The Only Solution To Islamism, Communism & Evil Is This


At this juncture of human experience on planet Earth, the endgame seems clear. The forces of liberty and opportunity have been attacked, and are severely damaged. Not only are individualism and capitalism tarnished by bad players, they are being dismantled. Your individual rights, brought forth by Constitution and prior breakthroughs, are being lost. Your ability to have economic freedom is everyday being progressively limited and eroded.

This disintegration of human liberty is coming from both internal and external evils.

Among external evils, Islamism is proving itself again, in this modern age, to be an enemy of God. There is no use trying to defend a movement, a religion even, which is ready for a new Crusade. There is no use trying to justify or rationalize the “convert or die” mentality. It didn’t work in the Dark Ages and it doesn’t work now. Secondarily, or perhaps primarily also, communism is making a comeback. Or perhaps it never really died. And not only is it in China, Korea, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central America. It is in the American university, the high school, the elementary school. It is in the psychiatrist’s office, the union workplace, and the media. It is even in the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House. Rather than destroy it, we have permitted collectivism to take over, and now it is entrenched. And it is determined to minimize your individualism, and turn your capitalism into participation.

Among internal evils, capitalism has been permitted, and permitted itself, to run wild. An immoral and perverted business environment has broken free from prior restraints. The tripwires and braking systems meant to decelerate and stop corruption are not being engaged. Our so-called government tilts laws and regulations in favor of the few, harming the many. On one side, the mega-corporations are given preference, protection, and at times monopoly. On the other side, “minorities” are treated to these same goodies, at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile, Mom and Pop, and the farmer, backbones of America, are given the shaft. We are no longer a land of equal opportunity, but of equalized mediocrity, just enough to get by. We live now in the opening stages of that most abhorrent economic system, Socialism. Perhaps capitalism was intentionally given free rein in order to undermine its worst excesses. Perhaps the communists knew that greed running rampant would make socialism attractive to many.

But even this was not the end, for our own government permitted our enemies to infiltrate. Islamists were embraced by the White House and protected by the State Department and DHS. (Oh, how I despise the term “Homeland Security” that by itself defines something wicked) Communists also are now in the employ of the President and Congress. The only game that seems to make sense is that our communists are using the Islamists. Nevertheless, it takes a savage heart to be manipulated to do savage things. The Islamists are not victims of circumstance, but only of their own desires.

Meanwhile, our nation becomes a police state, “justified” by encroaching terrorism. We are in fact terrorized, only it is by our own government in the name of “Security.” Thus, many conditioned citizens turn a blind eye to the real threats.

We certainly cannot count upon the media to unveil the truth. These watchdogs have been satisfied with morsels of celebrity, and cowed by fear of retribution. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and of course MSNBC are coopted, in the tank. Fox News often goes no further than to permit a Hannity to foam, but does nothing to investigate. And need it be pointed out that 90% of all media is controlled by 5 or 6 mega-corporations?

Even the alternative media, the blogs and the newsletters, seem to be floundering. The death of Breitbart seems to have put a chill on Acorn-like exposes. The cry of “conspiracy theory!” nixes many more. Nobody wants to be a Woodward and Bernstein, not even Woodward and Bernstein! Glenn Beck can only do so much, and it will be interesting to see where he can or will go. And Alex Jones, who has credibility on so many things, is ignored or vilified.

We have lost faith in the media, with good reason, and this is the way “they” want it.

And when the media does speak to an issue, it often blames individualism, capitalism, conservatism. Terrorism? If it’s an Arab, it’s payback for helping Israel or invading Iraq. Poor economy? It’s the bankers, the hedge funds, white privilege, or “inherited” from Uncle Bush. Illegal Immigration? It’s a slavery that necessitates a new Emancipation Proclamation (amnesty). These, and more like it, are guidelines for the thought police, uh, the media. And they seem to have no conscience regarding the final outcome of their own liberty. They seem to relish their role as heralds for a new paradigm or world where they will be extinct! The fact that they would slit their own throats for temporary favor makes them dangerous to us.

