Rape: It's What The Left Is Advocating


This past week, some of the most bizarre suggestions have been made by liberal Democrats for women to avoid being raped. Among those were “vomiting on their attacker” and “urinating on their attacker.” This comes in the light of “Gun Free Zones” called public education facilities and lawmakers making suggestions of how to avoid rape without exercising Second Amendment rights. In suggesting such nonsense, these people are sounding the alarm to rapists that women in America can be raped without any real means to fight back at their attacker, just like they have done with public schools in declaring them to be “Gun Free Zones.”

As Fox News Host Sean Hannity detailed, members of the State legislature in Colorado suggested the following as “methods of protection” against rape:

  • Call boxes
  • Safe Zones
  • Whistles
  • Buddy System
  • Ballpoint Pens

But there’s more ridiculousness from Colorado. From the University of Colorado Colorado Springs comes this moronic advice, which has now been removed, calling the advice “miscommunication”:

    • Vomit on Attacker
    • Use Bodily Fluids
    • Fake a Faint or Seizure
    • As a word of advice, it would behoove any woman to see the thinking of what an Ohio student posted on “How To Get Away With Rape” and pack your heat accordingly.

      Finally, Vice President Joe Biden suggested that women get a double-barreled shotgun. Yeah, that’s practical Joe! Women, just haul your shotgun around with you everywhere you go. While the shotgun is definitely a good home defense weapon against an intruder, it is not practical for when a woman leaves her home and don’t mistake me saying that for I’m against her packing a shotgun if she’s out and about. I think that is well within the definition of the Second Amendment.

      I prefer that my wife and girls have others with them when they go out since rapists are not as prone to attack a group of women rather than one, these suggestions are utterly devoid of the context of the real world. There are depraved and degenerate people in the world. Every woman can’t get to a call box at every place she goes. Every place she attends is not a “safe zone.” Most people can’t manufacture vomiting on demand, nor can they urinate on demand. Faking a faint will only make it easy for the attacker.

      Michelle Malkin, who is from Colorado, joined Hannity and said that she had “felt like vomiting all week hearing this nonsense.” So have I Michelle!

      But in the end, the issue is quite simple. Socialist lawmakers are after your guns. That is not paranoia. It is a fact. Exhibit A is New York’s Safe Act. Exhibit B is the sweeping legislation seeking to ban guns, ammunition and magazines in Washington and several states. These lawmakers are traitors to the Constitution, including their own State Constitutions.

      They want women and men disarmed, oh except for a shotgun at home, but that doesn’t fly in light of the Second Amendment, for it was put in place not as home defense, but as homeland defense.

      From all indications it seems the Left would be perfectly happy to openly declare to all rapists that women are unarmed when they are out in public, just like they let all criminals know about schools being “Gun Free Zones.” Why are they doing this? Because they are twisted sociopaths who think their job is to bring about a Utopia by disarming the public and if women are raped in the process, it’s no skin off of their backs. Welcome to the new war on women.

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