The Worship Of An ObamaNation


The Obama campaign continues down the road of trying to portray him as the fuhrer of America. We first saw how the American flag was disgraced when Obama’s face at Democrat Headquarters in Florida. Now we see a full on recreation of the flag in a new design by Team Obama.

Well much has been said. about the design. The guys over at Twitchy posted the fact that the design of the stripes appear to be eerily similar to the bloodstains left by the fingers of those attacked at the Libyan consulate last week.

Even more than that. As I pointed out in another story concerning the ‘Obama face’ flag turning up in New Jersey, Section 8 (g) of the US Flag code states,

“The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”

While technically this is not a “flag,” it is a depiction of it. Candidates have always used the colors and even American flags, it is rather arrogant and disgraceful to change the flag into ribbons of red smeared paint and then slap your big “O” on where the fifty stars are to be. The fact that there are so many who think nothing of this tells you just how far we’ve come as a country.

I do not promote nationalism, but I also don’t promote the President of the United States removing the state’s significance and placing his own icon or in other cases his image being placed there.

But it goes further than just this image. For instance, back in May the Obama campaign tweeted out the picture below with the slogan: “There are no red or blue states, just the United States.”

Now we have the “For All” campaign going on where celebrities are placing their hands over their hearts and pledging their allegiance to vote for Obama.

The Democrat National Convention was filled with idols of Obama, both in it’s logo….

…and a sand sculpture outside Time Warner Cable Arena.

Obama even promoted a fundraiser as the “Last Supper.” He has been pushed as the Messiah by many, as the Son of God by some and sadly, even after all his failures there are those faithful who are willing to make the pilgrimage to the voting booth, tears in their eyes, still hoping for change.

Truly the Democrats worship Barack Obama. So what’s next on the agenda? Will there be sacrifices being made on the White House steps to Obama? Will we see and hear people address him as the furher soon, raising their hands in allegiance as they shout “Heil Obama!”? We’re pretty close to that now with some people. Their already pledging to him with their hands on their hearts.

The Obama Nation is all around us and sadly most people in our society are not bothered by it in the least bit.

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