Muslims engaged in “jihad” are following the teachings of the Qu’ran, the teachings of Muhammed contained in the hadiths, and are the epitome of the cult. These Muslims are not the radicals. The radical Muslims are those who reject, if that is even possible, the violent teachings of the Qu’ran and Muhammed. Since Muslims are encouraged to engage in taqiyyah, one never knows whether a westernized Muslim is truly rejecting the cult of death and violence, known at times as the “religion of pieces,” despite the fact Islam is not a religion.

Rumsfeld acknowledges that terrorists can attack at any time and place using varied methods.

And it’s physically impossible to defend at every place at every time of the day or night against every conceivable technique. When I was President Reagan’s Middle East envoy and spent time in the Middle East, the U.S. embassy and the British embassy were attacked—the barracks, the marine barracks at the airport in Beirut were attacked by a truck coming in with explosives, and blew up the building and killed a large number of marines and navy corpsman, and when that happened people started to put revetments around these buildings so that a truck can’t get in there. And they’d create an outer perimeter. Then what the terrorists would do is they’d shoot rocket-propelled grenades. And then at that point, along the Corniche in Beirut, they started draping wire mesh over the building to bounce the rocket-propelled grenades off so that they wouldn’t blow up the building. Then, of course, the terrorists would then attack soft targets of people going to and from work. So thinking you could defend against it in every place at every time is historically inaccurate. You can’t.

Rumsfeld, at least, is not willfully ignorant on the operation of terrorists. However, his proposal on combating Islamic terrorism leaves much to be desired. His comparison to the “defeat” of Communism should be enough to tell the people that. Communism has not been defeated. It is alive and well residing in our own government in the District of Corruption. If the plan to defeat Communism ideologically and physically did not work, why would anyone think the same tactics would work against Islam?

As has been witnessed in the Middle East and now in Europe, Muslims have no intention of assimilating into western culture and civilization, have no intention to live peaceably, and have every intent to dominate the nations they invade and murder those who are non-Muslim. Muslims even murder each other – the Sunni/Shiite conflicts are well reported. Muslims cannot have two masters, meaning they are devoted to the false god Allah and submissive to the Sharia law, which is antithetical to any western civilization law. Yet, despite all these documented facts, western government stooges remain willfully ignorant of Islam and invite the subversive individuals to take up residence in western nations.

One could argue that western government stooges are not willfully ignorant of Islam, but fully aware of its nature. This would mean western government officials are using Muslims to effectively “wipe-out” western civilization and Christianity through genocidal purge using political correctness to silence the opposition. Listening to the rhetoric spewed by European officials as well as those here in the united States, these people know exactly what they are doing while attempting to shame those who recognize it.

It is not acceptable for any nation to tolerate any practitioner of Islam within its borders. As the population of Muslims grow, so does their demand for exceptions to western law and requests for “protected status” based on the ideology of victimhood, when, in fact, these individuals are the perpetrators of oppression. Western nations are fully within their sovereignty to determine who can or cannot enter in order to establish residency. It is called immigration law and any factor can be used to determine exclusion, including an ideological theocracy anathema to western civilization.

Before anyone pops up to say “no one should be barred because of their religion – it’s the First Amendment after all,” the First Amendment does not protect those who are intent on insurrection. And, the First Amendment recognizes the right to “practice” the religion and limits the government from establishing a religion. When an ideological theocracy hiding behind religion seeks to change established laws for all the people, in essence, changing the face of this republic’s government, the First Amendment no longer applies since it has moved from “practice” to insurrection. Insurrection is not protected under the First Amendment. Neither is the establishment of “law” in contradiction to the Constitution.

Until government officials and former government officials reject political correctness and stop their willful ignorance, the problem of Muslim invasion and insurrection will continue. Terrorist attacks will become more frequent and more deadly. It is futile to handle this problem in the manner Rumsfeld states communism was handled. Communism went stealth and is now creeping up to become the type of government in contrast to our republic. Those supporting communism, aka the Democratic and Republican parties, will use Islam to perpetrate the subversion and insurrection. Once that is complete, the targets will move to then eradicate Islam and any useful idiots used to change this republic. Only then will western governments identify Islam as a problem minus the politically correct nomenclature and move against it. As it stands, the willful ignorance is intentional in order to exact an agenda. It will continue as long as the agenda remains unfulfilled and as long as people buy the “shiite.”

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