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 As events unfold at the Bundy Ranch, in Bunkerville, Nevada, ideas for solutions to the stand-off are in no short supply.  However, one issue, if resolved, will eliminate events like the one in Bunkerville forever.  That issue is the Federal control of lands that actually belong to the states.  Now, I could spend my time explaining the issue for the next page or two; however, why do that when I have produced 3 videos that will explain it in much more detail?  The first link is for a video that I made of Ken Ivory, Utah Legislator, when he stopped by Kalispell.  Ken is on the bleeding-edge of the fight with his organization, American Lands Council.  Click Here to see Ken’s Video. 

    The next video is of a presentation given by Kirk MacKenzie, again when he was here in town.  Kirk is a tireless fighter against the Federal overreach into our lands and our lives.  Kirk’s organization, Defend Rural America, is also right out in front of the fight.  Click Here to see the Kirk Mackenzie video.

    The final video, the one linked below, is of Montana Senator, Jennifer Fielder.  Jennifer was in Utah all weekend with Ken Ivory, and representatives from a total of 9 western states,  who came together to dig their heels in on resolving the states’ rights issue in a peaceful, orderly fashion.  Jennifer took time right after her return to debrief the Flathead County Republican Women organization, who invited me to record the presentation.  I submit to you that if you watch all three videos, you will be an expert on the entire issue.


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