Taking an Honest, Biblical Sledgehammer to Ted Cruz Mythology


With millions of evangelicals once again offering up pretty much zero resistance as they’re herded on cue and right on schedule into a fear-fueled Pagan Left/Right paradigm box so that they might choose from the American Statists placed before them in this cycle’s installment of The American Political Puppet Show, it’s probably a good idea to take an honest, biblically informed look at the Statists most likely to whet the appetites and inspire the enthusiasm of shaken American Christians who are fearful and desperate to “do something” to somehow, some way “save America.”

Which brings us to Ted Cruz.

Which brings me to the fact that, in many ways, I really like the guy.

A lot.

And I would really like for there to be a viable option for biblically sound, explicitly Christ-centered, culture-saving change made available within the Pagan Left/Right paradigm box mentioned earlier.

That would be awesome.

I have no trouble at all understanding why it is that, like the X-Files‘ Fox Mulder, people want to believe in the System of systems that we’ve been pitched and programmed to embrace as our only real hope here in “the real world.” It’s so much easier to go that route…and easy (or easier) is always very appealing, whether we like to admit it or not.

Trouble is, the Pagan Left/Right Statist paradigm in question just isn’t set up that way. It’s not designed to allow the true, explicitly Christ-centered sort of leader that I and so many of my Christian Brothers and Sisters in America yearn for. Truth be told, Christ-centered leadership is purposefully filtered out by the System of systems including the pathetic little paradigm box into which so many Americans Christians have allowed themselves to be placed through the enemy’s use of the fear of man and the fear of the world to displace the fear of the Lord that would actually save the culture. (For more on the important subject of fear and its purposeful use in propping up the All-American anti-Christ system around us, please read The Fear-Fueled Politics of American StatismThe Fear-Driven Voting of America’s “Conservative Christians” and Fear Not: The Future Is Christian.)

Now back to Senator Cruz.

In an effort to accurately understand what he’s about, I’ve read through a variety of definitively pro-Cruz resources, including every page I could find at his official campaign website.

What I’d like to start with here is a simple, clear dissection and examination of his own campaign’s positions in his own words (or at least words that he has presumably approved) in context as he has chosen to present them at his own official site.

We’ll build this installment around an examination of the content of one page at that site.

Before diving in, let me make plain two key points:

  1. Critiques of Cruz’s worldview as represented in his policy positions, no matter how harsh those criticisms may be, are not to be confused with personal attacks. Calling someone a Statist is not the same as calling them ugly, stupid, or evil (though I have no doubt that many Statists are ugly, stupid, and evil). As I said (and meant) earlier, I like the guy. I feel for him. I’m personally convinced at this point that any huge problems with his worldview are a result of ignorance and/or bad tradition and theology, as opposed to being a consequence or manifestation of his conscious involvement in some dark conspiratorial plot to drag the world to hell.
  2. Critiques of Cruz’s worldview as presented in his policy positions are in no way intended to be critiques of his status as a true believing Christian. Personally, for what it’s worth, I believe him when he professes to be a Christian. From what little I can know from afar, he seems like a sincere Christian man who is sincerely confused about fundamental issues due to the aforementioned bad theology that seems to have taken hold of him for now. My hope and prayer is that he would be moved by God to dive deep into His perfect, sufficient Word for all necessary guidelines to every policy position that a President (or candidate for President) might hold, repent accordingly, and then consider running for President based on the Word of God as the standard by which all things are to be understood and pursued in politics, civil government and everywhere else..

    Until and unless that happens, his sincerely misguided and unbiblical approach to law, economics, war and civil government make him seriously dangerous since they will inherently inspire him to lead us further down the All-American rat-hole to total tyranny…as has been the case through the administrations of many “conservative Christian” Presidents, each of whom have been used deftly by the enemy to lead politically active Christians to support clearly anti-Christ approaches to law, economics, civil government and pretty much everything else.

All o’ that noted, let’s get to business.

Here’s what Senator Cruz’s site has posted (as of February 10, 2016) at the “Defend Our Nation” page under the “Issues” tab, with my observations (for whatever they’re worth) added in blue:

  • The United States of America is the exceptional nation, the nation other countries aspire to be like..

