Surveillance of Electronic Communications – Mr. Obama, You First, Please


The massive collection of data related to American citizens’ cell phone and Internet usage is a clear violation of our Fourth Amendment right to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure.

Computer users are warned to utilize strong passwords to protect our transactions on social media and e-mail. Yet “the government” has deemed it “okay” for complete strangers working for Federal agencies to indiscriminately access that same information, ostensibly to protect us from terrorist attacks! Think about it: Does anyone outside your most trusted circle of contacts know your social media or e-mail password? Would you want anyone else to have access to those accounts? Probably not – even though you have nothing “criminal” to hide – because you treasure your right to privacy.

Programs like PRIZM are, in the name of “counter-terrorism,” treating millions of U.S. citizens as though they are potential criminals and need to be “searched.” Database surveillance of e-mail and cell phone usage is a very dangerous practice, for what is to prevent a terrorist from contacting you without your consent or even knowledge (remember all the SPAM e-mail and unknown phone calls you receive, some from obviously foreign sources)? As a result of contacts you did not initiate, you might end up on a terrorist contact surveillance list even though you are not a terrorist and would have no desire or intention to assist terrorist activities!

Mr. President and Congress, let me remind you that the Constitution is THE supreme law of the land and provides our nation’s citizens with rights of due process and a trial by jury if we are accused of a crime. The Federal government is clearly the guilty party in its surveillance overreach, for the NSA is continually searching our records without probable cause or a warrant! The path our leaders have trodden is a dangerous road to a totalitarian state, for they now have the power to decide what “key words” should be searched to identify someone as a potential “enemy of the state.” Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin fabricated all kinds of “crimes against the state” to justify their purges of millions of innocent citizens who disagreed with their policies.

Am I a target for harassment because I have chosen to speak out against the current administration’s social, economic, and government policies through participation in a local tea party group? (This is my right under the First Amendment’s provision for freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and petition for a redress of grievances.)

Am I a “dissident” because I have chosen to home school my children so they would receive a Bible-based education (which is no longer available in public schools)? (This is my right under the Tenth Amendment, which reserves non-enumerated powers to the states or the people.)

Am I a radical because I follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and accept His teachings as the Truth in all things, including matters of social policy, economics, government, history, and science? (This is my right under the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion.)

Mr. Obama, you apparently deem programs like PRIZM to be necessary for purposes of national security, even at the expense of violating our Fourth Amendment rights. Since that is the case, I ask you to join the millions of Americans who are “voluntarily” submitting to surveillance of their electronic communications. So that we can readily identify the information as yours, would you please “go the extra mile” for the sake of national security and disclose your passwords so we can gather all electronic information related to your personal affairs since the Patriot Act was signed into law, including all electronic communication associated with the following:

  • The data we are prevented from seeing because of the first executive order you signed in your “most transparent administration in history” (sealing your education records, adoption records, passports, selective service registration, social security information, etc. from public view).
  • Your decisions as Commander-in-Chief to defend our citizens in Benghazi (or rather your lack of decisions and your failure to protect our citizens in Benghazi) and the very strange transformation of talking points about the incident.
  • Your direct or implied orders for the IRS to harass conservative groups and prevent their opposition to your re-election or public policies.
  • Your on-line birth certificate (all those contacts you made to secure a forged document).
  • Fast and Furious (all that wonderful information you invoked “executive privilege” to protect from public disclosure).

I am sure you want to be fully transparent with the people and reveal answers to all of the above questions – without the messy business of impeachment proceedings. After all, counter-terrorism surveillance focuses on learning the truth about foreigners (and now, thanks to PRIZM, U.S. citizens), so we know who we can trust and who we can’t trust. Mr. Obama, can we trust you? Your consistent failure to uphold and defend the Constitution and your blatant lies to the American people about Benghazi make me say “no.” Prove me wrong by protecting our Fourth Amendment rights (abolish PRIZM), disclosing the information requested above to Congress and the other citizens of this nation, and accepting all consequences of that disclosure for yourself and your administration.

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