Tom Foley Supports Current Connecticut Gun Laws & Common Core


As if it weren’t enough that a Republican candidate for governor betrayed the people by keeping a gun grabbing candidate alive during the primaries, Tom Foley has once again demonstrated why he is not a conservative and why he should not be trusted with the votes of Connecticut State voters. He was unwilling to completely abandon the Common Core standards for schools in Connecticut.

Continuing to push the government education that is destroying the next generation, Foley told NPR, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The problem with the statement is that education is not part of what the state is supposed to do. It’s what parents are supposed to do. Therefore, any state education system is broken.

However, Foley was not ready to thrust Common Core standards upon all the public indoctrination centers in Connecticut, but neither was he willing to abandon them.

He said he would only impose Common Core on schools that underperformed. However, one must ask what the standard is for underperforming. We’ve gone down a long road in which it’s clear that people are becoming stupider, nor smarter. So where do we get a standard from Mr. Foley? Are you seriously suggesting that “underperforming schools teach this? Or this? Or this? How will that help those children? It won’t.

He tossed in some free market rhetoric while not allowing the marketplace to be free. “Let the marketplace work a little bit,” he said. “Let the parents make the decisions. We also need to provide parents information that they can work with. I think we need a statewide school grading system, A through F.” Tom Foley is merely providing rhetoric. The government is not a part of the free market and therefore the government indoctrination centers are not a part of the free market either.

OK, so if the parents don’t want Common Core in “underperforming” schools, are you still going to force it on them? Shouldn’t they be the ones determining everything regarding their own children? Why is it that the state thinks they know best how to educate America’s children? Since the state has been running education, literacy has fallen dramatically. Take a look at this article I wrote regarding education and see just how far we’ve come since the 19th century; or should I say, how far we’ve fallen?

And this is part of the problem people. Men like Tom Foley claim they are for smaller government, but in reality their answers are always more government. Why will the government not relinquish the education system to the parents?

I’ll give you several reasons. First, they get your money for the system, which never seems to have enough money. They impose immoral property taxes on your cars and houses, even on those people who don’t have children in the public school system.

Second, education is where the battle begins for the hearts and minds of the next generation. Communists and socialists have figured this out and have been working to that end in the education system for years to dumb down kids, remove Christ from the classroom and teach the perversions of Islam. All of this makes them utterly ignorant of their history and their government.

Third, the more they can keep kids away from the influence of their parents, the easier it will be to manipulate them and indoctrinate them in socialism and secular humanism. After all mom and dad, you are dropping your kids off for seven to eight hours a day in a system that says those kids are theirs, not yours.

Homeschooling is becoming more popular as people recognize the value of teaching and training their own children the way God intended them to. In fact, if you are interested in starting homeschooling, but are worried about finances and how to do it, there is a free K-5 curriculum that you can use.

Interestingly enough, Foley ran for governor in 2010 promoting Common Core standards. Are we really to think that he has abandoned his position? Or is he merely toning it down a little in order to get votes. Take a look at his position in 2010 here.

Keep this in mind Connecticut when you go to vote. I’m not saying vote Malloy. I’m merely saying that voting for Tom Foley does not by definition mean you are voting for someone who recognizes smaller government. You are voting for a man who thinks government is the solution while he tells you it’s not.

Tom Foley also mentioned his views on other issues.

  • On Connecticut’s guns laws, he thinks they are adequate and doesn’t plan on repealing the recent gun laws signed by Malloy.
  • Foley supports Unions and has no plan to lay off state employees. He also doesn’t want to change collective bargaining, saying it wouldn’t be “politically effective.”
  • He also criticized Governor Malloy for covering pensions by compromising on infrastructure spending.

Might I suggest that those in Connecticut take another look at Joe Visconti before casting a vote for another big government Republican?

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