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When we all talk about illegal immigration, what exactly do we discuss? The issues are multi-faceted; however, what is it that we truly discuss? In the documentary series, “They Come to America,” filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch hits on many of the issues American citizens face regarding illegal immigration and Obama’s amnesty.

The first installment of the trilogy touches on the many issues surrounding illegal immigration and amnesty — lack of jobs for uS citizens, the conflict between supporters of open borders and those opposed, the risks to the nation and citizens, the business that is importation (smuggling) of illegal aliens into the nation, the drug cartels who cross into the uS to conduct business, and who (demographically) is entering illegally, why they enter, how long they stay, and what those in government know or don’t know.

The most important issue that comes up with illegal immigration is the security of America’s borders. Obama and his administration declared numerous times that our border is secure. When Janet Napolitano headed the Department of Homeland Security, she declared before a congressional hearing the border was secure. Americans know better. These films prove it.

In the first installment of the trilogy, “They Come to America,” Dennis Michael Lynch covered the issue of border security.    

Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff Devers knows whether the border is secure or not; as you saw him say, “We will tell you when the border is secure.” So far, Sheriff Devers has not indicated our nation’s border is secure.

Keep in mind Dennis filmed the first documentary during 2012-2013. Remember when the “Gang of Eight” had their photo-op at the border in Nogales, Arizona? Dennis was at the border only a day afterward.

The ranchers Dennis spoke with pointed out very succinctly what those opposed to illegal immigration have been saying — this isn’t a race issue because of the variety of people entering this nation illegally. It’s not just people from Mexico or Central America. It is OTMs or “other than Mexican.” Many of these ranchers’ property line is at the border. They told Dennis they “clearing the houses and barns” after returning from activities of daily living — shopping, etc.

When someone talks about “clearing the house and barn,” one gets the image of a SWAT team going through, weapons drawn and pointed, moving room to room, checking in closets, looking behind doors, and searching the nooks and crannies to ensure no one is there. This is exactly what these American citizens are doing frequently, on their property and on American soil.

Will this be a way of life for these Americans? Until the border is secure, yes. No one should have to live that way in America. Moreover, these ranchers would not need to if the border were as secure as claimed by the administration.

Our southern border consists of 1,932 miles with 651 miles of fence. Some of the fence is no more than barbed wire supported by “sticks,” easily moved. Border patrol agents were stationed mainly along the big fence in towns while vast miles of the border were left unmonitored and without a proper deterrent.

What do our politicians really know about the border, besides touring the “fence” that exists mainly in the borders cities?

Congressman Peter King’s reaction is a “tell all” when it comes to what Congress really knows about the border security. When members of Congress lack factual information regarding the security or insecurity of the border, how can effective legislation be passed when the only information they are given is controlled and skewed toward inaccuracy? They can’t, which is why there is still a problem today with border security.

Did you catch and understand the meaning of the “tourist attraction?” Dennis pointed out to Congressman King, “Marketing 101. Make your advertisements to the people who are going to read them.” Our government made the sign and put it along the border, with a “help” button and a 5-gallon container of water. It’s written in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It signals they know whose coming in large numbers across our border while engaging in obfuscation with the public and Congress.

Dennis spent three days along the border. The individuals in the film clip in military fatigues were volunteer border patrol. Who did they catch crossing into America illegally?

The bigger question is why are these brave men and women having to monitor the border when this nation has an entire agency “dedicated” to do that job?

In the interview, Rudy Guiliani stated he cannot rule out another terrorist attack because of open borders. So, why do we not have a fence or wall along the entire southern border to help stop illegal entry into this nation? Rudy Guiliani hit the nail on the head — there is not the will to build a wall. He echoed the sentiment of those supporting secure borders — this is not an anti-Hispanic issue; it’s an anti-terrorist, anti-drug dealer issue. It is not about race. Bottom line — it’s a matter of national security.

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H/T to Dennis Michael Lynch for his permission to use materials.

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