The Second Amendment: Gone


If we as a free nation do not stand together, fight the attack going on right now against our Second Amendment to the Constitution, this will be the next headline news!

Politicians will say: Now that the Second Amendment is gone, I think we should do away with the search and seizure part of the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment stands in our way and makes it harder for the government, police, FBI, and CIA to do their jobs properly. While officers and government officials are waiting on an approved search warrant to go into and search a person’s private home, or business, the criminal could be getting rid of the evidence we need to prove them guilty. On many occasions we (the police, and government) try to obtain a search warrant and are not given one due to lack of evidence. When we know they(civilians) are doing illegal activities. How are we (the police, the government) going to catch the murderer, drug dealer, rapist, thief, gun holder, if we are not given the extra power to go into their (civilians) homes, places of business, to get the evidence we need? It should be up to law enforcement and government officials discretion whether or not to enter into the home or place of business. The following people would be exempt from this law: The President of the United States, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Supreme Court Justices, Judges, and any and all law enforcement (state or local).

Many people may think that is extreme thinking and very far fetched. This would never happen here in the United States! Were just trying to use scare tactics to have our guns. Not true. Wake up, it has already started! On April 2, 2012 The Supreme Court ruled on a case entitled Florence vs Board of Freeholders in a 5 to 4 decision that allows police officers to strip search people whom are arrested for any offense before admitting them to jail. This decision holds true even if the officials have no reason to suspect illegal activity. If we the people allow our constitution to be altered by those that are trying so hard to destroy it, our land will no longer be free, our freedoms an illusion, and dictatorship will rule. Our Children and grandchildren will learn how our country used to be free in history books only. That is if the government allows it (then goes Freedom of Speech).

After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, LA this actually happened. On September 8, 2005 the Police and National Guard were given the order by the Governor to go street by street, house by house and confiscate all weapons. Martial law had been put into effect. They were entering homes with their guns drawn, as if all the victims of this tragedy were criminals. They went door to door confiscating law abiding citizen’s legal weapons. They handcuffed law abiding citizens as if they were criminals, later letting them go without their weapons of coarse. The police and National Guard (under orders) entered homes without permission of the owner/resident (illegal search and seizure) to confiscate all weapons. This happened in both the poor and rich neighborhoods alike. Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

Some may say that this is just an isolated incident and that it was due to the storm. Does that make it alright for our Constitutional right to be infringed upon? Does that give the government the right to take our weapons, to search our homes without permission, to assault law abiding citizens? No, it doesn’t! As always there is a double standard when it comes to government officials, and police officers.

Staff Sgt. Joshua May knew this was wrong and refused to be involved with the gun grab. He said it was a direct violation of our constitution and he would not do it. Thank you for standing up for Our Constitutional Rights, and for defending us against both foreign and domestic enemies.

There are many great police officers in our country. They work hard, believe in what their badge stands for, they serve and protect our families and communities, and are true Americans. However, there are some police officers out there that are crooked, do not follow the law, and use their badge as a source of power to tromp on the rights of the people. This is where the problem lies.

If we as law abiding citizens are unarmed, how are we to protect ourselves against crooked police officers, politicians, government, tyranny, or foreign enemies? We will not be able to. (Hitler vs Jews). This is why the Second Amendment is so important for all people. The Second Amendment was written for that very reason. It guaranteed the citizens of the United States a way that we the people would never again be an oppressed people by a tyrannical government. We the people have the right and duty to uphold our Constitution. God gave us our rights and the Founders enumerated some of those rights, including our Second Amendment which outlines people’s right to own, carry, and bear arms with no restrictions. Why, no restrictions? Because our Founding Fathers knew if there were restrictions, it would create a more powerful government. The Founding Fathers of this country wanted us to be able to be protected, and for us to be able to protect our country in which they fought so hard to establish, a free nation. Our right to bear arms shall not be infringed! Their wording was very strong for a reason. They wanted to make sure that no form of government would ever be able to dispute, change, or alter our right as American Citizens to protect ourselves, our families, our Country, from those whom would gladly destroy it.

If we as a nation allow our Second Amendment to be torn apart, destroyed, or altered in anyway, then our other rights guaranteed by our Creator and outlined in our great Constitution will also be in jeopardy. Once the process has started, it will not end with just the Second Amendment. It will create a spiral downfall disintegrating our Constitution and everything we as a nation stand for. We are called the “Greatest Nation in the World.” There is a reason for that. So now is the time for all American citizens (gun-activists and anti-gun activists) to see the bigger picture, to stand up for what is right, and stand together as one nation defending our Constitution.

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