Tea Party Activist Blasts Mitch McConnell’s Claim They Won’t “Have a Single Nominee Anywhere in the Country”


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The campaigning and gearing toward the 2014 elections continued ahead with the latest “revelation” from Mitch McConnell, the Republican from Kentucky and Senate Minority leader. According to a statement regarding the Tea Party, McConnell said, “I think we are going to crush them everywhere. I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

Well Sen. McConnell, there are a few things that you should know although I suspect educating the stupid is pointless. However, borrowing from George Eliot, I believe you think you are a cock who thinks the sun rises to hear you crow. Trust me, the sun cares not about your crowing and neither does America. You have proven countless times what a sniveling weasel of a man you truly are. You stand for nothing and fall for everything. You can’t pour water out of a boot even with the directions written on the heel nor could you find your way out of a paper bag when facing the open end. You, Mr. McConnell, are more like a piece of paper drifting on the wind currents – the only direction you know is the one in which you are pushed by whichever wind is the strongest.

Regardless of what you think, individuals are not bugs or cans to be “crushed.” What you are in essence saying is that you want to crush the representative republic of government being supported by citizens of America through their candidates who believe in limited government, in upholding the Constitution and in supporting individual God-given rights. The representative republic form of government is the same one embraced by our founders, expressed in the Declaration of Independence and executed by the US Constitution. It is a form of government that you seem to reject.

And let’s be clear on who you are talking about when you say “we” – the Republican party, the Democrat party or all you “elitist” incumbents currently taking up valuable real estate in the legislative body. Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than two sides of the same coin, a two- headed snake, intent on the destruction of America’s founding principles and the law of the land, the US Constitution. And, you “elitist” incumbents have certainly made your position clear during these last few years. Repeatedly, you and your ilk have ignored the law, ignored the rule of law and allowed lawlessness to become the modus operandi of government instituted to protect individual God-given rights. In essence, Mr. McConnell, you are saying you want to rid the country of law in favor of lawlessness.

America is not stupid Mr. McConnell. Citizens are capable of reading between the lines. While you lack the courage to outright declare your desire to rid this country of the Constitution and rule of law, you will intimate it through subtle statements such as this to the drooling media who have become a propaganda machine the former Soviet Union would envy. One would liken you to a colonial loyalist or a Northern sympathizer in a southern state during the “War to Enslave the States.” You, sir, are a traitor and deserve no respect on any level.

A piece of advice that should be passed along to you is one I learned at an early age; what you think and what tends to be are two different things. While there may be few nominees for office who support and intend to protect and defend the US Constitution, there will be some and some of those may win. Regardless of whether these nominees win or not, the principles of the founding fathers will not die as long as there are citizens who support and defend the Constitution, believe in the Lord, Our God, and hold those principles close to their hearts and minds.

What you fail to realize is that freedom is part of God’s law and as powerful as you think you may be, you have no power when compared to God. Every individual was instilled by their Creator with the desire to be free. No matter what you do, what law you pass, what regulation you seek to implement or what inequality you choose to peddle, the desire to be free will never be “crushed.” What has been given by God cannot be taken away by man.

Greatness, Mr. McConnell, is not defined by position but by actions. The actions of those who seek to remain free are greater than those who seek to enslave them. One individual who seeks to stand for law and freedom through one small action is greater than those who band together to subvert him. Sadly, Mr. McConnell, your actions indicate you are nothing more than a speck of dirt on a windshield. And just for your information, windshields tend to get cleaned.

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