School Teaches 9-11 Hijackers Were Freedom Fighters Then Executes Damage Control


I’m beginning to wonder what in the world is going on in Texas! First I told you how the public school system in Texas is being infiltrated with CSCOPE curriculum that teaches that the Founding Fathers, who were involved in the Boston Tea Party, were “terrorists.” Now, word is that in a Texas high school, students are told to refer to the Jihadists who hijacked planes on 9-11 to attack America should be referred to as “freedom fighters,” not terrorists.

Students at Lumberton High School were not only told this nonsense, but they have also been told to stop referring to the Holocaust as Genocide. Instead they used the term “ethnic cleansing.” Well isn’t that nice!

Superintendent of the Lumberton Independent School District John Valastro says that the Advanced Placement World Geography teacher did nothing wrong. “What is more dangerous – fear and ignorance or education and understanding,” he asked. “From our standpoint, we are here to educate the kids.” To which I simply ask, then educate, don’t revise history and stop attempting to indoctrinate with political correctness.

“I don’t think my freshman-level teacher was trying to politicize radical Islam or anything like that,” Valastro said of the 32-year veteran teacher. “I don’t think our teacher has…to my knowledge ever converted a single student to Islam.”

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That isn’t even close to the point and it most definitely is politicizing the issue when you completely distort who is who. I wonder if this teacher decided to dig into the pedophilia of Islam’s leader or maybe his criminal activity as he attacked caravans and engaged in terrorism or even more those that claimed he was possessed of a demon. The man did not even read or write, according to a pro-Islam source and the Qur’an itself.

Teens at Lumberton High in Texas dressed in Muslim garb at school, following CSCOPE curriculum teaching. However, it is not just distorting facts, it’s the indoctrination of Islam. A photograph of four female students wearing burqas surfaced on Facebook. April LeBlanc’s fifteen year old daughter was one of the girls in the photo and she said that parents felt like they had been betrayed by school officials. They had been.

“My biggest thing is not the burqa,” she said. “That was the key to opening up the rest. It’s scary how far they dove into the Islamic faith. It’s scary what they taught my daughter. Who’s in charge of this? How did our superintendent let this slip through the cracks?”

“This teacher taught her that a freedom fighter is when they give their life for the Holy War – and that they’re going to go to heaven,” she said. “They were saturating these kids in Islam and my daughter is an American Christian child.”

While Madelyn LeBlanc indicated that the teacher was uncomfortable with the lecture, the teacher taught it anyway, even using sarcasm.

Is this more CSCOPE curriculum? Possibly. Fox News’ Todd Starnes claims that the controversial state curriculum is not to blame.

However, Janice VanCleave thinks otherwise. Ms. VanCleave has been an outspoken critic of CSCOPE. She is also a Science teacher, author of Science books and the founder of Texas CSCOPE Review. While Ms. Van Cleave said that Fox’s findings may be true, she believes that SCOPE’s fingerprints are all over the class.

“With or without the lessons, the class was using required information set by CSCOPE and required by the superintendent,” she said.

“This has to stop right now,” she said. “Texas superintendents and school board members are to blame for CSCOPE being in Texas schools. Anyone of them that promotes the use of the title of freedom fighters for those who destroyed and killed so many on 9-11 need to be removed from our schools today.”

VanCleave said school administrators who support CSCOPE are “working to destroy Texas education and teach our children untruths.” It was Ms. VanCleave’s daughter that originally informed Freedom Outpost of the teachings about the Boston Tea Party. In response to that, VanCleave said, “The Boston Tea Party (participants) were freedom fighters,” she said. “The 9-11 hijackers were terrorists.”

Thought this has been in the news, recently it has come to light that the Texas school district is reporting that school officials told students to sign “waivers” for the participation in class where they wore burqas. Ah yes. Now we are getting somewhere. Can you say “CYA?”

April LeBlanc believes that the principal at Lumberton ISD violated parental consent requirements. “I asked the principal why she thought it was okay to take a written statement from my daughter without me present. She stated to us that it is a normal procedure they do at Lumberton High School when incidents occur. They have children sign statements all the time without parents present; that it is their procedure. I told her that it was not ok and that this was not a typical ‘incident’ like a classroom skirmish or a disobedient student.”

“The principal eventually told me that it could have been handled better, and that she probably should have called the parents.”

Her daughter would also reveal that she felt pressured into writing an incident report and then called her mother crying relaying the story that she had been dismissed for the day as in a disciplinary action.

When her mother arrived she demanded to speak to the principal. She was told the principal was not there and that she could be taken care of if she would leave her name and number. She then the secretary to get the principal on the phone and according to LeBlanc and that is when a call was made and Ms. LeBlanc was referenced in the statement, “Those parents are here.”

While WND documents this, they also discovered that this was indeed a CSCOPE curriculum. It is quite telling that Valastro disallowed a Bible history course previously in 2008, claiming it is a violation of a Texas statute. It seems quite clear that the people behind CSCOPE have an agenda and it is anti-American and pro-Islam. Their agenda is to ‘white wash’ jihadists and to create hatred for America’s founders.

Texas parents it’s up to you to stand up to this mess and demand a stop be put to this. If you don’t fight, who will?

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