Sharia Law Is Attempting to Replace the U.S. Constitution


Yes, we should be concerned about how Islam is being exported in a wholesale fashion to the modern nations of the world. Muslims have before settled in European countries before, and with disastrous results.  

As the world fixates on Muslim migration throughout Europe, we are losing sight of what is happening in our own backyard. As we fixate, courtesy of the mainstream media, on the events in Europe, American communities are being overrun by a group of radicals who are dedicated to wreaking havoc.

I am a Christian, and if my Christian brothers and sisters, through their misguided actions, were bringing harm to others, or in any way violates the Constitutional liberties of others, then I have a duty to call attention to these wrong acts and call for corrective action. In other words, every individual has an explicit duty to police the members of their own faith with regard to the appropriateness of their actions. This belief will guide the words that you will read over the next several paragraphs.

You need to forget Europe and worry about America. The Constitution and our Christian faith are at risk!

Didn’t We Sacrifice the Constitution to Defend Against Radical Islam?

As I continue to sacrifice my Fourth Amendment rights while I take off my shoes and subject myself to being x-rayed and illegally molested by TSA officials at the airport, I am constantly reminded of the threat that violent jihadists pose to Americans everywhere. However, not all jihadists are tasked with the commission of perpetrating mass murder upon the citizens of America. Many jihadists have altered their modus operandi and have subsequently adopted a type of stealth and cultural jihad as evidenced by excerpts of the following Muslim Brotherhood 2007 strategic memo which states that “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging their miserable house…”

Omar Ahmad, co-founder the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), made his anti-Christian bias crystal clear in a July 4, 1998 San Ramon Valley Herald article in which Ahmad stated “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America.”
This philosophy, commonly dubbed Sharia law, is being systematically implemented right under our American noses and in a multitude of local venues.

The United States Is About to Be Overrun

The United Nations calls for countries to accept 180,000 Syrian Refugees as ISIS says they’re using refugees as a Trojan Horse: Vox News, a hard left-leaning media company founded by one of President Obama’s “favorite journalists,” led the charge with multiple articles directly attacking any American who believes in a secure border while calling for up to 1 million Syrian refugees to be allowed into country.

You will not hear of this in the media. Even though there are hundreds “no-go zones,” in Europe, and they are beginning to appear in the United States, the media is not permitted to report on this development. Even though they are likely breeding grounds for jihad where sharia governs, the media in places, like Dearborn, Michigan, is silent. In fact, even Fox News was forced to apologize after a commentator labeled parts of Europe no-go zones.

The Criminalization of Christianity

A growing number of Americans is becoming cognizant of the threat being posed by the imposition of Sharia law upon an unwilling and often unaware non-Muslim American public.

Christianity is being criminalized in the United States. I am specifically worrying about the kind of Christian faith that Kim Davis has demonstrated, to the point where she has refused to issue sodomite marriage licenses rather than violate her own religious beliefs with regard to the unconstitutional action by the Supreme Court as it violated the 10 Amendment in reference to the legalization of sodomite marriage. Very soon, Christians all over the USA are going to be put into compromised positions where they must choose between faith and government overreach. The “new morality” demands allegiance to the state over God and this is just the beginning. Soon many, just like Kim Davis, will have to decide whether they will take a stand and, like Davis, be willing to go to jail.  The radical judge that threw her into prison has said that she will stay there until she is willing to change her actions and acquiesce to illegitimate secular law.

The Prohibition against Practicing One’s Faith One Applies to Christians, Muslims Seek Exemptions

In a similar case to Kim Davis, a Muslim flight attendant, Charee Stanley, claims she was suspended from her flight attendant position with Express Jet Airlines because she refused to serve alcohol. Stanley has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Additionally, the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has entered  into the case. That would be Hamas, as in the radical and violent terrorist group Hamas. This would be the same Hamas that is tied in with the Mexican drug cartels. And now our legal system are going to give these terrorists legal standing in our court. Weren’t we told that the NDAA was created for groups like Hamas? What is more egregious is that this Muslim expects preferential treatment for her religious beliefs while Kim Davis sits in jail over her Christian beliefs. Certainly, the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause is dead and buried in modern America!

