Sterling Heights Mayor Abandons Christians Who Fled Genocide to Approve Islamic Mosque in Their Community


At a Sterling Heights, Michigan City Council meeting on Tuesday, Christians who fled Iraq because of genocide from Islamists said that they felt abandoned and made vulnerable from their city government, most specifically Sterling Heights Mayor Michael C. Taylor.

More than 180 people showed up at the meeting to voice concern over the city allowing a mosque to be built in their neighborhood.  Many of these people are Christians, who escaped the genocide in the Middle East, specifically Iraq, and fled to America for safety.  Now, they are being forced to have a mosque place right in the center of their community, a mosque which will hold to the very doctrines that have led to Islamic supremacy for over 1400 years wherever it has been allowed to take root.

“The Christians from Iraq they feel they’ve lost everything, so when there’s a mosque placed right in the heart of their community, it’s not gonna stop,” said Nahren Anweya, a woman whose family fled Iraq in 1989 after they were discriminated against by the Muslims community there.  “There’s gonna be a lot of hostility. The city is creating a tension there.”

“It’s already starting off that way, so I didn’t see it being good on any terms possible what happened last night,” she added. “They know how we feel about it and how we protested it. Everyone should know the Christians of Iraq are the most warm and friendly people, and everyone has taken advantage of that — the Sunni Muslims, the Shiite Muslims and the Kurdish Muslims — and we ended up in the middle of a genocide.”

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Leo Hohmann, author of Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad, reports:

The city on Tuesday night agreed to a settlement with a Muslim group that wants to build a mega-mosque on 15 Mile at Mound Road, in the heart of a residential area filled with Christians who escaped Muslim persecution in Iraq.

The nearly 200 people who packed city hall in protest of the mosque were limited by Mayor Michael C. Taylor to two minutes of speaking time.

“There were people crying, complaining about not being given enough time to speak,” said Nahren Anweya, spokeswoman for the approximately 50,000 Chaldean and Assyrian Christians living in the area.

“The mayor was literally acting like a dictator, wouldn’t let people finish their statements,” she told WND. “As soon as they said something about the persecution their family experienced from Muslims in Iraq, he would shut them down.”

Anweya said her own great-grandfather was crucified by Muslims in Iraq because he refused to remove the large gold cross he wore around his neck. Her family immigrated to the U.S. in 1989, when she was 6 years old.

The settlement deal requires the city of Sterling Heights to grant the American Islamic Community Center a permit to build a 20,800 square foot mosque.  However, that’s not all, the city then has to pay to send city employees to classes that will teach them not to discriminate against Islamists.  Can you say re-education camps?

Though the city denied a permit to build the mosque in 2015, Muslims sued the city claiming they were discriminated against.  Later, at the end of 2016, the Obama Justice Department jumped in with a similar suit against the city, as if the central government has any authority in this matter in the first place.  They claim the city violated the Religious Land Use and Institutional Persons Act (RLUIPA), which is an unconstitutional piece of legislation based on a usurped authority by Congress, which the Constitution does not allow.  None of this is surprising considering that the Obama State Department used tax dollars to refurbish mosques all over the Middle East.  Why wouldn’t they be for bullying communities to accept the building of mosques here at home?

This particular mosque is made up of Muslims from Yemen, Iran and Iraq.

According to those in attendance at the meeting, it was said to be “tightly controlled by Mayor Taylor,” and “At one point, Taylor cleared the chamber of all people opposed to the mosque, ordering two police officers to escort them out. The council then voted unanimously to approve the federal government’s consent order accusing the city of being discriminatory against Muslims.”

Many of the people were hoping that new Attorney General Jeff Sessions would back off the lawsuit against the city.  He never did.

Ms. Anweya said that the city council seemed to have already made up their minds without listening to the people they serve.

“They didn’t even want to discuss it; their minds were already made up. [Mayor Taylor] really didn’t even want to hear the people out,” she said.  “Whenever someone voiced concerns about future persecution, he cut them off and called them out of order.”

“Why would you build a mosque when you don’t have a large population of Shiites in Sterling Heights?” she added, voicing her concerns that the mosque is being funded by Iran.  “They’re wanting to bring in people from other areas.  You’re talking about a city that doesn’t blink at spending $1 million on a playground, but they don’t want to spend $350,000 on defending this lawsuit.”

That’s because they are advancing an agenda, not following the law and actually fight the lawsuit.

According to attorney Karen Lugo, author of the book Mosques in America, said, “I don’t think the city ever really intended to fight this; they just went immediately into the settlement mode after the DOJ filed suit.  The settlement was likely well developed by the time Mr. Wheeler was appointed, and it’s basically a done deal.”

Lugo, who also watched a livestream of the meeting, called it a “sham” rather than a hearing.  It was clear from the beginning with the attorney’s presentation that this was just going to be a matter of enduring everybody’s two minutes.”

A new lawsuit against the city is now being considered.  This time it will be coming from those opposed to the mosque, and Anweya believes that those who have not voted will vote and they will target the mayor.

“These were people who literally escaped from genocide in Iraq, and some were escorted out in tears,” she said.  “I’m surprised he handled it this way. Why would you want to upset a large minority? Even if they never voted in the last 20 years, they will vote now. Word is spreading and going viral now in the community, and they are going to vote and probably vote out the entire council. And I will help them. The mayor, we’re going to probably go after him.”

Good, go after him and anyone else who is on the city council and replace them with people in the community that are not afraid to stand up to government tyranny and Islamic supremacy.  Frankly, if we were to go to the founding fathers, we would see that they clearly held to the phrase “freedom of religion” to be expressed under Christianity, not Islam.  Why are Americans scared to call for the closing of all mosques in the US, the majority of which teach anti-American doctrines, as well as all of them teach anti-Christian doctrines?

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