The Presidential Debate Over Statism


Wednesday evening I sat and listened, no wait endured, the Presidential Reality Show known as the Presidential debates. I confess, that it was a bit difficult as I watched via YouTube and sometimes it would cut out for a few seconds. I was bothered by what I saw both on screen and in the Twitter feed.

I watched as there were obviously pro-Obama people, as well as, plenty of pro-Romney people. For most, their respective politician could do no wrong, even when it was evident that they had erred.

I read various tweets and Facebook postings from people and also posted a few myself. However, what I kept hearing over and over between both men was the simple phrase of “we agree on….” and that would be followed by whatever topic they were on. Barack Obama is not afraid to come out and state that he is a statist. He is quite clear on that and made it abundantly clear when he told business owners that they didn’t build their own businesses. I have spent many articles pointing out his statism.

Mitt Romney though, states that he believes in the private sector and free market, but then he always goes and puts government and government regulations into the mix.

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When the issue of education came up, Romney said, “The federal government can play a very important role [in education at the state and local level].” Now I’m not surprised by this because of Romney’s record, but it does strike me that “conservatives” applaud such notions. From my perspective the federal government should have absolutely no role in education. However, this was just one of many comments that demonstrate where we are in our country.

I admit that in perception Mitt Romney won the debate. It was not because of a real plan for America or real numbers being tossed out. Economic policy can definitely set the stage for job creations by the private sector, but when either man says “I’ll do this and this many millions of jobs will be created” is simply tooting one’s on horn. No one can be sure of those numbers. It is all hot air. No, Romney won because of the appearance that he was in control, cool and calm, yet calculated. It didn’t help that Obama looked like a school boy the teacher had just put the dunce hat on and sent to the corner either. But yes, clearly people perceived Romney the winner. In fact, CNN polls showed that upwards of 67% of people thought he won the debate.

As for the national deficit which was an issue in the debate, I dealt with the here.

For me, though Romney may have won the debate, America lost with both men. I read this morning on Doug Phillips’ Facebook page words that seemed to resonate with me from last night’s performance. Who is Doug Phillips you ask? Doug is a Christian husband and father and president of the Vision Forum in San Antonio, Texas. His famous father is Howard Phillips, who headed two federal agencies during the Nixon administration.

Phillips wrote:

It was a tragic day for America as our nation sat and watched two committed socialists, representing the Democratic and Republican parties respectively, argue between each other over which was the most committed to government interference in the private sector, wealth redistribution, and statist intervention in the economy. Tonight we learned that both candidates believe that social security is a success, that the government is responsible for education, and that the market will only work with heavy government regulation.

Historically, presidential debates are shallow in terms of constitutional analysis of issues, but tonight’s debate may have set the standard as the most constitutionally illiterate presentation by opposing primary party candidates for president in a national debate in the history of our nation. Tonight, (in case anyone needed reminding) Mitt Romney proved that he could be every bit the neo-Marxist that president Obama has become.

What he may have lost in the first part of the debate through his petulant nit-picking, Governor Romney made up in the second part of the debate by unnerving President Obama, who clearly appeared to lose his edge as the evening closed. But the event was more of a clash of personalities then a debate over policy. Both peas were from the same pod, and the difference between the candidates on the issues raised tonight were little more than micro-degrees, with times that honest observers must admit that Obama appeared every so slightly to the right of Romney, and other times, vice versa. In sum: No Bible believing, Constitution-loving American should be proud of what happened tonight.

Prediction: Liberals will like Romney much more after tonight’s debate. But so will a large body of Christians to whom what Romney has said, done and advocated is irrelevant. The Evangelical political lobotomy is almost complete. His name is not Obama, and any facts pertaining to his radical socialism, statist agenda, pro-abortionism and pro-homosexual advocacy that get in the way of that truth must be ignored or stamped out.

I tend to agree with the words expressed by Mr. Phillips. Sadly many hear only what they want to hear. I listened today as Rush Limbaugh talked about how Romney presented “conservatism.” He did nothing of the sort. While there were statements about lowering taxes, which is good, what happened to equal protection? Why is one class of people taxed at a different rate than another just because they make more money in the first place? Why does the federal government get involved in education? Why is there not serious real cuts to spending? Since when is socialistic healthcare mandates OK for conservatives? Apparently as long as it is at the state level and if there is bi-partisan agreement (though 87% Democrats in Massachusetts doesn’t really seem bi-partisan.)

I suppose we’ll have to wait a few days to see what else these men would like to involve government in on our behalf.

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