Sealing the Border First Ignored in Bloomberg View's Immigration Stance


If it weren’t for the Russia/Crimea/Ukraine kerfuffle and the Malaysian Airline mystery, the immigration issue would surely be one of the top stories.

Actually, I guess it still is, considering I read an opinion piece from the editors of Bloomberg View just last week titled, “The Only Way to Stop Illegal Immigration.”

The first thing that gave me pause was that they actually wrote “illegal immigration.” I still figured it would be a left-leaning propaganda piece, but I was encouraged by them not using undocumented immigrant or undocumented worker.

It began by describing John Boehner’s inability to rally the House around a Senate immigration bill that was passed overwhelmingly last year. Also, how the House was transfixed on border security, as if that is a bad thing.

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I noticed that they never said anything about an attempt to seal the southern border; only repeatedly mentioning “border security” and how much money the Senate bill already allotted for it, which, according to the article is a “staggering $46 billion for border control, doubling the size of the patrol force.”

Okay, let’s stop right here. First: let’s say the main water line in your house breaks. Water is streaming in and the basement is filling up fast. What is the first thing you do? Do you call ServPro to get rid of the water, or do you seal off the leak? That’s right – first you stopped the flow of water, and then call them to clean up the mess. Not the other way around.

In other words, seal the border first. Don’t just control or manage it. Then worry about those who are already here.

Second: whether it is $4.6 billion, $46 billion or $460 billion – we all know that government throwing money at a problem has never solved anything… Ever!

Also, we could triple the border force down there and it will still do no good if Homeland Security tells them they must catch and release or simply not to catch at all. The border patrol might as well be handing out gift baskets as the illegals cross.

The Bloomberg editors did make a good point regarding employment of illegals. They claim the unemployment rate of illegals may be less than our nation’s black citizens. Chalk up another point for using the term black instead of the politically correct, African-American.

If that statistic is true, it is tragic.

The article went on to advocate for tighter hiring security and expanded E-Verify. I have no problem with either and to include those with expired visas, which, as they correctly state, is a big problem.

But, of course, the establishment Republicans who are beholden to the Chamber of Commerce and big corporate donors will never agree to ever tightening hiring security or big fines for hiring illegals.

Overall, the Bloomberg View editors did a fair job and made some decent points. I agree that tighter hiring security will result in a disincentive for both employer and illegal employee, but as long as the lore of free stuff is dangled in front of illegals, they will keep coming. Jobs or no jobs, they will almost always be better off here.

So as Mark Levin suggested years ago – here is my eight word immigration bill.

Seal the Border and Get Back to Me.

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