Sweden's Dissent Toward Multiculturalism is Seen as Hatred and Racism


It is completely fashionable to call people racists these days. Unfortunately, many who are labeled this are not racist. They are merely concerned about their country and the problems they see happening there because of unchecked immigration. Sweden is one of those countries. Sweden’s dissent toward multiculturalism is creating so-called racists who want their country back.

In Sweden, it has gotten to the point where people are afraid to complain about the unchecked immigration, which has put a huge drain on the economy, has increased crime tremendously, has lowered educational scores throughout schools, and in general, has forced Swedes to simply accept the fact that many to most of those who immigrate to Sweden have no intention of assimilating.

In the video below, criminal hackers helped journalists at Expressen, one of the largest newspapers in Sweden, to hack Disqus, find out the email addresses, then names and actual physical addresses of people who took to the ‘Net to complain. Then a journalist from the paper showed up at a person’s house with cameraman. These individuals were portrayed as “racist” and at least one man lost his job because of it.

The crime here is in allowing immigrants to live as they live with absolutely no checks. Not only are they not expected to assimilate, but using the very word will be met with mocking from the left. No one who immigrates to Sweden is expected to become part of the society that exists by learning the Swedish language or adopting any part of Swedish culture. They are encouraged to keep their own and not to adopt anything.

Because of this, crime has continually risen and there seems little that can be done. The video notes that within 15 years, Sweden will be a 3rd world country. It is going backwards and this is the plan by the Global Elite to enact on all societies that have been growing, advancing, and modernizing. The tremendous shift that has been occurring with millions of jobs moving from Sweden and other places like the USA to points far east like China, Thailand, the Philippines, and other nations like this is being done on purpose.

Ultimately, as I’ve stated before, the Global Elite have a vision where they will rule the world one day. They will be at the top of the pyramid enjoying the unbridled benefits of capitalism while the rest of the world “enjoys” the benefits of Socialism. Only those deemed truly necessary to the advancement of the Global Elite’s goals will enjoy a higher level of living. The rest of society will become serfs in their world empire.

I realize many refuse to even consider this because their heads are so far in the hole in the sand. They are incapable of appreciating just how dire things are becoming, so they deny it. “That could never happen,” they say. “How stupid it is to believe something like that. This isn’t the first or second century!”

Yet, we have so much evidence (call it circumstantial if you feel better, but at least admit it) that shows the goals of the Global Elite and they are coming to fruition in many countries throughout the world.

Why are so many Muslims (and other foreigners) being encouraged to come to America by the Obama administration? Years ago, you could not come to this country unless you had a job promised and that was usually only when someone here sponsored you. Many people were turned away for a variety of reasons. Today, let’s just dump 68,000 illegals arrested back into society, shall we? That’s what the Obama administration recently did.

The trick is to overwhelm society so that it begins to collapse under its own weight. Open the flood gates of immigration and soon, civil strife will follow. Most Muslims are not shy about making their demands known.

Sweden is becoming The Netherlands. The turmoil is unbelievable because it appears as though the Global Elite is actually using Islam to push, push, push into every regional society they move into. That’s what the Global Elite want. All the while they remain safely tucked away in their castles, penthouses, and mansions on a few thousand acres, away from the madness that they create.

The Global Elite are doing everything they can to foment civil strife and even rage throughout society. People can only take so much. What’s happening in Sweden is starting to happen here in the US. It will happen in other places too.

Peaceful protester Eric Brazau “was arrested for dressing up like a Muslim and reading quotes from the quran, as well as a list of ‘benefits’ you get for being a religious fanatic in Islam. It was a satirical performance which exposed facts about Islam that Muslims would prefer people not hear.”

Canada has strict “anti-hate” laws. Speak against homosexuality? Go to jail too. I recently had one Muslim tell me that truth is not hate. That’s, of course, true, except when it comes to spreading the truth about Islam. Then it’s hate.

This is the new world order and it’s taking shape. I’m already sick of it. Oh, and let’s not forget that President Obama has stated that he really likes the Swedish model regarding immigration. Gee, do you think that’s code for, “Can’t wait to try this in America”? I do.

By the way, if you’d like to keep up with the truth in Sweden, let me suggest Dispatch International, an online newspaper that tells it like it is.

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