Meanwhile, crime rises. Mexican cartels traffic drugs and slaves over the United States border with impunity. Gangs roam the streets, and the powers-that-be want our guns to be outlawed! And more people are more stressed than ever, and more pills are being prescribed to less effect. Thus, we are ever more liable to meet with irrationality and psychosis during our daily lives.

Then we must deal with our nation’s children. So many broken homes, young hoodlums, little communists, radicalized minds.

In many ways, this is what the sickest among us wanted all along. That is, Cloward and Pivins strategies, cascading and overlapping, overwhelming every system.

All of this makes it very likely that we shall soon be heading for a major showdown. It is sizing up to be of Gog and Magog proportions. The players will be Islamism, Communism, Individualism, Corrupt Capitalism, and Hedonism. The outcome will determine who shall rule the planet. If passion is any determinant, Islamism has a huge advantage, but Individualism drives many. If technology is the decisive factor, it is a tossup between Corrupt Capitalism and Communism. Hedonism, both crime and unbound desire, is a wild card, playing to and for both sides of the field.

Yes, there are still many people of God in our midst, but they are disappearing. Some are becoming secular, even atheist. Some are refusing to speak out, afraid of retaliation. Some are practicing and preaching a “tolerance” which is only toleration of sin. The people of God are becoming weaker. Entire churches and temples are being absorbed into a culture of wantonness. Entire denominations are declaring their alignment with abomination. Entire religions are being threatened with annihilation.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is there is a solution. It is not simply to pray aimlessly for rescue through the Savior, or for rapture. Alone, this is surrender, calling it quits, looking for an escape hatch, or burying one’s head. We must also adhere to the Law of God, and expect everyone else to do the same! I believe this is the only thing which can extricate our civilization from certain destruction. Clearly, if everyone obeyed the Law of God, we would have the kingdom of heaven on Earth. But we are going in the opposite direction, a direct result of open rebellion against God’s Law.

We must do something about it now!

It is called following the law. It is called being law-abiding. It is called being legal. Everything else is outlaw, illegal, and illegitimate.

I pull no punches, make no apologies, and I do not need to explain my reverence and love for God. Where are the lights of the world? Where are the salts of the earth?

By “Law of God,” I mean Torah. Torah was the guiding light for all of our prophets, for Moses, for Isaiah, for Jesus. Torah was the guiding light for our founding fathers in writing the Constitution.

Torah is the bedrock principle for all Jews and Christians, in fact, for all righteous. If it is not your bedrock, you are antithetical to the concepts of liberty. If it is not your bedrock, you are against opportunity and prosperity. If it is not your bedrock, you are the problem.

If, as we should, we agree on this bedrock, it should be taken to a political level. It is not enough anymore to merely have a Torah outlook. It is not enough anymore to even live a Torah life. It is time for us to have a Torah government. It is time to formulate for the United States a Torah Political Party.

As I write this, I know that many will be alienated by the words “Torah Party.” Certainly, the most common alienation will be that it is “too Jewish.” Then I suppose Jesus Christ is too Jewish also.

“Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you” (John 15:13-14). If Jesus is God, then “whatsoever I command you” is Torah, that is, God’s Law. If Jesus is not God, then Jesus has no authority to command anything but Torah. In every case, Jesus laid down His life for those who obey Torah. “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you” (John 15:12). Think about it. To love as Christ loved, you must be willing to lay down your life for your friends. But, as Jesus said, your friends should be counted as only those who obey Torah. It is clear as a bell.

No one, not even Jesus, can undo any portion of Torah. He even specifically said He would never do such a thing (Matthew 5:17). And, in the wilderness, Jesus invoked Torah three times in order to defeat the evil one. Torah is the answer, or Christ would not have wielded it in these manners.

But why, you may ask, should a political party be based upon Torah? Why should our nation be run in such manner?

First, Torah is law, God’s Law. On this, Jews, Christians, and the righteous agree. Since we are a nation of laws, we ought to be ruled by the ultimate and perfect law. Foolish is the man who says Torah is not the ultimate law. But if the argument is that we are not a theocracy, shall the Islamist agree to that? No, the Islamist wants a theocracy! Since the Islamist shall not agree, there must be a counter to his sharia law. There must be a standard against which sharia crumbles. That standard is not Constitution! Our Constitution enables sharia under the pretext of religious freedom. The true and mighty standard is Torah. This does not mean Constitution is replaced by Torah, but that Torah defines Constitution. For if Constitution should fail against the forces of evil, what is our fallback position? It must be Torah.

