The Silliness of Settled Science


How often have we heard the ridiculous claim that such and such a science is settled?

It doesn’t matter what it is, and normally there is a political component attached to it, but we’ve heard it hundreds of times on a myriad of different topics ranging from salt to sugar to fatty foods to energy drinks to coffee to fracking to how much sleep we need and, of course, the granddaddy of them all – global warming.

For decades, experts preached the settled science that milk is rich in calcium and will build strong bones, yet in October of last year, Forbes published a study from Sweden that found milk not only didn’t strengthen bones but was bad for the heart.

How long we’ve been warned by the American Heart Association regarding our salt intake? We were all going to die because we consume too much salt. The New England Journal of Medicine even published a study entitled “Global Sodium Consumption and Death from Cardiovascular Causes.” 

The study concluded that salt kills 1.65 million people a year worldwide. It’s the New England Journal of Medicine, so naturally, it must be settled science – right?

Not quite. That same auguste Journal later published a study that says the Heart Association’s maximum intake of salt is so low, it might actually pose a danger. So is this the new settled science? Who are we to believe?

This goes on and on, decade after decade in the scientific community where once believed settled science turns out to be bogus, merely mistaken, or, worse, made up due to political or financial pressure, or both.

Over the years, we’ve heard the same claims regarding coffee – that too much coffee is bad for you. Then it was just any amount of coffee is bad for you. And now, magically, coffee is good for you. Huh?

Many moons ago at a Naval Base I was assigned to, there was a huge urn of coffee centrally located for easy access to all. On the wall above the urn was a government issued sign that warned us about the health risks of too much coffee. Now we find out that coffee is good for us. Go figure.

Of course man-caused global warming is a settled science, which any thinking human being knows is a load of crap.

But now comes a revelation that has surely rocked the scientific community. According to the latest scientific findings, a quantum equation predicts the universe actually has no beginning. writes: “The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once.” Co-author of the findings Ahmed Farag Ali at Benha University said, “The Big Bang singularity is the most serious problem of general relativity because the laws of physics appear to break down there.”

So what does all this mean? Well, it means the universe has always been there, and is neither expanding nor contracting, if one is to believe this new theory, which will probably be debunked in another decade or so.

This all just goes to show that there is no such thing as settled science. There really isn’t any settled medicine, and we all just mistakenly put these doctors and scientists who make these claims up on pedestals where they don’t necessarily belong.

My only real concern is will they now have to rename my favorite television program?

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