Teacher Resigns amidst Backlash of Sodomite Book Read in 3rd Grade Class


Many have warned that there is a sense of indoctrination within most of the sodomite community.  They wish to make their sexual perversion a norm in American society.  Then, there would be no better place to begin this indoctrination than in the public schools.  There is little resistance, as there can be no mention of religious morality.  Many of the students would not have any idea that what they were hearing was wrong, having no moral context from which to pull.  In NC, the indoctrination was discovered, and the backlash has caused one teacher to resign.

Christian News reports:

An elementary school teacher who read a book about homosexuality to third graders has resigned following outcry from parents who were upset that their children were exposed to the material.

Both teacher Omar Currie and Assistant Principal Meg Goodhand have resigned from their positions at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School following the incident, which occurred in April of this year.

The book was read, supposedly to teach a bully to treat everyone with respect.  At least, that was Currie’s claim.

According to reports, Currie decided to read the book to his class after a student chided a male classmate during gym class and told him that he was acting like a girl. Currie, a homosexual himself, said that because “the word gay was used in a derogatory way,” he believed that students should be taught a lesson.

Since Currie thought that the child needed to be taught not to call people gay, or because he did not want gay used as an insult, he decide that he would go and buy a book about a homosexual king marrying another homosexual king.  But the book has nothing to do with bullying.  Rather, it has to do with deviant sexual attraction.

Christian News explains:

Therefore, Currie obtained a copy of the book “King & King” from Goodhand, a story about a single prince who is encouraged by his mother to marry, but passes up all the princesses as potential mates to instead “marry” the brother of a princess.

But once several of the parents discovered what their children had been exposed to, they went to the principle.  He in turn called Currie in and discussed the book.  But, this was not enough.  Three parents filed complaints against Currie with the administration, which prompted a formal public hearing.

“This is nothing more than bringing homosexuality into a school where it does not belong,” one parent declared.

Others stated that Currie was seeking to “indoctrinate” children through “psycho-emotional rape.”

Despite the concerns of the parents and the inappropriate nature of the book, the school board upheld the use of the book in two separate hearings.  This means that this book could be coming to a classroom near you.

Curry resigned, stating a lack of support from the administration.  Hopefully, this man will not be given another opportunity to poison the minds of children.


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