The Club of Rome Has Been Hacking Away at America Since Before FDR


“The Club of Rome” is written by Dr. John Coleman. Coleman has written numerous books that deal with things behind the curtain. The curtain shields us from the plans and meetings of the Global Elite who have elected to bring about a total destruction of the world for one purpose: so they can rule the rest of us.


The Club of Rome, trying to bring the USA down.

We’ve all heard the term “illuminati.” Many who choose to ignore it believe it to be nothing but fodder for conspiracies. Get out your tin hat and prepare to be hoodwinked! The truth is that there is quite a bit of actual evidence to support many of the claims of people like Coleman. Some members of the Global Elite have been arrogant enough to even admit to their participation in “the plan” that is designed to recreate the earth into one global empire. David Rockefeller did so in his 2002 book about his memoirs.

Coleman describes the Club or Rome this way:

The Club or Rome (COR) is the chief “think tank” for the New World Order that was unknown in America until exposed by Dr. Coleman in 1969 for the very first time and published under the same title in 1970. Set up on the orders of the Committee of 300, its existence was denied until the silver anniversary celebrations of its founding held in Rome 25 years later. The COR plays a vital role in all U.S. Government planning, internal and external. It has nothing to do with Rome, Italy or the Catholic Church. (from back cover)

The book is actually a quick read of just under 100 pages and includes 16 chapters. Here is what is covered:

  1. Echoes of the French Revolution
  2. Crowley, Pike and Mazzini
  3. What is the Club or Rome?
  4. Connection to Global Genocide
  5. Men are Like Insects
  6. Foreign Policy Decisions
  7. What is Socialism?
  8. NATO and the Club of Rome
  9. Return to the Dark Ages
  10. Secret Societies Rule from Behind the Scenes
  11. NASA and the Club or Rome
  12. The Mess of the Money Systems
  13. Dire Predictions
  14. Curbing Nuclear Energy
  15. Global 2000 Report
  16. The Black Nobility

If you want to read a very good explanation as to why America appears to be dying, why joblessness is spiraling out of control, why businesses are shuttering their doors, and why the rolls of food stampers is greatly increasing, read this book. Coleman offers explanations that are believable and measured against society, either he is a great guesser or he has accurate information.

The one thing that the Club of Rome has determined is that a great economy creates wealth. Wealth creates jobs. More people employed means that people are content and have families. More families means more people on the earth.

It’s not just the economy though. According to Coleman, COR has its fingers in everything: education, entertainment, environmentalism, Federal Reserve, the family, religion (especially Christianity), feminism, gay and lesbian movement, pornography, foreign aid (thanks to Rockefeller), gun control, immigration, Islam, Marxism, liberalism, Middle East, etc, etc, etc. They are promoting the things they believe will take America down and doing it via all these things and more. Their plan has been to overturn traditional (biblical) values and destroy Christianity itself.

But according to Coleman (and others), the Global Elite also wants to eliminate lots of people. Those who are not important to the Club of Rome are simply called “useless eaters.” That’s us, as far as they’re concerned. We simply eat, but to them, we are worthless. We must be eliminated.

This is often why war is so useful to the Global Elite. Not only do they make millions and millions of dollars from wars, but often millions of lives are lost. It’s a two-for-one win for the Global Elite.

The Global Elite has consistently tried and succeeded in killing jobs because they need countries to suffer and become fully dependent on government. This is what is happening to America and it began a long time ago. According to Coleman, Jimmy Carter was one of the Elite’s best operatives. As a Socialist, Carter did what he could to bring about more government dependency. But he also turned his back on his handlers and suffered the consequences by not being re-elected.

Also according to Coleman, the Elite had a very difficult time controlling Reagan. They were, however, able to get another one of their men – George H. W. Bush – into office and also kept Volcker on as well as others during the Reagan presidency.

If Coleman is correct, the truth then is that a small group of bankers and other wealthy financiers control most of the world’s wealth and because of it, most sovereign nations. They’ve had their fingers in America since before the days of FDR. We just didn’t know about it, which is why the it appears as though, in many ways, we are losing the battle. They’ve had generations to work behind the scenes without us realizing what they’ve been doing.

Now that this information is becoming more commonplace, it seems as though we are in the position of doing a great deal of catch up and truth be told, we may fail. That doesn’t mean we stop working. We continue to fight until the bitter end.

I firmly believe that under Barack Obama, the Global Elite feels it has it made in the shade. They can (and do) use the race card often to shut down opposition. They have race-baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and others as their go to minority racists. The Global Elite appears to believe that they are invincible, going after our gun rights and other rights guaranteed under the Constitution. This is where they are making their mistake.

As reported here on Freedom Outpost, Coloradans have recalled two anti-gun senators, replacing them with two pro-gun senators. It seems that maybe the Elite have been pushing too fast thinking that they can do anything and get away with it.

Yesterday, we saw the results of the so-called march in Washington DC where Muslims (and others) were to gather in the millions to put pressure on the Obama administration for its lack of transparency. The fact that they chose to do that on the anniversary of 911 rankled many. Because of that, bikers banded together and had a ride of their own. Even though their permit was denied (after being granted), they chose to ride through DC anyway. Even the DC police turned out to help them.

In the end, less than 50 people showed to help support Muslims and their cause. The bikers? Over 800,000 showed up and drove through the streets of DC. It sent a message whether anyone believes it or not.

Coleman tells us many things about the Club of Rome and how they have been working to overthrow one nation after another, including the USA. We can believe it or reject it. If we reject it, we will most assuredly be overtaken. If we accept it, we will have what we need to fight against the Elite’s encroachment. We may still lose, but at least we will know we did everything we could to keep them from winning.

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