The Difference Between a Democracy & A Constitutional Republic? One Is A Lynch Mob With A Guy Swinging At The End Of A Rope – The Other is Just Laws That Protect The Guy At The End Of The Rope From The Passions Of The Mob


As has been presented in a past, viral post, a civics lesson is very much needed in our country to distinguish what we are, a constitutional republic, from a mob mentality democracy.  Pure democracy is nothing more than an emotional, tyrannical rule, but our founders rejected it and so should we, according to our Constitution.

As a result, I came across a very old black and white video that boiled this down succinctly.  While the man citing the principles does not point to the Creator, our founders and those that came before them most certainly did.

Still, the Constitution was written to keep the majority from infringing on the rights of the minority, but it was also written to discourage what we see today:  the minority infringing on the rights of the majority.

This brief video demonstrates that if you are a person seeking pure democracy, then you are advancing the notion of the lynch mob, and those you oppose are the man swinging from the end of the rope.  However, the constitutional republic approach is to protect the man at the end of the rope from the lynch mob.

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Our Republic was simply advanced to uphold the law, but that was only acknowledged as the people were righteous, upright and just.  As soon as the people abandon the law of God, they will not only fail to uphold the law, but they will eventually devolve into demanding mob rule.

The difference between the two is both life and death, and liberty and slavery.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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