The Revolution Looks To Tampa & Beyond


With all of the hoopla over Nebraska this past weekend, people have forgotten that Ron Paul actually has won a plurality of states and should be on the ballot at the Republican National Convention in August. Many have reported that if Paul didn’t get a majority of delegates in Nebraska that he would not be on the ballot. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Examiner reports,

It was already known Ron Paul didn’t have the best chance in Nebraska, he wasn’t doing as well as he would have liked in that state’s county and district caucuses. His delegates weren’t getting themselves elected in those regional elections which meant there wasn’t going to be as strong of a showing for Paul at last weekend’s state convention. This was a no-brainer.

If your delegates don’t make it in force to the state convention, your position is minimized as a candidate with very little to no real voting power. If it’s already expected Romney will have more delegates at the convention, it’s likely he will walk away with more delegates to the RNC. It’s very simple math.

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Therefore, a little less than two weeks before the Nebraska state convention, the media decided to run the scam that Paul only had a four state plurality of delegates at the time and still needed one more state win to see his name on the RNC’s first ballot.

Just as expected, Paul walked away with only 2 state delegates from Nebraska to the RNC and now the media is using the scam to act as if he is ineligible for so-called first ballot access. They now want you to think Paul “still has yet to achieve the needed 5 state plurality.” A total and outright double-cross.

Back in May it was widely reported that Ron Paul had indeed captured at least five states. Fox News’ Carl Cameron declared Ron Paul to be Mitt Romney’s sole rival a the GOP convention. RT reported that Ron Paul had won 11 states at that point.

So just to be fair. Ron Paul has achieved a big victory in getting to the convention with a plurality of states in hand and nearly 500 delegate supporters with him. This is something rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich couldn’t achieve and they went in deep debt trying, while Paul conservatively used his money without the likes of Goldman-Sachs and others contributing to him.

Ron Paul is the grassroots movement. What do I mean by that? Well, the people behind Paul are not just wanting him elected as President, but they are a movement in themselves. There is not Rick Santorum movement. There is not Newt Gingrich movement. To be honest, there is no Mitt Romney movement. Many in the GOP are already contemplating voting Romney while holding their collective noses. Their vote is out of fear, not out of confidence of principle.

Some have said that Ron Paul has sour grapes because he will not endorse Mitt Romney. The fact is that Ron Paul stands on his principles. Like them or not that is what he does. He doesn’t go out and deal with issues and then say, “Yeah, I’ll support the guy I told you would not be good for the country.” That’s the other guys like Santorum and Gingrich. Ron Paul believes the Constitution and the principles of liberty he disseminates are greater than him becoming president.

The line from the film V for Vendetta comes to mind where Evey declares,

“We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.”

This is what Ron Paul was going for and this is what he got. He got the idea of freedom and liberty back into the minds of the people. He drew our attention back to the Constitution and back to what has been and is being taken from us. He pointed out the crooks and named them. He explained economics to the people. He helped the people understand what was taking place in our country and why and what the solution is. And now the GOP will have to deal with it at the grassroots level, because it is growing there.

As Jack Hunter writes so brilliantly,

During the George W. Bush years there was zero libertarian principle in the Republican Party. In the last four years, and thanks to Ron Paul, the small “l” libertarian principles that Barry Goldwater promoted and Ronald Reagan considered the “heart of conservatism” are finally back—with a vengeance.

Ron Paul’s movement is taking over the GOP from the grassroots up—with many local and state Republican Parties being staffed, and in many cases led, by Paul supporters. Every last volunteer who spent time and effort working hard in their state conventions to secure delegates and the nomination for Ron Paul, can know that it is PRECISELY their efforts that are helping to transform the GOP of Bush into the Party of Paul.

And not only Ron Paul, but his son Senator Rand Paul. And not only the Pauls. but this is also becoming the Republican Party of Congressman Justin Amash and future Congressman Thomas Massie. This is becoming the Republican Party of the overwhelming number of 18-30 years old who voted for Ron Paul in this year’s Republican primaries, far more than any other GOP candidate. This is becoming the party of a new generation of voters who know they’ll never see entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, and who also understand that you can’t police the world while expecting to have limited government back home. This emerging new electorate understands that true limited government means eschewing both domestic and foreign welfare in ways their voter predecessors never understood.

There have been generations of “conservative” Republicans who’ve talked about cutting spending. Thanks to Ron Paul, we’re seeing the first generation willing to do it.

Of course Ron Paul will be on the ballot, but his intention has always been bigger than President of the United States. As he told Fox New’s Megyn Kelly,

“I’m not just trying to win or get elected. I’m trying to change the course of history.”

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