Tlaib Blames Palestinian Honor Killing On ‘Toxic Masculinity’, Israel


Rep. Rashida Tlaib blamed a Palestinian horrid honor killing on ‘toxic masculinity’ and Israel.

Israa Ghareb was in the hospital after jumping off the second floor of her house trying to escape her first attempted murder, then was brutally murdered in the hospital screaming for her life and no one came to her aid. No nurse, doctor, no one. This is so much more than toxic masculinity.

“Isra’s death illustrates an ever-present toxic masculinity and control over women’s bodies and lives.”

Help get #JusticeforIsraa by exposing the truth:

— Rashida Tlaib (@RashidaTlaib) September 1, 2019

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This past Thursday, a Palestinian woman named Israa Ghareb was murdered by her brothers in a hospital bed. This happened in public, with staff knowing exactly what was happening. No one intervened or tried to stop it. No one was arrested or punished. There are reasons for that, which will get into momentarily.

This led Rep. Rashida Tlaib, noted anti-Semite and Palestinian activist, to put out a tweet denouncing the killing. That might typically be seen as a positive if it weren’t so full of obfuscation so as to once again show her lack of ability to condemn the real causes of violence from her people. And to be clear, Tlaib pointedly claims the Palestinians as her people. That is not my assumption simply based on her familial origins.

Ah yes. The real problem here isn’t Palestinian culture, buttressed by centuries of Muslims committing honor killings as part of their religious beliefs. No, it’s nebulous “toxic masculinity.” That’s why Western cultures, which had plenty of “toxic masculinity” throughout history, also had epidemics of honor killings. Wait, they didn’t? Then perhaps that should point to the fact that masculinity, though it can certainly be weaponized in harmful ways toward women, is not the primary driver of honor killings. More

I suggest that Rashida Tlaib and others like them focus on the horrendous atrocities being perpetrated by their own people and stop blaming everyone else.


Of all the reputable mainstream sites that reported this story you somehow found the one obscure unknown website that blamed it on Israel.
Did you just Google search, “Israa honor killing Israel fault” and pick the first hit?

— Harry Khachatrian (@Harry1T6) September 2, 2019

When Western feminists support hijab and call it a choice, this is what you’re really supporting, telling women to cover up because that’s what men want them to do and they won’t be considered pure if they don’t. You have a hand in this.

— Singh sahab (@singhKalyani24) September 3, 2019

Stop. Just stop. What you do here is hiding a deeper cultural problem. And it’s sickening. I can only hope one of the brothers (Bahaa an Ihab) who’s a Canadian resident will be investigated by @RCMP.

— Sean Feldman (@sfeldman) September 4, 2019

You can’t just call it an honor killing?

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) September 2, 2019

I think that’s ideology at work, not masculinity. I would take this up with those ideologues.

— Luke (@KoolBackwards) September 3, 2019

You’re relentlessly awful

— Ron Coleman (@RonColeman) September 2, 2019

It was her female cousin who shamed her and incited the men in her family to kill Isra…… so this goes far beyond just toxic masculinity. This is cultural.

— ✨💕🦋💕✨ (@ilyanaLanai) September 2, 2019

” In Palestine, our legal system is the result of a century of occupation”

1) there was never a Palestine
2) way to blame everyone else except those who carried out the honor killing.

— elon (@SoundsLikeElon) September 2, 2019

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