    Here we go again with The America Idol formula right out of the gate. While there is little doubt that America has been uniquely blessed in the past and was once a culture worthy of emulation in several significant ways, those days are looooong gone. We are now and have for a long time been a proud people openly at war with God, begging for His wrath to come upon us.

    .In this context, worshiping and exalting the American State – as opposed to calling it to repentance in a Christ-centered Spirit of broken humiliation and conviction – must be noticed and associated with the Statist worldview and message that has brought us to this condition in the first place and is even now aiming to take us further down into bondage. Ted Cruz marches lockstep with this worldview, celebrating America and appealing to pride rather than calling her people to repent and beg for forgiveness from God..

    For committed American Statists, the land of “legal” porn, “legal” divorce on demand, “legal” child sacrifice, “legal” adultery-based businesses like Ashley Madison, “legal” casinos/strip clubs, “legal” “gay marriage,” “legal” public worship of false gods (including Allah and even Satan himself), perpetual war abroad, increased surveillance at home, and a property tax that literally makes it impossible to even own a home in America so that Temples of Statism (public schools)might be funded is the ultimate example for the world to look up to and strive to emulate or, as Cruz’s site says, “aspire to be like.”


    Senator Cruz’s online position statement continues:

  • .We should stand as a shining beacon of what free people enjoying a free market and system of government can achieve. But while our intentions towards the rest of the world are peaceful, that does not mean we have no enemies, and the fact of the matter is our enemies are on the march..Free Markets.

    How are free markets even remotely possible under the bondage of a fiat economic construct where “money” is crafted by some effortlessly out of thin air so that they can then effectively control and own everyone and everything beneath them? Free markets and fiat economics are mutually antagonistic concepts. To even talk about free markets without going straight on to a clear attack on the black magic of fiat economics is to demonstrate an utter lack of seriousness about restoring truly free markets or anything associated with truly free markets. (It is here that Cruz’s Goldman-Sachs connection is noteworthy as well, as GS is a pillar of the whole fiat economic construct that is striving to enslave us all.)


    Yet as we see here (and witness regularly with Senator Cruz on the stump), it’s the same old faux-economic line leading up to and enabling the same old “our enemies are really big and bad” line, which is then meant to motivate us through fear – always fear – to magically print and then spend more fake money that we do not currently have so that we might build an even larger military that we definitively cannot afford by any rational, remotely biblical standard.

  • Two terms of the disastrous Obama-Clinton foreign policy have had one useful effect: we now know what the world starts to look like without America. (Again, note the “America as the world’s great hope” and “essential, exceptional” leader line, always so central to American Statist presentations.) The next president will have to start on day one rebuilding what they have tried to tear down. A truly conservative foreign policy would have three simple principles (let’s see if any of these are biblical):

    • To preserve our country we need to exert leadership on the global stage, not withdraw from it. (So a morally, ethically, and financially bankrupt people are supposed to lead the world…to what, exactly? Again, think biblically, people!)
    • We need to fiercely defend our allies and interests. (So who exactly are the allies and what exactly are the interests in question? And please be precise, since with things like the Republican adored selective service program on the books – a means by which the American State asserts its ownership over its people – we have every reason to expect that the “exceptional” and completely unrepentant American State championed by the likes of Senator Cruz, will, at some point in its never-ending pursuit of war, end up making its claim on our children to draft into the service of its wildly unbiblical perpetual war machine.)
    • And we need to judge each challenge through the simple test of what is best for America.  Because what is best for America is best for the world..

      Oh man…just when you think he couldn’t espouse a more flagrantly unbiblical/American State-centric worldview, Senator Cruz lobs this steaming pile of rank America Idol bilge out there. The worst part is that most politically active “conservative evangelicals” in America will applaud the sentiment…reserving their anger for guys like me who dare to point these things out and lovingly call them (and America) to repentance.


