The Banana Republic Of America


Being someone who believes strongly in the Constitutional principles that this nation was founded upon, it truly pains me to have to pen this article.  However, I will gladly endure the discomfort if my words motivate even one person to pick up a pen, or perhaps a camera, and get into the fight for this nation’s very survival.

As we witness daily, the forces of evil have seemingly been “poured out” onto earth like some sort of Biblical plague.  To say that madness reigns does not fully illuminate the true nature of the trouble that we are currently in as a nation.  The word dystopia immediately comes to mind.

Founded by brave men, on the principles outlined in the greatest man-made document ever produced, this country was able to break the grip of our tyrannical overlords and forge perhaps the greatest nation in the history of the know world.  Sadly, however, the constitutional principles that we were founded upon have been eroded, and even eliminated, over time to give us what we have now, a Banana Republic.


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The following list is certainly not complete, but a mere beginning to the stark realities that we face here in America, and why I think we have, in many ways, already achieved the status of Banana Republic.

  • We cannot get other Americans to agree to secure the border so murderers, rapists and drug dealers cannot so easily make their way into our home.
  • Over 70,000 people died last year due to drug overdose. Of those, almost 30,000 deaths were due to opioid addiction.
  • NY State just voted to basically kill a child until birth, while almost simultaneously announcing free healthcare for everyone, especially illegals.
  • The State of California has a poverty problem like no other. On the streets of Downtown San Francisco, there is so much human feces littering the sidewalk that the city had to hire a full-time crew to clean it up.
  • Hundreds, if not thousands, of confused children are now opting to change genders every day, despite the biological and scientific evidence to the contrary.
  • We supposedly get attacked on 9/11 by Radical Muslims, yet in multiple states the citizens have elected Radical Muslims to public office
  • Illegal aliens make it into this country and receive free healthcare and public assistance, while veterans who served and sacrificed for this country languish in obscurity and suffer in silence.
  • We owe over 21 Trillion Dollars in debt
  • We owe over 120 Trillion Dollars in un-funded liabilities
  • Our Nations top law enforcement agency colluded with the Justice Department, and other agencies under Homeland Security, to overthrow a duly, lawfully elected president; with the cooperation of the sitting President at the time, and his Secretary of State
  • The so-called mainstream press is literally worse than Pravda during the height of the Communist reign in the former Soviet Union; as allegations of sedition among numerous members of the press are beginning to surface
  • During the 2018 mid-term elections, numerous precincts were openly stolen by the Democrat party and not one thing was done about it. This with Full knowledge that they did the same thing but 2 short years earlier.
  • The State of New Jersey is going to start allowing “gender-neutral” birth certificates beginning February 1st, despite the biological and scientific evidence to the contrary
  • Members of Congress make an average annual salary of $178,000 a year, while spending well less than half of that time working. The house averages 138 working days a year, while the Senate averages 162
  • There is enough evidence already available to lock a large portion of the criminal class in Washington, D.C. up for multiple lifetimes, yet they all continue to breathe free air while being allowed to further destroy this country

Article posted with permission from Jim White

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