The Stanley case is just another example of a Muslim workplace lawsuit from CAIR which is designed to impose Islam on the workplace. This is such a typical action.

Life in Dearbornistan

Dearborn, Michigan, is a portend of what is coming across our country.

Slightly more than 30% of Dearborn’s 95,000 residents are Arab-American or of Arab descent (PDF). Rather than let their religion stand as a shining example of an exemplary American subculture, the collective actions of the Muslims in Dearborn suggest a desire to extinguish all other forms of worship in the same manner that Cair’s co-founder, Oma Ahmad, has called for. Critics of the Muslim takeover of Dearborn have pointed to the fact that McDonald’s serves halal meat, business signs are bilingual, and every diner serves hummus. These developments do not concern me. What concerns me is the total disregard that this community is displaying towards the rights of others and their disregard has escalated to the level of life-threatening behaviors. Further, the civil authority in Dearborn is doing nothing to protect victimized Christians in its community.

Over the past week, I have watched three videos which demonstrate the preferential treatment that Muslims receive in Dearborn and how the police tolerate unchecked violence directed at Christians. The videos and their accompanying stories were not chosen based upon sensationalism. Rather, they were chosen for their representatives of what Christians can expect by living in this community.

Stoning of the Christians for Displaying Their Beliefs

This extremely disturbing video shows what happened when a group of Christians, whose transgressions included the act of holding up signs about Christianity at the Dearborn, Michigan, Arab Festival. The Christians were viciously attacked—verbally and physically—and, ultimately, stoned (see 9:30 minutes into the video). Wayne County sheriff’s deputies stood by while a Muslim mob threw rocks at Christians, bloodying them. The officers then threatened the Christians with arrest if they didn’t leave the event.


Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a moment. Can you imagine the outrage coming from the White House and CNN if Muslims were stoned at a Christian event for displaying signs promoting Islam?

Dearborn City Council Demonstrates Religious Preference for Muslims

The city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted 4-3 to become the first US city to officially implement all aspects of Sharia Law.  Sharia Law addresses secular law including crime, politics, and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, fasting, prayer, diet, and hygiene.

Does this mean that those who steal will have limbs cut off? Will adulterers be stoned? Will honor killings be sanctioned on American soil? How far will this madness be allowed to penetrate the American culture.

Radicalism Spread beyond Dearborn- Muslim Radical Attacks Christian Street Preacher in Front of a Cop with Impunity in Tampa

This case should concern every American because it shows how radical Islamic abuse of Christians has been allowed to spread beyond the city limits of Dearborn. The following video contains a head butt that went on unpunished and this was all caught on tape. “Street Preacher” is attacked by Muslim while preaching at a Lady Gaga Concert. The police not only ignore the head butt attack, but they actually charged the Christian with battery. They would not view the video, nor did they talk to any of the witnesses.



These acts of Muslim-inspired violence against Christians could fill volumes of books. In the interest of brevity, I only presented three examples.

Do I think that most Muslims are seeking to perpetrate violence against Christians? I do not believe that. However, all Muslims living in America have a fundamental duty to clean up their messes in the same manner that I would have to if the troublemakers were Christians.

Has CAIR ever come out against ISIS? Did they speak out against ISIS execution of Kayla Muellar last summer? I have a message for CAIR: if you will not respect the rights of the majority culture who has so graciously allowed you to enter our country, then it is time for you to leave. If you are about to pick up your pen and tell me how I am falling for the divide and conquer strategy of the globalists where they promote “gay” vs. straight, black vs. white, and Muslim vs. Christian. I acknowledge that this is the case. However, Christians are backed into a corner. The right to safely practice our faith is at risk. Divide and conquer aside, if we do not stand together, Christians will enter a new era of extreme persecution.

Obama has refused entry of Syrian Christians to the United States and will only allow Muslim immigrants. Liberals associated with the President are advocating for the admission of one million Syrians from a Muslim background. The United States is about to be overrun in the same fashion as Europe, and the Muslims and the civil authority in Dearborn have shown the rest of us what we are in for.

This is only the beginning. If we do not stand up to the imposition of Sharia Law, we will one day see Sharia Law supplanting the Constitution of the United States.


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