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Silent Night, Kristal Nacht

The current Kristallnacht in Egypt presents a conundrum for the cultural defense team on the liberal side of things. This is the reason your nightly news, your daily newspaper, and your typical op-ed guy isn’t speaking out. Because if you call out the savagery taking place against Christians in Egypt (and elsewhere), you have to point to a root. And the root in this case is a savage race, called the Arabs, and a savage religious arm of that race, called Islam. So if you’re going to try to “explain” the planned assassination and extermination of Christians and Christian churches in Egypt, you have to talk about racism not of white people and religious persecution not of white Christianity.

Now if you think I’m stirring the pot, that’s good. We have to look underneath the scum at the top of what’s cooking to see why it’s happening. We can’t just look at the mess we have and blame the pot. We have to stir the pot to see what’s at the bottom of things.

Of course, if the roles were reversed, and even one minding-his-own-business Muslim had been bruised by a Coptic Christian while rummaging in the same bazaar, the racial blame-artists, whose job it is to keep us all aware how awful we are as human beings, would be in tears. But alas, that isn’t the case, and so we are not deserving to know that genocide is afoot. Weep for Rwanda, but ignore Cairo.

Let’s be frank, shall we? Islam has its ugly reputation not from white-supremacy propaganda sheets handed out on the streets of Munich and Selma, Alabama, but from true facts. The face of Islam is not a peaceful prayer blanket but the screaming belligerent ready to lob rockets, slice off heads, burn churches, and threaten the existence of entire peoples. No, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and all the rest are not the same as Islam. As the Bible says, “he (Ishmael) shall be a wild man, his hand against every man.”

That, my friends, is a racial thing because it is a genetic thing. And it is a cultural thing because the disease can be spread beyond the Arab turban.

Islam is purity. It just happens to be the purity of “kill the infidels.” Islam is perfection. It just happens to be Aryan perfection.

And make no mistake. Unlike the Nazis, who had no real religious foundation for their evil, and unlike the communists, doomed to lose without God, Islam has the power. In a world filled with New World Order greed and domination, communist dialectic and oppression, crime on an unprecedented scale, and hedonism that dwarfs Sodom and Gomorrah, the power of Islam to cleanse looks pretty, pretty good to way too many people.

As always, my solution is Torah. When they say, “Sharia will dominate the world,” the only answer is, “Not your law of Allah, but my Law of God.” Why not Christ? Um… Christ is Torah.

The above is yet another reason why anyone with power will steer clear of defaming the prophet Mo-ham Ed. The growth of a weak Western Christianity has given us the tolerance to accept deep corruption in politics (more than usual), hack agenda writing posing as journalism, perversion in our elementary school curricula, and apathy towards God and righteousness.

According to their way of thinking, if you slander Islam you prop up what’s wrong with the world, according of course to whatever you think is wrong with the world. Islam is a power play. There are likely American politicians, journalists, and media types who have already converted secretly. Their silence could very well be complicity.

But whichever way you slice it, that’s them. Who are you? Why aren’t you doing more?

Are you a missionary? Why not gather up hundreds of missionaries and go to Syria right now to protect what is not savage. Not your business? What is?

Are you conservative? Why not gather up thousands of like-minded and go to Washington DC on September 11, 2013, to confront the assembly on 1 million Muslims who most likely want nothing more than to destroy your culture, your religion, even your race?

Do you think I’m fomenting trouble, and being like them? Good! At least you know they are trouble. What are you going to do about it?

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