The 2016 Presidential Primaries: What to Look for and Who Should Call It Quits


The 2016 Presidential primaries will be coming up soon, and it will not be long before we see the two main contenders from both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party emerge to do battle at the polls in November. Over the next few months, we will see many candidates drop out of the race for various reasons, but mainly because of lack of support.

After 7 years of Barack H. Obama, the majority of the country is so sick of living under an Administration that has no regard for the will of the people or the rule of law and that has gone out of his way to destroy the constitution in every way possible that they are willing to support anyone who appears to promise a return to traditional American values. The people of the United States are tired of being ruled over and not represented by the current regime in Washington. As we witnessed in the last election, with Republicans winning the majority of the House and Senate, it made absolutely no difference in policy, and the business as usual of screwing the American people continued. Thus, in this election, voters need to concentrate on who best represents traditional American values and considers the US Constitution as the very fabric of American law, which will influence all policies, not political parties.

In today’s political climate in Washington, we do not simply have party differences, but an overwhelming majority of socialists who value the agenda and could care less about what the people want.

We currently have a ruling dictatorship who not only doesn’t care what we think, but is also not afraid of us. Such a government that doesn’t fear the people who supposedly voted it in is one that knows its rule will continue, regardless of the will of the people. This is made possible by a President who believes he can write his own laws and supersede the constitution whenever he damn well pleases. It is also happening because any bill that comes along in the House and Senate that the President wants passed is made so by bribing members with millions of dollars to pass it.

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Paul Ryan is a prime example of the tyranny in this country, with his 1.1 trillion Omnibus bill which is detrimental to the country in every way. This package funds such things as sanctuary cities, the so-called Syrian refugees, and millions to the lie of climate change to name a few.

With the Presidential primaries coming up soon, it is important to realize who will continue the tyranny and those who will put an end to it.

On the Democrat side, all candidates should be considered as a waste of time when it comes to public support, except Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The rest of the field have no chance of beating these two in any primary.

With so much corruption, treason, and murder under her belt, Hillary should not only be disqualified, but behind bars. Hillary’s 45 minute bathroom break during the last Democratic debate had nothing to do with taking a whiz or where she refused to sit, but everything to do with not wanting to answer questions about all the criminal skeletons in her closet.

With this in mind, the Democrat choice should, and very well may be Bernie Sanders.

No question Donald Trump has an overwhelming lead over everyone else in the Republican contest, and barring making any fatal mistakes in the next few months, he should maintain his lead into getting the nomination.

The top contenders, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, seem like they may have a fighting chance and will stay in it for the first few primary elections, however, I suspect Carson and Rubio to bail soon afterwards. The rest of the field, such as Jeb Bush, should immediately hang it up now. The very name Bush is political poison in ’16. Rand Paul, although having good policies and possibly being the best candidate for the job as President, just cannot seem to garner the support he has to have to win, thus he should get out very soon. 

Many suspect voter fraud is rampant since we went to electronic balloting, making manipulating votes very easy and hard to detect. This, on top of all-out voter fraud in the form of dead people being registered to vote, individuals registered multiple times, and votes by illegal aliens, could influence the outcome of this election. However, since Trump has such a commanding amount of support, it will be difficult to say the least to nix him at the polls, both in the primaries and the general elections.

As far as the House and Senate races go, we must recognize the socialists who support the anti-Americanism in Washington and support those who are Patriots—ones that will uphold the constitution. A great way to find the socialists is to find out who voted for the 1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus bill.

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