Thriving In The New Economy: “A Phenomenal Way Of Creating Wealth”


As the global economy runs headfirst into potential calamity the majority of people will find themselves living in a world where once booming job markets get wiped out, incomes dwindle, and our dollars buy less and less on an annual basis. In times like these it’s critical to look at historical factors, as well as those individuals who have successfully navigated troubled waters before, to give us guidance and insight on how to tackle the challenges of an uncertain future.

Chief Executive Officer Amir Adnani, who heads gold mining company Brazil Resources and one of America’s only uranium mining firms Uranium Energy Corp., joins Future Money Trends to discuss how he’s thrived in an environment where others have failed en masse.

Moreover, as investors the world over get jittery about underlying economic fundamentals and company financials, Amir explains how one asset sphere will come out on top again, just as it has done for hundreds of years (and he’s not just talking about gold).

Learning from those who do, as opposed to the economists who simply theorize or teach, has been a stepping stone to success for centuries. Amir Adnani is one of the doers and your time is will be well spent listening to his approach to business, how he invests in the people and teams that drive innovation, what he looks for in terms of government and business climates, and how to handle crisis-driven environments.

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Whether you are an investor with retirement savings in IRA’s, 401k’s or cash, or you’re simply trying to understand the trends that will dominate the future, focusing on natural resources is a long-term winner, especially during times of economic malaise. No matter how bad things get people will always need essential resources. Precious metals as a mechanism of exchange, coal and rare earth minerals for energy production, and food for consumption.

I think that the natural resource business and the natural resource sector really is a phenomenal way of creating wealth and making money in the sense that this is one of the oldest industries in the world.

This is an industry that we’re always going to need. We’re always going to need the raw material and goods that the mining industry produces.

This is an industry that has thrived for years and one that will thrive well into the future, so long as the human race still exists on this planet.

As a CEO Amir Adnani likely looks at the resource sector from the perspective of a manager and investor, but keep in mind that anyone with the desire to do so can take advantage of this trend.

  • Those who want to invest into resource companies and mining firms can do so directly via their personal portfolios, and this is a strategy that will not only preserve wealth, but create it over the course of the next several decades as global demand accelerates with the up and coming middle class in China and other BRIC nations.
  • The business-minded can take advantage of such trends as well by creating their own resource-based business. That includes investing in resource projects directly, or even considering peripheral industries. As an example, during the California gold rush of 1849 one of the most thriving businesses wasn’t just gold mining and panning. The entrepreneurs of the day made very good lives for themselves and their families by selling the tools the miners needed – shovels, pick axes, wheel barrows, and panning equipment. Opportunity is all around for those willing to explore the possibilities.
  • Individuals who don’t necessarily have the desire or ability to invest or start their own businesses because of their own personal preferences or circumstances can still take advantage of this trend. As an example, had you stockpiled bulk foodstuffs like rice, beans and dried fruit five years ago and stored them properly, you’d actually be saving money today because you would have purchased those goods at lower prices and you’d be consuming them at today’s inflated price increases. This trend will continue, making it possible for just about anyone to take advantage of it. Whether you are buying gold, silver, food commodities, or developing personal energy production capacity on your own property, you can stay ahead of increased prices by simply looking at what you use and stocking up on those items beforehand.

Throughout human history wars have been fought over resources. This is the motivating factor behind many geo-political events happening right now in the middle east, Europe, North Africa, Russia, China and the United States. Human civilization depends on the availability of these absolutely essential commodities. As such, this is the sector that will continue to thrive even when other modern industries fall apart.


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