‘Traveling Trash Men’ Converge On Baltimore


The ‘Traveling Trash Men’ converged on Baltimore in order to tackle the clean up the city.

John Rourke, one of the group’s members, told WBFF: “We noticed within 30 minutes of being here people started coming out of their homes and started asking for garbage bags and they started picking up trash in the streets, so that was really cool to see.”

It only took President Trump one tweet to do more for Baltimore than the Democrats have done in decades.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work ????@traveltrashmen are on a mission to inspire others to help clean up Baltimore neighborhoods. They traveled 16 HOURS from FL to help with the clean up. They’re in town until tomorrow afternoon if you want to help. pic.twitter.com/FHNXnOWSat

— Rachel Aragon (@RachelFOX45News) August 16, 2019

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Fox News:

A group of sanitation workers who call themselves the “Traveling Trash Men” have converged on Baltimore in a bid to help clean up the city.

The men, numbering nearly a dozen and reportedly hailing from New York and Florida, are sweeping up streets and sidewalks and removing debris as part of “Operation Baltimore Cleanup,” which runs through Saturday.

“I started seeing local videos from people who live here showing how bad it was and I couldn’t believe it,” John Rourke, one of the group’s members, told WBFF.

A Facebook event created by the group — which vows to be “cleaning up our inner cities one block at a time!” — says members will be in the southwest Baltimore area until Saturday afternoon before heading home. It then will create a poll for people to weigh in on what American city the Traveling Trash Men should visit next. More

After Councilman @leonfpinkett contacted DPW – @traveltrashmen say the city just sent out a bobcat, dumpsters and crews to help with the work. A lot of this is too much to pick up by hand. https://t.co/ddzsIAAlgL pic.twitter.com/d6LXetxMrI

— Shelley Orman (@ShelleyOFox45) August 16, 2019

They’re back for day 2 – @traveltrashmen cleaning up west Baltimore – tough, dirty, exhausting work. These guys traveled from Florida and NY to spend 3 days here cleaning. pic.twitter.com/jyzpTlfkUg

— Shelley Orman (@ShelleyOFox45) August 16, 2019

A group of trashmen (@traveltrashmen) from New York and Florida are in West Baltimore through Saturday night to clean up alleys and trash in the Easter wood neighborhood. They welcome the extra hands. pic.twitter.com/V9fa8EzEyR

— Paul Gessler (@PaulGessler) August 15, 2019

I’m reporting live on @wbalradio with @WBALPhil is in for @BryanNehman from a #WestBaltimore neighborhood that has arguably one of the worst trash problems in the nation as a group that calls itself The @traveltrashmen of Florida is on a mission to cleanup a 12-block area here pic.twitter.com/fVi1DcXdsY

— Scott Wykoff (@ScottWykoffWBAL) August 16, 2019

Our TEAMMATES just saved these two men’s lives while cleaning up Baltimore! Nice job, @traveltrashmen! Teammates saving lives. #TwitterPhilanthropy https://t.co/kXYXkWQEwL

— Bill Pulte (@pulte) August 15, 2019

Volunteers from Florida visit Baltimore to clean up dumped trash https://t.co/l3ONqMsdLz pic.twitter.com/c3HPUj7B7Z

— WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore (@wbaltv11) August 15, 2019

“I’m a retired Army sergeant, so I’ve been to Iraq, I’ve been to Bosnia. So I’ve seen ‘really bad.’ I just haven’t seen ‘really bad’ in the United States of America” https://t.co/FTSf07PxHz

— FOX Baltimore (@FOXBaltimore) August 15, 2019

On Thursday, volunteers worked together to clean up Baltimore.

Three environmental and sanitation groups joined forces, including 8 volunteers from New York and Jupiter Florida picked up trash and did some landscaping in West Baltimore.https://t.co/bk1fujW2N6

— WMAR-2 News (@WMAR2News) August 15, 2019

All the way from my old stomping grounds of Jupiter, Florida John Rourke is here in Baltimore cleaning up trash. @FOXBaltimore pic.twitter.com/j8FFlPFGDX

— Maxine Streicher (@MaxineStreicher) August 15, 2019

Right now the traveling trash men are entering the Sandtown-Winchester area to clean the streets. Neighbors seem to welcome the help. #operationbaltimorecleanup @FOXBaltimore pic.twitter.com/EE66cd7zjb

— Maxine Streicher (@MaxineStreicher) August 15, 2019

The traveling trash men are finding a little bit of everything on the streets and in alleyways. Even a car bumper! #operationbaltimorecleanup @FOXBaltimore pic.twitter.com/IdPLini0FD

— Maxine Streicher (@MaxineStreicher) August 15, 2019

Councilman @leonfpinkett met the @traveltrashmen today as they cleaned up his district. He tells me more needs to be done to combat illegal dumping @FOXBaltimore pic.twitter.com/f22W8I8HYm

— Maxine Streicher (@MaxineStreicher) August 15, 2019

The @traveltrashmen came to Baltimore from my old stomping grounds in South Florida. Check out their story. @FOXBaltimore @CBS12 https://t.co/mMY87USBGx

— Maxine Streicher (@MaxineStreicher) August 15, 2019

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