The Bill Of Rights – What If It Were Repealed?


The article at Freedom Outpost that was posted on Thursday is a prime example of the state of our society today. Through the constant exposure to stimulus response based educational programs these people have lost the ability to stop and think about what it is they are being asked. Like the useful drones they have been trained to be, they are just going along to get along. Could you really imagine life without the Bill of Rights? I know most of you could not. The Bill of Rights is what allows you to go to bed in your own home at night, the home you worked for.

I know for some this is a difficult concept to understand, keeping the fruits of your labor. It really drives me crazy because through my education I have met people who claim to not care about the Bill of Rights, yet when you ask them to give you an example of what one of the amendments are, they are clueless. This is because our education system, through what they call “critical thinking” is actually tricking people into thinking critically of their culture while being lied to about how great it would be in a utopia. Of course, only godless communists believe in a utopia because it is basically a paradise on earth governed by men who believe in Secular Humanism instead of the Judeo Christian God. Perhaps the only way to remind people just how good they have it in the U.S., is to repeal the Bill of Rights. The effects of such an event would be immediate because all of our homes would be flooded with militarized police, we would have no rights against self-incrimination and we would be completely defenseless against any evils that may reveal themselves.

We would all be equal so it may be worth it, right? Wrong!

Cloward and Piven believed in destroying the U.S. capitalist economy by overwhelming our welfare system and making everyone eligible for welfare benefits. Perhaps they have the right idea. Maybe we need to let the liberals destroy everything and then be the ones left standing to offer what would be a fresh new alternative at this point: Constitutional Governance. Could you imagine such a thing?

I used to ask my professors how keeping people attached to a welfare system empowered anyone and they would treat me as if I was in the Paul Ryan commercial pushing granny off the cliff. They did everything in their power to discredit me. They even told me I had to stop asking questions. But the main question went unanswered you see. I would ask, “What’s going to happen to all of these dependent people when the dollar inevitably collapses?” We all know the answer to that. That’s the reason I asked the question because welfare does nothing to empower people when we have a government actively employing the Cloward Piven Strategy to destroy the country. When the SHTF these people will be helpless to do anything for themselves and will know nothing except how to beg because government dependency destroys initiative, period.

The minds of our young people have been turned to mush by those pushing social justice and lying about our country in order to usher in “hope and change.” In a perfect and just world, professors would tell the truth instead of pushing an agenda and people would understand it is the Bill of Rights that so many seem to have forsaken that our soldiers are dying for.

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