The Real Fake News


All the official news is fake news.

Am I overstating the truth? Is my first paragraph too inclusive, too damning of our official news culture? Let’s compare the truth to what the official media are saying.

  1. Socialism does not perform a good of being our brother’s keeper. God never asked government to be everyone’s keeper. But under the cover of compassion, Humanistic government functions as our brother’s thief. Socialism is about putting a governmental gun at the temple of hard-working producers to forcibly extract the fruit of one man’s labor and give it to another who did not earn it. The 16th Amendment, the income tax amendment, violates the unalienable right of both “liberty” and “the pursuit of happiness.”
  2. Contrary to the declarations of most economists, fiat currency is not a good thing.
  3. Contrary to the “nothing times nobody equals everything” origins myth of evolutionary biology, there is no evidence for the creation of genotypic information by natural processes. Contrary to the tenants of evolutionism, natural selection is not an evolutionary force. Rather, natural selection is a devolutionary force, a force working to destroy genotypic information deemed “unfit” or “less fit” than the genotype more suited to a differential reproductive advantage.
  4. The political left’s marketing of their selves is wholly incorrect. The left are not about “diversity,” or “inclusiveness,” but about forcing the violation of one’s conscience to form a conscience-defying totalitarian government.
  5. The core of history is not understood by history majors and history professors. If it were, then we would know the lessons of history. But the history cartel does not even make the claim to understand the lesson of history. Further arousing our conspiracy suspicions we note that all over the world, the history cartel is regulated by national governments if not an arm of the national government education. But clearly the 100 million deaths of citizens at the hands of their own national governments in the 20th century inform us that national governments are not irrelevant players to the lesson the history. Thus the history cartel is in such dismal intellectual straights because it has the national government fox watching the history hen house.
  6. In the US, blacks are not primarily—or even meaningfully—suffering from racist oppression by whites, but by the self-sabotage of the black mind, black morals and black psychology.[1]
  7. Because it cannot be loving to affirm someone in chosing a deathstyle, it cannot be loving to celebrate homosexuality. Smoking is bad, homosexuality is much worse.
  8. “Gay pride” is about the shameful celebration of sexual perversity, denigrating the human spirit and furthers the sexual abuse of children.
  9. Romance is rooted in a moral drama that embraces self-denial. Libertine sexual permissiveness—fornication, adultery, pornography, homosexuality…—is a romantic counterfeit. Dan Quayle was right.
  10. Islam is not religion of peace, but a religion founded on terrorism. consequently all Muslims are doctrinal terrorists. It would seem to be self-evident that admitting doctrinal terrorists should not be a foundation of a civilization’s immigration policy. Moreover, no nationally elected politician is even asking the question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?” But such incuriosity suggests that what is marketed as the politicians most hallowed oath could hardly be more meaningless. [2]

While Google, snopes, NY Times and wikipedia et al. can provide truthful information, the truth of that information has a much more limited scope than what is advertised. We might be able to confirm that wikipedia has identified the correct capitals for each of the US’s 50 states, but we nonetheless expect wikipedia to miss the larger point that political Humanistic power has moved from the state level to the federal level and that this centralization of Humanistic power is adverse to civilization.

The self-appointed purveyors of truth—Google, snopes, the New York Times, … —embrace these 10 fake news doctrines hook, line and sinker. But that doesn’t stop these sophomores from getting to police and manage us “deplorables.”

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[1] The Religion Of Racism, There Is Not A Racism Problem In America There Is A Stupid Problem, No Damn Racism In Dallas! Media Manufacture Racism At Black Lives Matter Protest,  Black Man Charged In ‘Vote Trump’ Church Arson, Raise Your F**king Kids And America Would Be Better, Obama’s House Negroes, Black People F**ked Up Their HOODS And Blame Others, Its time to stop blaming White Folks for the problems we are having in BLACK AMERICA, Fake news that spawned Black Lives Matter

[2] YouTube Wants No One Telling The Truth About Muslims Even If They Are Terrorist; Muslim committed vandalistic acts against Jews, but under the name of the “KKK” instead of “Islam;” Was Mohammad a Terrorist?; Obama Pressured to rescind Glowing Eulogy for Terrorist Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi

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