  • In order to restore America’s safety and security, we must rebuild our military. (If America’s safety and security is rooted in America and not God, then this makes perfect sense. However, if America’s – and all Americans’ – safety and security is reliant upon God, then the path to true peace, security, safety and prosperity can only be found through humble repentance and submission to Christ as King in practice and in detail…precisely the opposite of what’s being pitched here and in every other Statist campaign for President.) If you think defending the country is expensive, try not defending it. We must rebuild our military in a way that will secure our children without bankrupting them..

    Again, please note: WE ARE BROKE! WE ARE BANKRUPT! Morally, ethically, and FINANCIALLY! Please just stop already with the “without bankrupting the children” lie. The All-American Statist worldview has already accomplished that part, Senator Cruz. The fiat-economy-fueled, American State-centered worldview that you promote secured that bankruptcy long ago, and purposefully so.


  • ISIS seeks to destroy our very way of life. We must defeat them. That starts by calling the enemy by its name – radical Islamic terrorism – and securing the border. Border security is national security..

    ISIS, like al Qaeda before it and many radical groups in-between, has been regularly funded and deliberately fueled by the American State so that, among other things, perpetual war overseas and perpetual erosion of what little freedom is left at home might be perpetually justified by Statists who always claim to pursue these things “for our own good.”


    If ISIS is so worthy of so much focus from us and our military, and ISIS has murdered but a tiny fraction of those massacred openly and “legally” here in the US via the “right” to child sacrifice (abortion), then why not pause on all overseas ops until we spend say one week (that’s all it would take) to use our military to stop the much more widespread and much more egregious mass murder happening right here and now all across “the land of the free” and home of the NSA?.Think about it.


    Please..Again, ISIS’s main purpose is to incite fear – fear by which we are encouraged to ditch any biblical reference points for anything and place our hope instead in the almighty – and ever growing – American State.


  • We cannot recede from our leadership in the world. If we withdraw from the Middle East, the radical jihadists will not be content to stay there—they are going to attack our allies in the region and beyond. And they are on the lookout for every opportunity to attack us here at home..

    Fear, fear, fear.


    Followed by heavy dose of fear.


    And then a nice dessert heavy on, you guessed it: Fear.


    With a little more fear sprinkled ’round the edges.


    Fear of man and fear of the world is the key to everything for the American Statist, which they use religiously to displace any and all fear of the Lord (which inherently produces obedience to the Lord, something that obviously cannot be tolerated by advocates of American Statism).

  • On day one, a President Cruz will immediately repeal every word of President Obama’s dangerous Iran deal and will prioritize American national security interests in every instance..

    What would a President Cruz do on day one – or any other day as President – to lead the nation in repentance and repudiation of the vile, perverse and purposefully enslaving religion of American Statism, begging for God to forgive us rather than finish wiping us off the face of His earth (quite possibly using things like Islam and/or Iran, for example)?


    Based on everything posted on this page at the Cruz for President site, it seems safe to say that such repentance and true culture-saving leadership in modeling submission to Christ as He has commanded is not a part of that program.


    Vote accordingly.

So there you have it.

Lord willing and schedule permitting, I will try to share observations on other pages from the Cruz for President site sometime soon.

In the meantime, please pray for Ted Cruz!

And Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and everyone else who is either in leadership or aspires to lead in America.

Pray that God will open their eyes and hearts to their desperate need for His Nature as defined in His Word to be the basis for understanding and pursuing everything in His creation – including law, economics, politics and civil government.

Pray that those closest to these people will love them enough to confront and correct them with the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ, as opposed to the tiny, pathetic little pre-emptively culture surrendering counterfeit that has come to define American “Christianity.”

Pray that American Christians would seize every opportunity to demonstrate that sort of true love for their neighbor, just as we’ve been commanded and equipped to do.

Pray that idols – even American idols – and idolatry – even idolatry of America – would be torn down everywhere that they are found…so that America might be saved and restored through submission to Christ, the only true and perfect Provider of peace, strength, security and prosperity.

I hope that this information is helpful and I thank those of you who support the Fire Breathing Christian mission for making this hard (and incredibly unpopular) work possible. God has been very good to us through His faithful people, and I just want to say thank you (!) to those of you who pray for and support us as you’re able.

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of Freedom Outpost.

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