The Obama Birth Certificate Investigation: Questions Of Interest


On December 10, 2012, I wrote an article bringing into question the Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, formally known as Barry Soreteo. Now we are going to dive into Lord Christopher Monckton’s 22 page booklet on this subject. The title of the booklet, “Is The President the President?” Now before we get into this booklet, we must ask questions that no one seems to have asked as of yet.

We have to ask since Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona brought all these documents to the fore front, then why has he not brought some sort of suit against Obama or others for all this supposed fraudulently produced material? Has the Sheriff and Dr. Jerome Corsi maybe been using this theory to further their names? It does seem odd to know that this material is just sitting out there and nothing is being done to ensure that it is brought to the attention of a special counsel somewhere. Why is it that the Sheriff himself had not filed any sort of legal action based upon his findings? Is this material maybe not accurate? Is it a possibility that Dr. Jerome Corsi brought this challenge up to Sheriff Joseph Arpaio just to further his career? Questions that have to be asked and maybe should be answered in an open forum so everybody will know why no type of charges have been filed with the treasure trove of documentation that the Sheriff has in his hands? One also has to ask, just why is the Sheriff not doing something about this now?

In Lord Monckton’s booklet, he quotes Judge Thomas Parker, an appellate justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and the statement made by the judge on March 27, 2012, in reference to a petition placed before the Court by one Hugh McInnish for an order of mandamus against Mr. Obama.

“if presented to the appropriate forum, …would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the ‘short-form’ and the ‘long-form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.” (Judge Thomas Parker, appellate justice Alabama Supreme Court)

In Lord Monckton’s summary on page 3 of his booklet, he states in the first paragraph:

“By Article II, section 1, of the United States Constitution, “no person except a natural born Citizen…shall be eligible for the Office of President”. On 27 April 2011, two days after an opinion poll had found that 62% of voters doubted whether Mr. Barack Obama had been born on U.S. soil, Mr. Obama posted a purported image of his long form Hawaiian birth certificate at”

Now we must add to this by stating what Lord Monckton revealed at a North Shore Tea Party gathering of about 100 or more people on a very rainy day, near Abita Springs, Louisiana. It was here that Lord Monckton revealed to the people that what really happened was that this birth certificate that was posted was not the one they wanted to post since it was a doctored up document that was supposed to have been buried until the White House had made a copy that could pass all the challenges. Lord Monckton was informed that it was the fake document that the White House had mistakenly published and not the doctored one they had planned to publish later. But here we have no substantial proof this really happened since once again this fact seems to be under the control of one Sheriff Arpaio.

Lord Monckton goes on in his summary to state the following;

“By the precedent set in Brady v. Maryland (373 US 83,1963), “The suppression by the prosecution of evidence of evidence favorable to an accused upon request violates due process [14th Amendment]where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment”. Therefore, the courts will be obliged to grant any such defense request. By the supremacy clause (Art.6), Hawaii must comply.”

“Does the issue matter? Advice from Dr. Edwin Viera, an eminent constitutional lawyer, is that it does: “The Constitution is the supreme law of the U.S. We amend it, or we abide by it.” He expects a credible court challenge to the authenticity of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate soon. If it occurs, and if the certificate is a forgery, the consequences, for Britain and the West as well as for the U.S., will be grave.”

Now, to a normal man what does all this mean? It means that according to these “opinions,” so rendered here, the birth certificate could be challenged and brought before a high court with a good chance of being won on the merits of the charge. Now if this would happen, it would have huge ramifications upon the world, since this would call into question the validity of the President of the United States and thus render every action he has taken as null and void! Could this huge problem be the main reason many are just sitting on their hands knowing the facts may well prove to be the undoing of a lot of what Obama has done in the past few years?

Lord Monckton used copies of the birth certificate that Sheriff Arpaio had discovered. What is so puzzling is the simple fact that if these documents are frauds and Sheriff Arpaio knows this, then why has he not filed some sort of petition for relief or investigation? It begs to be questioned as to why would the Sheriff open up such a huge can of worms and then just step aside. Is there more to this then what has been told? Just what does the Sheriff have and why is it that he has not just handed this documentation over to other people who want to proceed with this matter into the court system to finally close it out once and for all?

On page 8 of his booklet, Lord Monckton shows the multiple image-data layers in the long-form birth certificate. Listed as 1, Monckton uses the same ideology that Sheriff Arpaio developed, that is that when the birth certificate is opened with Adobe Illustrator, it can be separated into 9 separate superimposed layers and one clipping-mask path that groups the layers. This means that the document was not original and has been tampered with by an individual that knew how to develop a document that was very close to the original, but not a true copy. This detail shows, according to Lord Monckton and Sheriff Arpaio, that some individual had taken the document apart and replaced information that was what is claimed by Obama. If this is factual or not cannot be said unless it is brought to a court and they do a complete investigation into what the Sheriff’s evidence.

In 2 on page 8, Monckton does indeed cover how all this developed.

“The website copy was posted in the form of a PDF file at 12:09PM on 27 April 2011 using Macintosh Preview. However, forensic experts say that Photoshop was used to fabricate or alter the document; then Adobe Illustrator was used to compile the layers and export them as a Portable Document Format (PDF); then, immediately before posting on the internet, Macintosh Preview was used to erase the digital traces of previous use of Photoshop and Illustrator, and to reduce the file size.”

With this in mind, one has to wonder why has the Sheriff not moved forward with such overwhelming evidence that seems to indicate at least a cover up and at best a total conspiracy to commit fraud. Both of which would be impeachable offenses to President Obama. There are so many problems that seem to exist with the birth certificate that it would take at least several more articles of over 8,000 words to display. In short it has to come to bear that if Sheriff Arpaio does in fact have all this information, he should allow people outside of his office to have access to these documents so that the facts can be discovered and if what Sheriff Arpaio does show cover up and fraud by the President, by all means, it should be thrown into the open.

All the information contained in Monckton’s booklet seems to indicate that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and should such documentation prove to be true, Obama should be held for treason, and whatever other charges that could be brought upon him for his actions with just the birth certificate. Here we must state though that questions arise since Lord Monckton cannot file anything in any U.S. court since he is not a citizen. However Sheriff Arpaio, Dr. Jerome Corsi and all others with knowledge of this apparent fraud can and should bring into question these documents and ask whether or not Obama is a true Natural Born Citizen of the United States, and if he is not, then he should be forced to leave office under acknowledgement that he could face jail time for his actions to perpetrate fraud upon the citizens of the United States.

It all comes back to the question of why has Sheriff Arpaio and Dr. Jerome Corsi both not passed this information on so that prosecution could take place? Why have these people placed questions out into the public then seemingly sat back and waited for someone else to move on what they have discovered? Why did they allow Lord Monckton to view this documentation and then seem to hold it back from the people of the United States by way of not filing some sort of claim? What do these documents reveal? What do these documents show? No one will know if they remain in the hands of Sheriff Arpaio and Dr. Jerome Corsi and are not revealed to the people! Once again so many questions with so very few answers.

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