The Culling of Humanity


One of the leading, hardest working researchers in Alternative Media is Deborah Tavares. From her main website, Stop The Crime.Net, to her numerous companion websites, Deborah’s research and accompanying information is second to none.

Joining Deborah on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show was usual host, Jason Van Tatenhove, and guest-host Rich Scheben. Rich was invited to co-host in my absence, and he did a splendid job.

As usual, Deborah’s delivery and information makes you feel like you are taking a drink of water from a fire-hose. The depth and width of the knowledge that Deborah has committed to memory always amazes me, and what’s left out can be found on one of her outstanding websites.

In the 90 min interview that follows this article, Deborah covers a wide range of topics; many eligible for an entire broadcast of their own. However, Rich and Jason both did an excellent job getting clarification for some of the more complex issues Deborah covered.

Some of the topics in the interview include the idea of Primary Water, the fact that the Uniform Commercial Code has replaced the US Constitution, human tissue in our food supply in the form of Senomyx, the illusion of scarcity and the lies about oil being a fossil fuel, a lie perpetrated and propagated by the Rockefeller Family.

As the interview progressed, Deborah covered the Colorado River Contamination by PG&E, Smart-Meters and Smart Towns (otherwise known as Human Settlement Zones), the new Agenda 21 model city known as Quay Valley, the Club of Rome’s Water Control Program, and the overall plan to control global resources.

As you can see, the Deborah Tavares interview covers a wide swath of issues that succinctly outline the plans for a New World Order. Click the video link below to hear Deborah cover the aforementioned topics in her own words.



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