Star Spangled Banner Banned By Facebook


I know that sounds too weird to be true, but it happened.

Best selling patriotic rock band, Madison Rising woke up this morning to hundreds of complaints from angry fans complaining that their postings of the band’s best selling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner had been deleted from Facebook over the past 24 hours.

What started as complaints from a handful of fans escalated onto a barrage of anger after the band posted a message asking if anyone else had experienced this same problem.

“I’m not sure why this would happen,” Said band manager, Richard Mgrdechian. “Of all things, to delete such a beautiful and reverent version of the Star Spangled Banner is beyond comprehension. I hope it’s just a technical glitch, but something larger seems to be at work.”

The problem as I see it is quite simple. There are no humans at Facebook that vet when people flag something. Say something that an unknown number of people out of 1.11 BILLION users don’t like and you get your account locked or post removed without even being reviewed by an intelligent human. Freedom of speech and Facebook don’t exactly go hand in hand unless you’re a liberal America hater.

But, you can always watch their epic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner here:

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