Talking with Muslims is Like Talking to the Left


Ever since I wrote an article for Freedom Post on Islam about a week or so ago, I’ve had two Muslims following me around on Twitter. They both took the time to lambaste me for my views on Islam.

The very first comment I received via Twitter was this one here.

@FredDeRuvo soon inshalla U’ll be outnumberd by moslems because it’s gaining momentum that U can’t stop it so catch the train and be moslem

— abdulazeez enzy (@anahoae) June 13, 2013

It stemmed from this particular article that was published on Freedom Post called “It’s Either Us or Islam – Our Government Says Islam.” Since that time, I’ve lost track how many times I’ve been called a liar by the Muslim noted in the above tweet and his friend. I’d have to go back and count but since I’m not interested in knowing, that would be a complete waste of time for me.

What I’ve realized in conversing with these two Muslims is that their arguments are very much like those on the left. They name-call first. It’s a very juvenile approach to a discussion, that is, if you can actually call it a discussion on Twitter when each tweet is limited to 140 characters. It takes forever to say anything and to do so, you have to abbreviate your words a good deal. They probably made it purposefully like that to continue to dumb things down for society.

@FredDeRuvo @bnrushd @MrSubtle057 O K here where I got you u say 100 verses o k point to one lier !!!!!!!!!

— abdulazeez enzy (@anahoae) June 17, 2013

In the above tweet, as you can see, Mr. Muslim calls me a “lier (sic)” even though I wasn’t lying.

@FredDeRuvo @bnrushd 2) are not in a feud u attacked islam with false acusations and I am showing the faleness in your acusations

— abdulazeez enzy (@anahoae) June 18, 2013

In this tweet, again he claims I attacked Islam (with my original article) and therefore he was forced to call out my “lies.”

This is exactly what the left does. If they aren’t trying to defeat you with name-calling, they will try an demoralize you with their own false accusations.

The other thing I noticed is that they change the subject…often, but then claim that you are the one who is changing the subject. Here’s an example.

@FredDeRuvo @MrSubtle057 2) 1st, then come back to it every time we’r close U escape &hide in another

— abdulazeez enzy (@anahoae) June 16, 2013

This type of stupidity makes it very difficult to hold any type of conversation with a person like this. Of course, when another Muslim joins the discussion, the first Muslim is quick to point out to him that I not looking for truth.

@bnrushd @MrSubtle057 @FredDeRuvo he is not looking for the treuth he is putting baseless acusations & then hides behind another question

— abdulazeez enzy (@anahoae) June 17, 2013

The actual truth is that for Muslims, truth is something that bends to the breaking point. In fact, it’s movable and ever-changing, something else that makes it usable in that form by the left.

So far, we understand that Muslims will call you names (just like the left). If that doesn’t work, they will falsely accuse you (just like the left). When that doesn’t bring the intended result, they will then attack your own sources (just like the left). They also enjoy not answering questions by turning them back on you (just like the left).

One I particularly like is when they tried to tell me that since I’m not Arab and don’t speak or read Arabic, then I cannot possibly know the true meaning of the Qur’an.

@MrSubtle057 @anahoae @fredderuvo as someone who cannot speak Arabic you cannot interpret Quran, let me explain to u if u don’t understand

— معهد ورش (@bnrushd) June 17, 2013

This is absurd. In other tweets, they tried to say that Arabic is such a difficult language that it cannot be truly translated. Well, that’s one way of attempting to end the conversation. Every language can be translated into something else.

@bnrushd @MrSubtle057 @anahoae Answer the question why U do NOT live as Muhammad lived? He killed. Radical Muslims kill. U don’t. Why not?

— Fred DeRuvo (@FredDeRuvo) June 17, 2013

The above tweet shows me asking the question as to why these guys do not live as Muhammad lived. Their answer?

@FredDeRuvo @bnrushd @MrSubtle057 u r nothing but a lier who states false acusation that springs from deep hatred u r not looking for facts

— abdulazeez enzy (@anahoae) June 17, 2013

As you can see, it was a non-answer. No response to my question, just false assumptions.

@FredDeRuvo @mrsubtle057 @anahoae there is no radical Muslim as there is no radical driver. There are road accidents. Islam forbid killing

— معهد ورش (@bnrushd) June 17, 2013

In the above tweet, note that this individual denies what many Muslims actually do. He said elsewhere that “radical” Muslims are not true Muslims because Qur’an forbids killing.

The discussion inevitably turned to the Bible. While Muslims will tell you they revere it and even obey it, they are also quick to point out that it is corrupt when you get to something that tends to disprove their own theology of the Qur’an.

@FredDeRuvo @mrsubtle057 @anahoae no. Quran did not disagree with Jesus. Quran disagree with the corrupted bible? How God became 3 suddenly?

— معهد ورش (@bnrushd) June 17, 2013

What is amazing is how Muslims simply believe what they are told. It’s just like a cult. They are taught that they cannot understand the Qur’an so an Imam must explain it to them. An Imam tells them what Muhammad taught and they simply accept that teaching without question.

What is interesting is that at one point, the second Muslim began asking me questions without including the other person, questions like “Do you think Muslims are misguided?” etc. These were interesting questions so maybe God will begin working in his heart.

The problem though is what to do about Islam in society? It is very clear that our government will not put the brakes on where Islam is concerned. I believe that this is the case because Islam destabilizes society. It puts it and keeps it in upheaval. This is good for those who want to overthrow a given society.

It’s been happening in Europe and now it’s happening here. I believe that Islam has an endgame and the endgame includes a caliphate at the end of it. Will that materialize? I think to some extent it will.

I’m going to keep hammering away at Islam with more articles here. I want to get into some real specifics where Islam is concerned.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a video that I thought was very interesting. It’s a short video – roughly 7 minutes – and by a politician from the UK. On the video, he accepts the fact that he is a “racist” and “Islamophobe.” Of course, he takes the time to explain what those things are and the video is also done with a bit of tongue in cheek, but he makes a serious point.

I have realized that we cannot deal with Islam with kid gloves. I’m not talking about going out and making trouble where none exists. I am talking about standing up for our rights as citizens of this country and using every legal means available to keep Islam at bay.

If you’re a Christian, then you also have an obligation to ensure that these Muslims – wherever you encounter them – hear the gospel while you are keeping them at bay. It’s not an easy job and the temptation is to allow our emotions to get thoroughly caught up into things. When we do that, we’ve begun to lose and our testimony becomes nothing.

With the past week and realizing how Muslims react to things, I have learned that they are thoroughly blind to the truth. This does not mean that God cannot open their eyes. I believe that He will do that for every Muslim who truly seeks Him.

At the same time, it is extremely important to understand that Islam is, in many ways, the enemy of freedom. It’s certainly the enemy of Christianity because it was birthed in hell. How anyone can argue that this is not the case does so because of their own inability to see the truth.

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