The State of the Union is Bleak – One Issue That Can Take Down the Establishment


Last Tuesday, fraudulently elected President Barack Hussein Obama treated the American people to yet another empty and frightening speech. Not even eligible to be standing on the podium addressing a joint session of Congress for the State of the Union Address – as Obama is not a natural born citizen, as required by the Constitution, sired in the United States by two citizen parents – the socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-white, anti-Israeli, Muslim-sympathizer-in-chief spewed forth a masterful performance, all the while ignoring the cancer that has metastasized in his administration – a cancer that threatens the continued existence of our severely wounded nation.

Notwithstanding his references to pushing an agenda to rid the country of “income inequality,” which is just another euphemism for his socialist if not communist designs of wealth distribution from primarily rich whites to “his people,” those voters who are primarily responsible for pushing him over the top in 2008 and 2012 – African Americans, Hispanics and leftist, ignorant, lower-income and “beautiful” Hollywood-style whites – Obama sidestepped discussing the growing corruption in his administration, the so-called phony scandals he has dismissed as just the banter of tea partiers.

And it is no wonder that he did so. While the American economy and the ethical state of the nation has atrophied under his despotic rule – which promises more illegal executive orders and sleaze in the next three years – Obama and his comrades have succeeded in even surpassing the criminality of the Bill and Hillary Clinton years. When presumably Obama leaves office in 2016 – assuming he does not seize power with his arsenal of drones, stockpiled guns and ammunition for his unprecedented internal security force and the coercive spying on his perceived enemies by the National Security Agency and CIA – he will, as it now stands, leave behind a mere shell of the nation, just in time for Hillary Clinton to take the reins as our fearless leader. There is no Republican who can challenge her for the presidency, thanks in large part to tea-party leaders (some of whom are also ineligible to be president like Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz) who have been ostracized and marginalized by the likes of establishment Republican leaders like House Speaker John Boehner. A one-two punch to the body politic is undoubtedly in store: Obama as the king of socialism and bigotry and Hillary as the queen of continued Democratic corruption, not that Republican establishment leaders are squeaky clean either. So indeed, the state of the nation looks bleak and dire under establishment Democratic and Republican rule.

How, then, can We the People arrest this sad state of affairs? In my opinion and experience, we must look for that wedge issue that can break open the establishment and legally eradicate them from the body politic of the nation. In this regard, none of the current scandals are more severe and frightening than the scandal over the NSA, which in “almost Orwellian” Big Brother fashion, as one federal judge, Richard J. Leon, recently ruled in our case against the NSA, President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, director of the NSA Keith Alexander and other establishment hacks runs roughshod over our Constitution by spying on the entire U.S. citizenry through the collection of metadata. Metadata is intimate information gleaned from our cellphones and Internet communications that allows our establishment-hijacked government to track and know our every move, personal and professional. And, until whistleblower Edward Snowden came forward and revealed this tyranny, the American people were kept in the dark by establishment Democratic and Republican leaders, all of whom, fat and happy, feed at the money trough of Washington, D.C. Indeed, one can only conclude that this spying by the NSA is designed to keep them in power; in effect keeping the people fearful and down and out and the Democratic and Republican establishment leaders riding high and in power as the nobility they perceive themselves to be.

In the last week or so, I have streamlined our lawsuits against the NSA defendants so they can move faster through the courts all the way to the Supreme Court. I have also filed a new class action suit – the only one that has been filed despite repeated promises over the last several months to do so by Sen. Rand Paul (I hope he does finally file one and join us in the fight) – on behalf of the entire citizenry. My goal is to use the court, to the extent possible, to glean discovery information and an ultimate judicial ruling that will break open this unprecedented scandal before this NSA spying destroys the nation by enslaving us to establishment rule.

This Monday, Feb. 3, 2014, the court will conduct a status conference, and at this status conference I will ask Judge Leon for the right to take discovery of the NSA defendants so we can move our cases toward trial at the earliest date. In this regard, I will also ask the court to order that the government grant me a security clearance so that we can take this discovery and glean all of the necessary facts. This security clearance will be a sore issue with the NSA defendants, as they do not want the American people to have any additional knowledge about their illegal and unconstitutional criminality. But I am entitled to a security clearance, and indeed I had one long ago when I was a trial lawyer and prosecutor for a U.S. Department of Justice far less corrupt than it is today.

The NSA scandal goes to the very heart of what is wrong with the government. We no longer have leaders who represent us. Instead, they keep us down so they can continue to profit at the trough of the big government Obama and his enablers, both Democratic and Republican, want to see continue. Worse, Obama is using the NSA to enslave all of us through fear to his socialist and other nefarious designs.

And, this is why We the People must use all means to legally rid the nation of Obama and the Democratic and Republican establishment, before our nation is totally destroyed. That is the state of the nation Obama did not want to discuss, but it is a reality nevertheless.

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