South Carolina Evangelicals Ditch Scripture and Vote Trump


Ever heard the “we’re electing a president, not a pastor” line?

Ever heard that sort of thing passionately flung from the mouth of a politically active professing Christian? Perhaps even from a popular Christian “leader”?

Ever wondered what that line is supposed to mean exactly, aside from serving as an escape hatch or quick dodge away from anything the Bible actually says on leadership, character, wickedness, virtue, vice, truth, judgment and the wrath of God (via wicked leaders)?

Ever wonder by what standard we should measure the qualifications of a potential leader, if not Scriptural standards?

Ever wonder where the line of logic behind such an idiotic concept as disregarding biblical pronouncements when selecting a president would naturally and inevitably lead?

Well, there’s no need to wonder now.

With Donald Trump taking a full third of the evangelical vote in last weekend’s South Carolina primary, it’s clear that professing Christians in America are once again leading the culture deeper into darkness by living out their own long-held and oft-advertised penchant for separating the political, legal, economic, and civil governmental realms from the lordship of Christ.

Way to go, evangelicals!

Way to lead!

Way to model obedience to the King and dedication to His Gospel-fueled Great Commission!

David Brody of CBN News’ The Brody File shed some painful light on the subject after The Donald trumped Cruz, Rubio, and everyone else by a wide margin when it came to securing the votes of professing evangelical Christians in South Carolina over the weekend:

For months and months, Donald Trump has been exclaiming, “The evangelicals love me and I love them.” Well folks, tonight that love affair paved his way to victory in the all-important South Carolina Primary.  72% of the voters in South Carolina Saturday night with evangelical. Trump won 33 percent, of them. Ted Cruz won 27 percent, and Rubio won 22 percent. So let’s not kid ourselves here: Donald Trump is on his way to the GOP nomination and if he wins it, it will be because of evangelicals. Plain and simple.

In case you somehow missed the gravity of this the first time ’round, Brody tried to help:

Let’s have this thought sink in for a moment. Donald Trump won the evangelical vote in South Carolina. Let me repeat that. Donald Trump won the evangelical vote in South Carolina. . .

So “Donald Trump is on his way to the GOP nomination and if he wins it, it will be because of evangelicals.”

“Plain and simple,” says Brody, and who could coherently disagree?

Most professing Christians in America seem no more inclined than a garden variety Pagan to submit to the lordship of Christ in law, politics, economics, and civil government…which is apparently why they seem so proud and happy to continue leading the culture deeper into darkness by, among other things, helping to secure the presidency for a biblically illiterate, proudly promiscuous, openly vulgar casino and strip club promoter.

Way to go, American evangelicals!

You’ve secured, in true tragi-comedic/ironic fashion, a leading role in securing the decline and death of your very own idols (the Republican Party and America itself).

Apparently God can and will use even these American evangelicals to accomplish His will…and perfectly so.

Reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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