Within the context of theocracy, Torah defeats sharia because Torah is just. It demands two or three witnesses. It demands judges who favor neither rich nor poor. It demands that one is innocent until proven guilty. And, importantly, it demands allegiance to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. On this one point hangs the balance of religious power in our country, indeed, in our world. For Torah does not demand “convert or die” but Islamism does.

But if one objects to a Torah nation because it is Jewish, one may as well be a communist. For Marx stated it is not Christianity, but Judaism, which is the enemy of the world. (See “On the Jewish Question”) Why? Because what really frightened Marx is that Torah is the enemy of communism. Communism withers in the face of Torah commandments. The Ten Commandments alone are garlic to that vampire.

Or, one might object to a Torah nation due to “separation of church and state.” How’s that working out for you?

Or, one might object to a Torah nation because a Christian nation is preferred. But Christianity, having no law of its own, must either be of Torah or of doctrine. If of doctrine, a Christian nation can be polluted by corrosive elements from mere mortals. And, indeed, this is and has been the case. Therefore, a Christian nation must not be based upon doctrine, sinking sand. A Christian nation must be based upon Torah, firm foundation.

Second, Torah is the basis for fair justice. Torah is the foundation of our Constitution, even the principles of Bastiat. One might object that Torah treats women, for example, as second-class citizens.

This is propaganda, meant to destroy Torah. Torah respects womanhood, and the female body, where women themselves do not. Torah does not condone, in fact, is against abortion, and no such right is permitted. If we say otherwise, it means that only a pregnant woman can determine the value of childbirth. To debate every such matter through Torah is healthy. To dismiss and teach against Torah is to leave our women unprotected. Certainly, we cannot count upon sharia or communism to care for our women!

Another objection which one ought to expect is that Torah treats non-Jews as subservient to Jews. This claim is most often made by Nazis and communists, for obvious reasons.

Why “Torah Party” and not another name? First, it is an honest and understandable approach, brief and to the point. It is what it is, and no more.

Second, it is strong enough to withstand attack. Those who despise or deride the “Torah” label identify themselves as anti-Law or anti-God.

Third, Torah can be articulated from the Bible, as existent fact and preexisting law. There is opinion in the form of interpretation. But, unlike Constitution, there are no amendments to Torah. Nothing may be added to or subtracted from it. Torah doesn’t “evolve.”

Fourth, Torah is equal justice, not social justice. Torah was never meant to be tolerant, only just. Imagine our political debates centered on Torah, not on compassion or tolerance for lawbreakers.

Fifth, any attack against a Torah candidate is indeed flattery. If a Torah candidate is called out to be a hypocrite, it can only be by standard of Torah. Thus, whoever criticizes a Torah candidate must attest to the truth of Torah!

Sixth, the Bible, and therefore Torah, is worldwide, ubiquitous, in every house. It is therefore quite easy to create a platform which is recognizable, verifiable, and agreeable.

Strangely, many Jews may object to a Torah Party! Why? Because they will say that people such as I draw unwanted attention to the Jews. But drawing attention is the point. Matthew 23:3 and John 15:14 are direct communications to entrust the land to Torah law. And Romans 3:2 verifies the Jews as the lawful interpreters and administrators (oracles) of the law. It is deeply imperative that Christians should affirm this, and not reject Torah. It is vital that Christians finally join with Jews to make America a Torah nation.

In a coming series of articles, I will provide framework for this concept. That is, I will offer policy, law, and Constitutional Amendments. These will reflect a Torah nation, one that reveres the one God and His Law. These will set America on course again.

Nearly overnight, our economy can be on the right capitalist track. Nearly overnight, our electoral system can be truly representative and without fraud. Nearly overnight, our borders can be secure and immigration issues can be solved. Nearly overnight, Islamism and communism can be disempowered in America. Nearly overnight, the disintegration of our social structures can be averted. These and many other issues can be solved, but only with a firm grasp on righteousness. If this can’t be derived on a massive scale, America shall be destroyed by its compounding sins.

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