Stewardship of the Republic


Whenever the health of the American Republic is in serious decline, who will take action? You might ask, “What Republic?” It is a rare occasion today when anyone refers to our nation as a republic. Our President, governors, senators/congressmen, government bureaucrats, teachers/professors in our schools and institutes of higher learning, the printed and electronic media, and the average Joe on the street all “think” of us as a democracy.

John Adams wrote, “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” Our Founders knew from history that democracy always fails and rejected this type of government. Yet for the past 100+ years, our nation has increasingly embraced democracy. It relies on the whims of men that claim they want what is best for the collective and ignore the rights of the individual. An elite leadership, while giving token consideration to the people, pays little attention to the rule of law and principle.

The deep-rooted lessons of history provide the wisdom necessary to know true liberty, but not in today’s world of mindless automatons that ignore personal responsibility. The word stewardship means “to take responsibility for overseeing and protecting something that is considered to be worth caring for and preserving.” What is the secret to restoration? We must have a return to the laws that are a fundamental part of our Republic. The Declaration of Independence cites the laws of nature and nature’s God as the highest authority for a government that protect the rights of the people. Nature’s laws originate with our Creator, who gave them to us as unchangeable principles. The Magna Carta, signed in 1215 AD and still valid today more than 600 years later, embraced natural law. It memorialized the Common Law (Natural Law) that provides the principles that all people must follow. So what is the value of our liberty? Should it be preserved? Who will take this responsibility?

The preamble to the U.S. Constitution begins with “We The People, in order to form a more perfect union…” It is the people’s responsibility to reaffirm that the Republic still remains and is worth caring for and preserving. It is the people’s stewardship that must oversee and protect this Republic. We must hold all elected and appointed officials accountable for the oath to the Constitution they have sworn to support, protect and defend. In I Corinthians 16:12, our charge is well stated: “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.” As we pledge allegiance to our flag, so we must be good stewards in restoring the U.S. Constitution as the “Law of this Land.” In recognition thereof, let us “pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to this noble task.

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